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    New update, new disaster!

    With every new update there is a drastic decrease in my enjoyment of Arma 3. I was just now getting my game back to where I wanted it after the "Bootcamp" debacle which ruined the game for a while. I had finally gotten all mods working again except for 5 or so which, it seems, will probably never be fixed. I also installed mods to fix the absurd sway and fatigue which were incredibly annoying and so unrealistic and frustrating it destroyed my immersion. So, I accepted the fact that 1.24 caused parts of the game I enjoyed to be unplayable and for the most part only added things which were either pointless for me or severely limiting, irritating and simply made Arma less enjoyable. Finally the game was back to being......fun. After that disaster I made it a point to never let steam connect to the internet so as to not let another update ruin the game. A few days ago I made the mistake of launching the game while the internet was connected. Even though I cancelled the download a few seconds after it began it was too late. I couldn't connect to steam again even in offline mode until I finished the update. I told myself that "maybe it was just adding the optional flight mechanics from TOH." The keyword there is OPTIONAL which the sway/fatigue should have been. Adding (forcing) drastic changes to basic gameplay this late should at least be flexible for offline play. Add another bar in the settings right below the the "ai skill" for sway, recoil and fatigue if you are intent on forcing it into the game now. At least the many players who hate it can configure it to their liking somewhat. When finally getting to play the game I immediately noticed differences. When placing units with Zues they no longer said "waiting for orders", "standing by", ect. Now they were silent. Also, a lot of my favorite sounds from JSRS were changed back to the bland originals. Hand grenades, Artillery, LAV's, static weapons, missiles, ect..But the absolute worst was the recoil, sway, and fatigue were now all back to the dreadful "bootcamp" version. After playing so long with the great weapon sway and recoil from AGM which was near perfect for me, I now have to revert back to the unbelievably bad vanilla version. I was so comfortable with the AGM sway/recoil at this point that its infuriating to have to suffer through the insane "drunken sailor caught in a hurricane at sea" shooting all because of an update I DIDNT EVEN WANT. Anyone else having issues with the latest update? The last two mostly added things that either should have been in the game at release (door sounds, bootcamp) or that significantly decreased my enjoyment of the game. If BI is trying to make the game unplayable for me they are doing a fine job.
  2. SouthernSmoke

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Has anyone else had many of the JSRS sounds changed back to the bland originals after the 1.26 update? Hand grenades, arty, missiles, static weapons, ect...?
  3. SouthernSmoke

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    1.26 update ruined recoil from AGM version 92. Any way to get it back?
  4. SouthernSmoke

    US Helicopters (HAFM OVerhaul) MOD

    After downloading the update im getting the message "Script hafm_arma2_helis\scripts\external\barron\setPitch.sqf not found". The only choppers with any sound at all are the Apache and Blackhawk and the new desert skin for the Chinook is invisible.
  5. SouthernSmoke

    United States Air Force

    You better release the update soon, Ive waited long enough!! JK. You could take it as a twisted compliment that people are harassing you to get it out because its so good. If I may offer a suggestion to the people complaining about the wait- direct that anger at BI. They are responsible for screwing up all the mods so you could run in slow motion, sway like a drunken sailor caught in a hurricane at sea when trying to shoot and be overcome with exhaustion by jogging for 15 seconds.
  6. Would you mind being more specific? Im pretty sure the "init.sqf" is the "initialization" part of the "insert unit" box in the editor when placing units. Thats where I need to copy the code if im correct. But how exactly do I put the "initLight.sqf" file I downloaded in the mission?
  7. Could someone tell me where I need to put the initLight.sqf file to be able to use this?
  8. Where is the SR25? The first rifle showcased in the "battle rifles" video. Am I overlooking it? I can't seem to find it in any of the ammo boxes and haven't read anywhere thats its yet to be released.
  9. SouthernSmoke

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Ive read 30+ pages of this thread and am surprised to have only seen one post about ragdolls. How do you guys feel about decreasing the force of dead bodies flying away from explosions? The way it is now a grenade will send a body flying 30 feet into the air. It completely takes me out of the experience to throw a grenade and watch a guy being shot straight up into the sky so high. The ragdolls from bullets, mortars, ect are good IMO, but certain explosions should be toned down considerably. Otherwise this mod adds some great features!
  10. SouthernSmoke

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Ok thanks for the clarification. When I took out the ragdoll mod I normally use I noticed some really good ragdolls from explosions and assumed it was "tpw fall" that was producing those effects. IMO those were near perfect and ive been trying to recreate them not knowing it was the base game. Seems to me 1.24 screwed up yet another aspect of the game.
  11. SouthernSmoke

    Boring Ragdoll System (1.24)

