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  1. Dimrose


    The Outcry server has just undergone a major update. Currently now the server is running only Altis until the next future update. Over 55000 lines of code has been added to this update. Server is stable and unlocked [4:56 PM] Here are the patch notes [4:56 PM] Added 20 new dlc vehicles and 30 new mod vehicles to civilian occupation Added 25 more mod vehicles added to enemy ground patrols Added 70 more mod air crafts to enemy air patrols Civilian vehicles Datsun pickup and URALs now added to logistics code so crates can be loaded in the back Spanish Translation added to dialogs Chez Translations added to dialogs 56 new modded vehicles added to intel missions Vehicle and Air services menus updated with new Cup vehicles for purchase 37 new enemy modded armored vehicles to enemy missions 17 new enemy modded aircraft added to enemy missions Free air and ground MHQs. Respawn after delay when destroyed only if there is less than 3 people on the server. Will delete when a Major Contract is requested from HQ Each MHQ can be used as a respawn point. Each MHQ can be teleported to from any of the base flag locations. They can't be sold, stored or salvaged by a bobcat. [4:57 PM] Enemy and civilian assets will now be identified on every map. At this time nothing happens when a civilian asset is destroyed. That will change on the update 20k reward now for destroying a enemy asset marked on the map. However, the enemy will send a squad to attack your base as revenge Outcry Major Contract system installed. Missions are map specific and will be available at HQ. Only one can be played at a time and then a forced server restart count down of 1 hr will start. They will require all players to be near the HQ to start the mission. Completing or failing it will result in a count down to server restart of 60 minutes Added Major Contract: Miner 49er. Fixed money and equipment server profile saving broken by January update. Free Air and Ground MHQs delete during loading of custom Major contract for game balancing Custom radio channels added to current default arma channels:Outcry Ground 1,Outcry Ground 2,Outcry Ground 3,Outcry Ground 4, Outcry Air 1, Outcry Air 2. Added Major Contract: Liquid Gold. Air vehicles purchased or pulled from storage are now insured. Insured vehicles will now be able to be recovered by the detention center with in 10min of its destruction. However, vehicle will not have fuel,ammo,will be in need of serious repair and can be claimed by anyone. Wreck pile ups at the detention center can lead to permanent loss of vehicles if the are not recovered right away. Added Major Contract: Desert Wind. Added Major Contract: Hostile Intent. Added Major Contract: Black Smoke.
  2. Dimrose


    Updates Today Outcry Updated Today Fixes - LT Perris contract issue where AI doesn't give kill rewards fixed - Random issues with player key bindings not working. Added delay to intro to allow correction - Push notification show up for JIP players after relief contract was completed bug fixed - Random issues with ammo crate at Armory getting damaged fixed - Font size increased in service pad menus - Fixed storage container menu buttons - Case Worker chat notifications that give details on contract intel fixed(edited) Changes - Experiment Drone contract now has a different loadout - Removed 2nd primary weapon function (Broken) - Removed sagonisi from Altis filter for Hill's Intels - Strike supports removed (Broken and needs rewrite) - New players now starts game inside detention center away from any combat at base - Team Leader now has respawn on person removed while in jail - All out of pocket money is now lost when disconnected from server - New players will now start with 300k instead of 100k - New players no longer required to play tutorial when joining in - New Outcry training sign updated at HQ by flag. Plans for expanding more tutorials are have been made - Base tutorial will be available now at the training sign at HQ to complete at anytime - Briefing notice now added to into every time you long with key notices and key function updates - Triggers removed from brief base tutorial that force players to complete tutorial - Player protection removed while tutorial is active - Brief tutorial rewritten. - Miner 49er contract removed from HQ for final rewrite(edited) Added - MHQ will now give land vehicles camo depending if Arma has it defined. Camo will decrease AI visibility - Armor Upgrades will now add steel plating around the vehicle if Arma has it defined. Steel plating will block damage and will fall off. - Added map filter coding to prepare for multiple outcry maps - Added debug option for admin menu - Added player key bindings to debug option in admin menu - Changing job classes can now be done in game - Job class change requires to be with in 20 meters of HQ - Player locations are now saved and players will now start where they last left off. - Global notifications when players are auto kicked from server for team kills, bad mods or just being a dick - Confirmed kills goals for daily reward generator now active - Wolfgang award goals for daily reward generator now active - Daily one time reward for logging in and playing for two minutes of 20k now active - Selling vehicle award goals for daily reward generator now active - Small contract completion rewards now active - Kills without dying goals now added to daily reward generator - G. Smith confirm kills lifetime award now active! - Added custom action hero names to each player slot
  3. Dimrose

    Disable vehicle roles

    That works on a dedicated server. Thanks!
  4. Is there a command that disables or adds a vehicles role like refueling or repairing
  5. Dimrose


    Outcry is now back online with major improvements! Look for Outcry Dynamic Mission Generator on the server listing.
  6. I'm looking to remove the keybinding of Zeus in game from the Y key. I'm looking to move the key to another spot, but I need to remove it first. Does anyone know what the variable name is in the eventhandler? This is what I have so far. Unless someone knows another way. Thanks for any assistance _display = (findDisplay 46); _varName = "NAMEOFVARIABLENEEDED"; // Exit in case event is already registered if (!isNil { missionNamespace getVariable _varName }) then { private ["_index", "_down", "_up"]; _index = missionNamespace getVariable _varName; _down = _index select 0; _up = _index select 1; // Reset event handlers _display displayRemoveEventHandler ["KeyDown", _down]; _display displayRemoveEventHandler ["KeyUp", _up]; missionNamespace setVariable [_varName, nil]; };
  7. Dimrose

    List of Key Codes

    Thanks Kylania!
  8. I see there is a list of key codes defined here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ListOfKeyCodes Does any one know of the codes numbers for both bracket keys? [ ]
  9. Thanks! Think I will make options for both. One to prevent a task from being too easy and the other for dealing with the TKers firing at base. Appreciate the quick response!
  10. Has anyone seen or know of a way to prevent a player from firing at a specific part of the map when they use the artillery computer from a artillery vehicle or mortar?
  11. I get a lot of new players coming in on ops and when there is 20 to 30 players it helps me keep it simple for everyone. Figured I would share it.
  12. This script is designed to set predefined channel frequencies for both short range and long range while using Task Force Radio. Defined parameters allow you to defined up to 8 short range and 9 long range channel frequencies. Event handler written in so when you close the inventory menu the channels are set. Useful when dealing with in game issues and helps save the mission developer time Download Mission Example Here http://www.phxtactical.us/games/arma3/mod_packs/TaskForceAutoFreq.VR.zip Steam Link Here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=693080139&searchtext=
  13. Dimrose

    JIP Seagulls?

    Anyone having this issue using a clean up script that deletes empty groups?
  14. Dimrose

    JIP Seagulls?

    Team just did a op and the same issue happened. Seems to be with player slots that have had someone connected to it once before.
  15. Someone had ask me to share this so I'm putting it out. Still WIP Steam Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=641818062 YouTube