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  1. something went wrong with the scale.... lol. but got it in engine. so, making progress. Looks like you spend some time, thinking of kayaks in arma. We need a own thread of all those ideas :D First i want the socr playable ready, then i can work on extras like camo nets and up-armored variants etc. ;) i think ive seen a fishing-rod somewhere. Yeah. i just started this mod because of the new terrain, socr's are just the perfect ride for jungle rivers chances are good for a rhib when im done with my current projects and no one else did one till then.
  2. No need to stop your's, but you could also help me out when i get stuck, since youre a more experienced modder than me :D Thanks. Im moddeling it with the real dimensions, so i think it sould be fine. We will see when i put it in engine and stuff it in the back of a C-130. If necessary i can scale it a bit down.
  3. Mostly its just a real-world speedboat, since the soc-r is really used form u.s forces, especially the Special Boat Team 22, which is a special team for insertion and extraction of other special forces like the Navy Seal's. Other than that it is going to have a standalone thermal (SeaFLIR III in the real world) and the major difference between it and the vanilla speedboat are the 5 simultaneously mounted weapons, the real one has various weapon layouts. Maybe its possible to change the weapons set in arma too. FFV would be a nice feature but i dont know if i could do that, maybe long-term. For reference, this is a real soc-r: Never thought of a kayak..... could be cool smal mod (gets on my list). Acceleration is the key of soc-r's so i will try to implement it as best as possible, top speed is going to be 74 km/h wich should be the real value. Cammo-nets not first, but if i can do some sort off layout changer camo-nets would be in.
  4. Special Operations Craft - Riverine SOC-R http://imgur.com/a/ifzXC This is my Special Operations Craft - Riverine, wich im currently working on. This is my first mod, so tipps and critic is higly appreciated. Planned features: 1 Driver, 1 Commander, 5 Gunner and some cargo slots FLIR and smoke-screen for the commander Weapons: GAU-17, dual M240, Cal. 50
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    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Nice! I love it. ;)