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  1. Ah understood. Thanks a bunch. It truly is a great mission I believe it is extra optional uniforms including differing camo, ranks, etc.
  2. Unfortunately I won't be able to help with why/why not AI will use anti tank rockets against helis but I can further the discussion by saying that I've seen it happen. My group of players about 12 of us run our own cocktail of mods whenever it suits or fancy. Unsung 3.0b is actually our current and most favored iteration However in the past we were on a big middle eastern kick and have used a wide range of enemy AI units from CAF aggressors, massis units, etc. if interested I can run some testing as memory fades me at the moment. However this thread was started particularly in mind with CAF aggressors units. Although the mod itself is somewhat older and out of date. The Taliban AI in that moment were amazing. They used all different weapons that had in their arsenal to great affect. INCLUDING shooting RPGs at helos. Now if you were flying relatively high and fast, there wasn't a chance they would hit you. However that certainly didn't stop them from trying. As the pilot of my group flying quickly over an area I could see several intermittent puffs of white smoke and RPGs flying by my helo. However, if we ever wee caught in a situation where I was hovering and off loading troops. You could bet that our black hawk would get an rpg square into the side of it. There may have been another AI unit pack that produced similar results but out of all the different packs we've used certainly only one or two really used grenades and at weapons to the desired "realistic" effect.
  3. Hello everyone, I'd like to ask a couple questions regarding intermittent fps drops on CO22 Vietnam Evolution from the steam workshop. The only mods running are MCC and Unsung. A small group of us play ~3-12 players. The mission is hosted from my own server at home using a 1Gb/s fiber connection. When an evolution Vietnam mission is started, everything runs great for about an hour. Usual arma related frames drops may occur (too many trees, lower view distance usually fixes it). However after about an hour of play we all start experiencing intermittent fps drops into almost exactly 15 fps from about 50. These drops happen every 3 - 8 minutes and last approximately 10 - 30 seconds. With no amount of graphics changes having any affect. As a test while these drops were occurring, I reduced my view settings to min (500), turned off shadows and turned every single graphics setting to off or low. The frame drops still occurred for the same severity and frequency. This leads me to believe that this isn't a graphics issue. Though with arma I rarely rule anything out. Does anyone have any clue on how I could go about troubleshooting this into finer detail? And/or know what could be the cause of this type of problem? EDIT: This occurs with both terrains. Da Krong and Doung Thank you for your responses.
  4. Hi all, Browsing through the forums to answer this question I have seen several different solutions to this. Though I haven't been able to find a specific answer to what I'm trying to achieve though I believe I have an understanding of what I need to do. I would like to configure the AI factions that my group plays against to use a variety of weapons against us rather than just their primary weapon. I would like the AI to use RPGs and Grenades at the very least against hard point positions or whenever it suits their fancy. I've been playing Arma 3 with my group for a couple years and over the several iterations of our mod sets I've encountered a couple of factions that would indeed use launchers and grenades to varying effect. This is without using do action/do fire triggers and should be innate to the AI itself to use these weapons. If I am correct I think this may have something to do with weapon configs/engagement distances? I haven't played around much with configs in the past but am eager to learn. What I would like to know: 1. What causes AI to decided when to use these secondary weapons? 2. How can I replicate this on a faction that currently does not use these weapons against infantry targets? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Wow!!!! Thank you both for your help. This is amazing. I will run it now and see if I can get it to work! Thanks again.
  6. Greetings A3 Editing Community, I would like to figure out how to spawn certain markers across an entire map on certain terrain buildings and objects. These buildings and objects are already a part of the terrain itself. Taking Altis as an example. Spawn Red Zeus Mildot on every Military Cargo House and Military Cargo Tower Spawn Blue Zeus Mildot on every Garage (old) and Garage (new) building etc.. What would be the syntax and how would I go about doing such a thing? It should be a much simpler version of an AI occupation script or Loot Spawn script however I'm having trouble translating it specifically to markers and built in buildings. I would like the markers to spawn in the middle of the buildings if possible. Thanks in advance.
  7. fiestamasta

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    This has been a god send for the group that I play with (6-12 players avg). I'm usually our "Dungeon Master" and design all of our missions and play throughs. Unfortunately, just because of the nature of our group it's hard to pour a lot of time into a single mission. Have us play through it a couple times then move on. Most of our scripting/mission making/triggers etc. skills aren't exactly the best. Though I've certainly more through brute force then good management have learned how to use Zeus and MCC together to create missions on the fly. Even then however they can be bland at times. DCG has completely changed the way we play for the better. Instead of having to come up with something from a blank slate each time DCG takes care of 80% of my work for me. (Selecting AO, units, tasks, objectives, air taxi, etc.) from there all I do is "spice up" the particular objectives (emplaced guns, snipers, Hostile QRF, traps, etc.) All in all absolutely loving DCG. Helps my group have a great time, makes my job easier and is a great way to add continuous replayability. I think your project direction is great. My feedback would be to expand on the theme of continous replayability. Not saying these haven't been done. Just highlighting what I think may be important. more variants in hostile force make up objectives ability to replace/add factions (I usually like to add a Spetsnaz element along with the Russian grunts while we play DCG) portability to other maps I think the real draw and gem for DCG is the ability to grab a group of your friends together, load mission, load arsenal loadout and go. All within minutes. I hope you continue to push DCG to it's limits. My group and I are very thankful. Keep it up!
  8. fiestamasta

