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  1. martincz87

    Operation: Iron Fist - WW4EXT Arctic Campaign

    Thanks for making this! 1st ever campaign for WW4 Extended? Deserves an automatic like. I played it through and it was good. I was slightly disapointed you haven't thrown in couple of entirely original missions to prolong the feeling of SF unit on their own and with their chosen equipment. But hey, no place to complain when somebody does something like this in their spare time for us to play! Thank you again.
  2. martincz87

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    Hi, Here is what I did. It might help. I'll try to explain it from top of my head, so I'm sorry in advance if I'm not exact. Most of the time I wanted ECP running just with WW4 anims (among other things, obviously). So for that you need certain config file and addons to run it correctly. In base WW4 folder there's folder named 'Extras' (or something along those lines). There you can learn which addons to use when you want vanilla game with WW4 animations (readme file perhaps?). You need at least those in your ECP's addons directory for leaning and rolling to function correctly. Also In that 'Extras' folder you can and need to find the config file which merges WW4 and ECP mods. Use it instead of the original ECP one. If you want extra factions from WW4, copy the rest of the WW4 addons to your ECP's addons folder. The config file which merges ECP and WW4 uses vanilla models by default and it is done on purpose. So if you want player models of the base WW4 mod, find changed config on the internet somewhere or open the WW4's original config.cpp in the notepad (maybe) and look for the lines which use "ww4_rpl.pbo" addon (Ctrl + F might help). Copy and overwrite those lines accordingly in your ECP+WW4 config. It should be clear which ones are for infantry. Always make "backups"! Adding WW4 Extended content should be the same as for the base WW4. However don't expect all the features of the ECP to work with WW4 Extended units (Dynamic Voices for example). I'm not entirely sure of functionality of this part however. Try it out. WW4's original replacement units are slightly different (mostly) in colour to the ones contained in WW4 Extended's Cold War plugin. If you want those CW specific ones, I strongly recommend using Extended Effects mod's WW4Ext extra addons instead. They're made exclusively for the base game (for example, M113 from the CW plugin doesn't have the driver-opening-hatch animation etc.). You can find which lines to change in one of the definitions.hpp files included in the base Extended FX mod. Hopefully this will be of any use to you. Enjoy the results 😉
  3. For anyone interested, Brsseb's tutorials are now available here: https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=ofp:modeling:tutorials
  4. martincz87


    Hello everyone! I have made simple conversion of Akvadakar's Zeus mission for WW4 Extended mod. https://nofile.io/f/k55TebDoD4a/ww4ext_zeus_rus_us_v08.Eden.pbo I'm planning to do some additions and changes for more logical and userfriendly gameplay therefore first release is tagged a 0.8 version nad not 1.0. I will perhaps include sort of FAQ txt file in the future to explain some of my choices for the mission (especially guns). I am no programmer, so some of possible bugs might be way over my head thus I hope I did it correctly in the first place. I would like to also make US version (vs. whoever) but the current release did took more time than it should so hopefully it will do for now. Peace. EDIT: Here I will start adding any other variations of the mission: BIS version as US Army: https://nofile.io/f/b3JRca25af4/bis_zeus_us_rus.Eden.pbo WW4 version as US Army (with 'Universal Weapons Respawn Script' by toadlife and Hamdinger): https://nofile.io/f/8K9kQXkGfZx/ww4_zeus_us_rus_v081.Eden.pbo
  5. martincz87

    ww4_Insurgent _Trouble

    Hi aodtonix, if you're still around or everyone else wanting to play the mission, in order to get rid of the "ds_walls" error, the file you're looking for is called ds_obj.pbo and can be found in "Operation Gulf War Crisis" mod fo instance here: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=8101 Just in case, a lot of the stuff is also in the LOL Clan's addon compilations for their servers...
  6. martincz87

    Extended Effects

    Basically, it does what ECP doesn't do, and vice versa with few exceptions (bouncy grenades, for instance). I haven't played for a while but from what I remember, I enjoy an AI in ECP which feels more lively (is also more likely to finnish the mission in MP when player dies) and great tank sounds (turret turns etc.). Ext FX is awsome for WW4 EXT visuals (great models and even animated barrell recoil for most of the tanks) and realistic supersonic bullet cracks and tracers which can bounce sometimes. Dust effects are cool too in FX mod -- a lot of small arms sound more agressive and seem like creating pressure wave blowing the dust and it even comes of the boots of running soldiers here and there. Sadly there are no impact craters like in ECP though and there are lot of such instances where you miss something from one or the other... Currently I use ECP with WW4 EXT models but even then it doesnt feel complete, having tried the Ext FX :)
  7. martincz87

    Extended Effects

    Can I get backpacks (and other features) running when I update current WW4 Extended mod PBOs (including the files within) with the new ones from '@extfx_WW4Ext' and run the FX mod with with the main mod? Can't wait for updates of any of your stuff, @kenoxite!
  8. martincz87

    Extended Effects

    Kenoxite, are you planning on implementing the Cold War module into the base game along with the Ext Effects in the next WW4 Ext release? Something what this beta does with the extentions altogether to the game. Will Ext FX mod be compatible with ECP 1.085e in the future? Currently, some features are doubled. Meanwhile, I'm pretty happy with this one. Thank you
  9. martincz87