    So a previous update introduced ragdolls that properly forced a dead body back from explosions? Such as when stepping on a mine the body would actually leave their feet and get a little air. I noticed when I uninstalled a ragdoll mod that bodies would react to a nearby explosion in a realistic fashion when before they would just slump over and fall where they stood never leaving their feet even when a missile impacted right beside them. I thought it was pretty good but I assumed it was "tpw fall" producing the effect but it was actually the basic Arma 3 ragdolls that were tweaked with an update? 1.24 has reverted back to the "just fall over no matter what" system. EDIT: In another thread someone confirmed that yes, it was an update that gave us those awesome explosion ragdolls and 1.24 screwed those up as it did with so much else. "Improved ragdoll physics" (by dDefinder) is pretty good except for some issues mainly when shooting kneeling enemies they tend to "jump" up in the air awkwardly. "Ragdoll'd" (by Zooloo75) I simply cannot get to work for some unknown reason! Then you have "BC Physics" (Opticalsnare) just for a laugh.
  12. SouthernSmoke

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Ok, not to go off topic but when did Arma 3 ragdolls send dead bodies flying from explosions? I have NEVER seen a dead body be forced back by an explosion without a ragdoll mod installed. Was it implemented in a certain update?
  13. SouthernSmoke

    ArmA 2 US Helicopters Import to A3

    Yes, with the mod mentioned above installed there is more dust effects even on Arma 2 maps. Very nice! Now, if the Cobra was more maneuverable it would be even better. It's handling seemed a lot better in Arma 2 IMO. The Cobra's main benefit, which gave it an advantage over the Apache was its agility. Now it seems to fly like a rock similar to the heavily armored Apache. Any of you magicians up to that challenge? EDIT: Also, congrats Devin on your first release being a success. It has improved my gameplay dramatically. I really missed flying these choppers. Thanks!
  14. I have never personally seen dead bodies fly away from explosions without any ragdoll mods installed. In vanilla Arma 3 dead bodies will always go limp and just fall over, even if a mine explodes at their feet, missile impacts beside them, ect. They always will fall where they stand. I had to use mods to give dead bodies that functionality. If tpw fall did not do this despite being the only ragdoll mod installed at the time I can assume it was the vanilla game ragdolls? Great mod tpw, I wouldn't want to play without it! EDIT: After reading on these forums for a while I believe some Arma 3 update must have introduced "flying" ragdolls so dead bodies are forced back by explosions and I just didn't notice because I was using a ragdoll mod. When I uninstalled the ragdoll mod I just assumed it was "tpw fall" that had added that effect. The 1.24 update must have ruined those ragdolls as it did with so much else.
  15. SouthernSmoke

    ArmA 2 US Helicopters Import to A3

    Got It working after some downloading and re-downloading. Still not sure what the problem was but im guessing CBA wasn't functioning properly. As you might have guessed im new to modding an therefore very ignorant. Anyway, thanks a lot its much appreciated! Btw did you upgrade the choppers? I noticed a lot of dust when hovering near the ground. I remember when flying them previously not seeing very much especially when landing. Now it seems closer to arma 3 quality.
  16. Does the new ragdoll version send bodies into the air when killed by explosions? At first I didn't think it did so I had another ragdoll mod installed for that effect. I decided to try tpw fall on its own again to see what would happen and I got the perfect ragdoll effects. So with the other ragdoll mod out, all of a sudden bodies were properly being knocked back by explosions perfectly. After a while of enjoying it I noticed I wasn't falling when hit by bullets or explosions which was strange but ragdolls were great. I was playing one day and starting falling again when hit and that's when I realized the ragdoll effects were gone. I have periodically removed my other ragdoll mod and played with twp fall on only to see if I could recreate those nice ragdolls but it hasn't returned. Bodies just slump over when a rocket impacts near them. When it was working (?) properly bodies would be knocked back by the force. Some clarification would be greatly appreciated. Also there is a problem when in a vehicle. The player and ai can fall inside the vehicle when hit. If someone is in the back of a truck on the 50. and the truck runs into a rock that player will fall and still control the gun while laying down. EDIT: "Do not expect or ask for Hollywood style ragdolling with bodies flying from bullet hits. A hit unit simply drops." If that means bodies will not leave the ground even when near explosions then Im very confused now. I am certain explosions would cause bodies to leave their feet when only tpw mods and no other ragdoll mod was installed.
  17. SouthernSmoke


    I simply cannot get this to work. I have another ragdoll mod that works fine but with this one installed the same way as the other and after disabling all other mods that have any animation functionality the ragdolls are still always vanilla Arma 3. Any ideas/help would be appreciated...? EDIT: I noticed zooloo75 is also the creator of "FFIS" (@zooloo75_FFIS.pbo) which I use and it seems to work fine. Units will perform the "evasive animations" when under fire. I cannot figure out why Ragdoll'd just wont work. EDIT 2: My working theory is that CBA wasn't functioning properly before the bootcamp update which is perhaps why Ragdoll'd wasnt working and now that I have got CBA running right its 1.24 thats the problem...?
  18. SouthernSmoke

