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    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    The units page isn't working at all, my new member's cant join, its been like 2 weeks and we really don't want to move back to squad XMLs
  2. My sever cant run because i rent from a company that uses a box to host multiple servers. since the update prevents you from running multiple servers i cant run my server. and now i cant run my game night for my community.
  3. curtisptrsn

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    I think if would be awesome if you could hold a community tournament every now and then. something with different category's and size ranges. just because arma is all about the community's. and id like to see what happens when we compete. im not saying pvp but maybe you judge the groups on the performance on completing a mission. you could have platoon ops all the way down to the squad. ether way it would be cool. also-side note it would be cool if integrated the squad xml system into the game so it wasn't so complicated. and other in game tools to help organize, would be awesome.