    Extended Effects

    Thank you for taking time again. 2. I'm not sure if we both mean the same thing but I'm happy to leave it to your healthy judgement -- one time I suggested something on different game forums and creators took it the way I didn't intent to. You are right that the concept would have to be probably applied broadly on whole mod while I myself focus mainly on just small arms and probably not even all of them, being completely honest with myself :) 3.1 Applied what I said before -- you think about these things, what to use and what not. Somehow it makes me more relaxed despite you ending up using "weaker" sound or whatever :) Thank you for the tip with the Barrett BTW. I like that you think every little thing through and don't disregard suggestions. However, I was thinking about other thing lately. I love the idea of reduced radio chatter. In current version it is reduced the way that it doesn't feel like coherent coms. I suggest this: When marking targets player's character says for example: "Enemy soldier" (while original is more like: "12 o'clock enemy soldier, 200"). I think it could have been much better when it was carrying still the most valuable information to the player -- type of unit and direction (the fact that it's "enemy" is presumable) -- so it would look like this: "12 o'clock soldier" or "12 soldier" or "soldier 12" perhaps (not sure about the technicality of different word order)? In therms of giving orders: Instead of "All stay alert" making it "All alert" -- simply "who" and brief "what". I know it's more complicated (confusion of numbers for soldiers and directions etc.) but I would love hear from you about the technical issues which would clear up your current choices. There could be also 4th version of radio chatter silent only with radio clicking which would work as notificaion (as you currently have it for some responses in "word_some" file) because I like to look around in the game while receiving audibly valuable intel from friendly units. This way I wouldn't miss as much as I do when it's all silent. EDIT: 3.2 The XM does sound different from other guns in your mod. My bad...
  10. martincz87

    Extended Effects

    Wow! Thank you for your attention! 1. That explains why I couldn't find anything in definition file :) I like your take on AK47 regarding the sounds BTW. 2. As far as I know, MP5SD with "muzzle-flashing" sight is in original WW4 only and it seems to me that its more a problem of choice for the config coder (or editing person perhaps) rather than graphic modelling issue -- basicaly anyone can edit the cpp file and go with the vanilla OFP version of the sight which is, as far as I know, identical... 4. When I was changing models in OFP I always went with the whole set of guns for each family present in the game. XM and M16 are too much alike to have them rendered in different artistic style... But, in the end -- it's your call :) 6. I intentionaly skipped any "sound related" remarks as I felt I haven't done them justice testing but I can list what I got from it so far: a) Your standard for the sounds of rifles is set nicely, I think... Then I was a bit surprised when I "pulled the trigger" on the M2 HMG expecting that "beefy" sound the basic ECP mod provided me with back then, which I thought might fit nicely with your small arms, and instead heard IMHO a bit weaker sound. Well, maybe I just was biased because of my ECP nostalgia and some epic gameplay moments I had with it :) I definately liked that I haven't heard those sounds before, as far as I can tell... b) Not sure but to me XM rifles sounded like full-barrell-lenth G36 or AUG (not sure). I expected them to sound more like M16 or just different from those 2 rifles. On the other hand it could sound completely different compared to anything chambered in 5.56 in the game due to XM's very short barrell... I don't know. I enjoy the little things like that you changed the muzzle flash for AK74 going only sideways like it should. Some other weapons might use different muzzle flash too (RPK?) -- wasn't checking on it much though. Before that I eventually acepted a "M16 muzzle flash for all weapons" as it is sort of WW4 mod thing. However, I don't know about other players, but to me it is definately more satisfying when sight view's and 3d view's muzzle flashes match and you don't almost feel like switching between two different guns when putting on and off the iron sights (hope it makes sence). I also loved that you added "turn out" option animation for vanilla OFP variant of M113. Previous model worked only for WW4 Ext unit version which didn't have that option. I tried to get into the WGL before but some things about it I really didn't like (aiming while running for example). WW4 mods did them right for me but were more "adding" then "overhauling" mods if you know what I mean. That's why I am excited about this project :)
  11. martincz87

    Extended Effects

    Oh, sorry. It wouldn't be the same process entirely. WW4 M4 model has a post Cold War buttstock on it... Hahaha! Well... Now I've got to try that before anything else incompatible really.
  12. martincz87

    Extended Effects

    Hi there! First of all, awesome mod! Thank you! I was a bit sad that WW4 mods always left vanilla content basicaly untouched. With this mod and particularly its extensions it seems that it could easily become the best replacement mod since ECP 1.085e. At least for me. The changes are subtle but their inpact on the feel and gameplay is enormous. The attention to detail is great and it blends well with remaining BIS' stuff. My first impressions with the focus on the esthetic side of things within the "WW4 EXT" extension. Take from it whatever is helpfull to you: - fast fire rate on weapons: It is awsome for M16 but on AK variants it seems little bit odd (not sure about the "U" version though, due to its shortened cycle mechanism). You never get that slow characteristic "TA-TA-TA" sound in firefights anymore. - HK sight muzzle flash: The sights are the same as vanilla but strangely add visible muzzle flash to a suppressed weapon. - "mortar-loaded" model for WW4 M16A2: It would be awsome to have it for this superb weapon :) - WW4-like model for both XM weapons: What about the same conversion process as for EXT CW's M16A2 being born from WW4's M16? - new inventory pictures for complete gun replacements: Like that one from RPG-75 to RPG-7. It might deserve appropriate picture within the inventory screen. But no bigey :) I wasn't focusing much on the sounds but I bet they'll get adjusted in the future anyway. Looking forward to further developments! Cheers.
  13. I'm not sure if this is still relevant, especially regarding Arma 3, but it might be. With Arma CWA (v1.99) out for free on Steam I've installed the old game once again along with CSLA 2 mod and there was no such pistol bug until I started orginizing "Single Missions" into my own folders (otherwise the list was too long). I've found out that one should not simply you use spacebar key in the names of the folders and rather type "_" instead ("CSLA_2" for example). After that pistols worked OK again. Hope even such a trivial post can be of any use what so ever.