    ArmA 2 US Helicopters Import to A3

    Game crashes for me also. I took out the previous pbo and put yours in. Also I can confirm no icons for US Helicopters. I am not using a version that isn't downloaded from the OP. Edit: am I missing a step here? I see the other guy whos game was crashing is now working. I just need to DL the pbo and replace the original with it?
  19. SouthernSmoke

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    I just tried the new "prologue" missions to see what wonderful benefit I gained with this update. Considering it completely broke every single mod and introduced "features" that significantly decreased my enjoyment of the game I was hoping for at least a good couple of missions to play and what do you know...They are unplayable. So with all the negative bs 1.24 forced on us the missions gained are BROKEN. How is that possible? Introducing this update which forces so much negative side effects and it's not even finished. I can't even play the first mission! Within 5 minutes into this new "campaign" I can't proceed any further. Unbelievable.
  20. SouthernSmoke

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Bingo. I had to turn "tpw ebs" off because if you are suppressed now you might as well pull a Jessica Lynch and hit your knees to pray in a firefight because your not going to be able to contribute in any meaningful way unless your lucky enough to regain your senses somehow. It's completely stupid to have a warrior running from cover to cover in SLOW MOTION while not even able to hold his rifle steady enough to hit a building 20 meters away. If they wanted the game to be this restricting they should have implemented this fatigue and weapon sway at release. To force it into the game now after every player is used to the mechanics is absurd. If they were going to make these drastic changes they should have at least included an "adrenaline offset" function that allows you to temporarily regain some movement speed and steady weapon abilities under fire.
  21. SouthernSmoke

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    This update has made Arma 3 unplayable for me. I hardly ever play with vanilla units after beating the campaign. I use a lot of mods for friendly and enemy units, weapons, vehicles ect..basically everything. Now every single aircraft, vehicle and weapon is useless with no sounds. So now I have to go and find the mod and re-download just to get it working again. Thats a huge inconvenience considering how many different mods im using. Also, how many of these mods wont ever be upgraded so they are now permanently broken? Nice, there goes a chunk of the game. So, whats the benefit I gain for having to do this sh*t and surely losing parts of the game? A bootcamp to play long after mastering everything it will "teach"? A worthless (to me) virtual reality room? Oh, it must be the absurdly restricting stamina and weapon sway changes. This is terrible. To force me to accept a pointless bootcamp that wont benefit me in any way and hamper the game overall with the new "take five steps up a hill and your dead tired and breathing like a overweight man after sprinting 500 meters" stupidity. Now my Navy Seal recon team can't even jog across a field without being completely exhausted. Well if they were actually playable! How do you completely change the game mechanics this long after release? Not in a beneficial way but instead in such a drastically restricting way. All this update did, for me, was to interrupt my enjoyment of Arma 3 by forcing me to accept gameplay mechanics that decrease my enjoyment while temporarily (hopefully) removing every unit, weapon, and vehicle I used and probably making some permanently unplayable. Thanks a lot.
  22. SouthernSmoke

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Why are they so inaccurate? I noticed after installing ASR AI that the aggressors were unbelievably inaccurate. I saw them unloading full clips at enemies 5 feet away and hitting nothing. I thought it was ASR causing it but after taking it out I did some tests and was astonished by how bad they shoot. Even when the skill bar is full I could stand 20 meters away, not moving, and watch as they emptied mag after mag hitting nothing but air. Anything under a full skill bar and I could stand 5 meters away and they would miss 25 times at point blank range before finally shooting me. What is going on here? Edit: If i put a CSAT instead of AG he would shoot me dead in 3 seconds but if i switched back to AG not changing range, skill, or anything I would stand completely still for 5 mins while bullets would fly all around me.
  23. Can someone please explain what I need to do to use the FHQ accessories with these weapons? I have the asdg_jointrails_mas_weapons.pbo but now apparently I need to "add the optional “mas_us_rifle_FHQ_c†config file" to something...somewhere. As you kind people can see I am new and therefore ignorant of a lot of what you take for granted. If someone could kindly explain exactly what I need to do now I would greatly appreciate it. Edit: The way I understand it (I think) after reading for hours is that the “mas_us_rifle_FHQ_c†should be included in the "optional config" folder but it is not. The only files in that folder are the two "asdg joint rail" pbo. and bisign. What am I missing here? EDIT (2) : DISREGARD, SOLVED.
  24. Im trying to use CAF aggressors as enemies but ALIVE will only spawn CSAT as OPFOR. I was able to use MEC Rangers as BLUFOR. I even saw one enemy wearing the clothes of a middle eastern aggressor and the helmet and weapon of CSAT. That was a strange sight indeed. When I tried using the ME aggressor civilians ALIVE would spawn the ARMA 3 civilians and vehicles also. Im using the class name "caf_ag_me" and , like I said, the Rangers are working just not the aggressors. I also got an error message which could be relevant- 'config.bin/CfgWeapons.U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_02d'. Any help would be greatly appreciated.