    [MP/CO 42] A3M PMC Simulator

    Very excited to try this out and get it working. My group plays on average 6-12 guys and would like to play something different then what we are used to. This sounds perfect. Have you done any testing on a dedicated server? My arma3.exe crashes and stops responding when I try to host this on our dediated server. Seems the applications crashes right after the mission is read according to the logs. My client computer can however host of listen server no problem, obviously to a great detriment to fps. I haven't been able to troubleshoot it much but will report if I find anything.
  9. These models look absolutely amazing. I look forward to being able to try them out. Keep up the good work!
  10. Just oblivious I guess! I've only ever played Arma 3.
  11. Ah, thanks! I didn't even know about this!
  12. I can see what you mean. Though I respectfully disagree. I think that this post would be prudent and actually organize things somewhat. It's taken me hours of searching just to figure out what type of mods are out there for Arma 3 specifically along with what kind of status they are at. Not to mention having to read in between the lines of the various responses. Any kind of post about a World War 2 mod seems pretty taboo in the community at the moment. I would like for this to be a platform for the general World War 2 Total Modification theme. I would also like to invite anyone interested in discussing potential WW2 mod projects to discuss forming a team here as well. Consider this a "pulse" of the WW2 Era community so to speak. Therefore I think this is in it's right place under Addon - Discussion.
  13. Arma 3 community, I have a huge interest in a total modification for Arma 3 that will create a combined arms scenario that can take advantage of the open sandbox play style and editing that the Arma 3 engine has to offer. After browsing the forums and doing some research, I thought it may be prudent to open a discussion that can keep the community updated on any World War 2 assets and projects along with their statuses. This would be helpful for anyone interested in creating, playing, testing World War 2 content for Arma 3 -IFA3 - Iron Front as a mod in Arma 3 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170687-Iron-Front-as-mod-in-Arma-3 Status: Released - Development Ongoing -Invasion 1944 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?150082-Invasion-1944-V3-0 Status: Stalled? Last I saw the thread on BI Forums was closed and the website itself doesn't have any posts from devs since 2013 -31st Normandy Mod http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?163980-31st-Normandy-Mod-World-War-II-for-ArmA3 Status: Stalled? -CSA38 Czechoslovak Army 1938 http://www.moddb.com/mods/csa38-czechoslovak-army-1938 Status: Ongoing If anyone has any information regarding new mod teams that are trying to get together to development WW2 era mods for Arma 3 I invite them to post in this discussion as well.
  14. fiestamasta

    Insurgency | ALiVE - Official Release

    Sweet, thanks for all the help and suggestions Hazey! For the cache counter. Whenever you blow up a cache you get a notification saying 1/12 caches have been destroyed. I'm assuming when we then blow the second cache up it should say 2/12 eventually 3/12 and so on. However, each subsequent cache we blow up, the mission counter still says 1/12 caches destroyed.
  15. fiestamasta

    Insurgency | ALiVE - Official Release

    Hey Hazey, First off wonderful template! My group and I are having an absolute blast with it. Thank you very much. I've modified it some for my groups personal use, changed factions, switched to Takistan etc. I have a few questions/comments. My first question, for INS_CTPLOCATIONS do you know how would I go about changing the locations to something suitable with Takistan? I'm not too familiar with how to get the names of buildings and structures. On top of that, if I were to place down a structure myself using the editor (say a mosque) would I also be able to have CTP spawn by the mosque? Or does the structure have to already be hard coded into the mission. I guess I'm looking for help finding the "class names" of the structures. I noticed for the altis template includes a particular church. My second question, is the spawning of an invisible helipad on the weapon cache locations intended? I've noticed that even after blowing up a cache the invisible helipad lingers which sometimes messes up alive's transports landing. Nothing game breaking, we just vacate the premises to avoid it but possibly something to look into. My third question, is there a way to narrow down the radius that the ? intel markers spawn to indicate a cache? I usually end up having to go into Zeus and manually find the cache to point my group towards it. Sometimes they spawn in the craziest locations and are easy to miss. Still not game breaking, easy work around but another feature/thing to note. My fourth question, though geared more towards the general public. I've changed the amount of caches to destroy in the mission to 12. Upon destruction of the first cache we get a solid 1/12 response from the newsfeed. However, each subsequent destruction nets a consistent 1/12 weapon caches destroyed. Has anyone else had this bug? My fifth and last question, this may be more suitable for the alive forum but I figured since its a problem I'm having with this particular mission I will ask it here as well. For my civilians my blufor hostility is set to extreme. Military IED module is also set to extreme for IEDS, VB-IEDS and for suicide bombers. For standard IEDs, plenty spawn that for sure. However it seems like many of them are not "deadly" about 50%. About half of the IEDs that we run over/step on erupt in a giant ball of flame and explosion. But don't even scratch us. Secondly, despite blufor hostility and all other settings set to extreme. I have yet to see a single VB-IED and/or Suicide Bomber.