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  1. SouthernSmoke

    Orshanets terrain 12.8x12.8km (Ukraine)

    What one man calls a legitimate challenge, another sees as a ridiculous concept so silly that's its beyond consideration. When I slow jog for 10 seconds and my rifle then violently jerks around like im having a seizure, its hard to suspend disbelief and pretend to embody a trained soldier or even a grown man holding a gun without the crippling disadvantage of two broken arms. Enjoying the infantry experience at all becomes difficult with such an intelligence insulting mechanic that seriously impedes even making what should be relatively easy shots. That's my opinion anyway. So strongly do I hold it that I miss out on awesome (sounding) things like shooting from vehicles and this map just so this absurdity cant be forced upon me again. Maybe one day I'll build up the nerve to take my chances on an update, or better yet find a way to return my game to its current state should an update ruin the enjoyment, but for now the risk is too great. I cant fathom having to suffer through that nonsense again.
  2. SouthernSmoke

    Orshanets terrain 12.8x12.8km (Ukraine)

    Im petrified of mods I deem essential being broken permanently. Namely sway, recoil and fatigue related mods. The bootcamp update has left me with Arma update PTSD. I was afraid of that. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. SouthernSmoke

    Orshanets terrain 12.8x12.8km (Ukraine)

    When trying to load this map in the editor, the game crashes with the following pleasant message: " Bad version 68 in p3d file 'a_houses\powerlines\powline_wire_9m_40m_1_me.p3d' " I haven't updated the game in a while, so that might be causing this issue. Hopefully not, I really want to play on this map. Help?
  4. SouthernSmoke

    [WIP] A3WarMod - a WarMod for Arma3

    I could not agree more about the God awful sway. I only updated my game once since the 'bootcamp' update due to the threat of recoil, sway, and fatigue mods being permanently broken. I cannot fathom having to play with the outrageous sway BI implemented way back when. I would love to fire from vehicles but cannot bring myself to update due to this threat. This combination of mods/addons seems very intriguing. The gore/dismemberment/blood is the most exciting to me. Hopefully it will somehow be brought into Arma 3 through the Arma 2 version or a new gore mod. Something that needs to be kept in mind is that BC: Phoenix is included and it overrides lingering blood mist and uses its own blood which disappointingly disappears after a split second. So, a lingering blood mist that works with BC installed would be nice. Any gore/dismemberment mods would need to take into account the effect BC has as well.
  5. SouthernSmoke

    Black Rain Project [SP experience]

    Good to hear. I am always searching for good SP scenarios. Yours seemed to be shaping up quite nicely. Looking forward to the finished product, or at least an updated version, whenever that may be.
  6. SouthernSmoke

    Black Rain Project [SP experience]

    Played through the very short mission and it looked extremely promising. Is this project still on?
  7. Does this mod actually give players the ability to choose each piece of gear separately? For instance, can players now pick any gloves they want to wear with any camo? Or is this only a case of wishful thinking?
  8. The 'Bootcamp' update, along with breaking virtually every modded sound in existence, introduced new fatigue, sway, and recoil which absolutely ruined the infantry experience for me. I now felt like a drunken 12 year old girl who was trying to shoot with a broken arm. If I wasn't able to tone it down with mods, I would probably only play arma for vehicle combat. It was that bad. With this in mind, and the frequency of mods broken by updates (possibly including essentials like sway_fix which are no longer maintained), I have only updated once since that experience. That mod tweaks AI? I skimmed the link but didn't read anything about it. But that's not my actual concern with the AI exactly. Accuracy is one thing that has been successfully tweaked already. The robotic tendency of AI firing precise bursts in that mind numbing repetition is what I despise. I swear every time the AI starts shooting in the exact same burst with the exact same delay between each it sounds more like the beat to a song than a firefight between humans. Nope. Tried those and FFIS as well. I think there has been a misunderstanding and I should have been more clear. When I say the AI "shoots like robots" I am not referring to their accuracy. Instead, its the constantly shooting in exactly the same bursts over and over that drives me up a wall. Its determined by distance. So, depending on how far away the enemy, the AI will fire exactly like you would expect a robot to, not a human in a firefight. Nothing breaks immersion quite like a machine gunner firing the exact same 5 round burst exactly every 3 seconds over and over. Hover in a chopper with a door gunner and listen to him spray at infantry with the EXACT same number of shots and the EXACT delay between each for a good demonstration. And no AI mod has fixed this (that I am aware of). Trust me I have tried them all. One reason I would love to test the current AI is that BI apparently implemented some randomness to the AI firing patterns. So they finally shouldn't still be firing in exact bursts anymore. That is the main reason I want to update. But if the update breaks the sway, recoil and fatigue mods I am using (which are no longer maintained!), the AI actually firing like a human wouldn't really matter as it would destroy my enjoyment of infantry combat altogether anyway. ** I know absolutely nothing about modding whatsoever. But coming from a layman point of view, changing the AI firing pattern to include the tiniest hint of randomness doesn't seem like it would be that difficult. Especially for the guys who alter the behavior of AI in so many other intricate ways. This problem has persisted since the game launched and with all the additions and alterations this community has provided, its perplexing that no one has tackled this issue that affects every player and drastically decreases the enjoyment of Arma overall. TPW, fix this and ill call you King.
  9. SouthernSmoke

    WIP - Esseker - post apocalyptic map

    Very impressive. This map really stands out. I usually lose interest very quickly when exploring a new map for the first time and end up hopping into Zeus to find locations the easy way. But this map is different. I have spent long amounts of time simply wondering the empty map and keep finding remote locations more interesting than the last. Just now I was wondering through the woods in the rain and had a serious flashback to The Last Of Us dam section. Great terrain, shaping up to be in a class of the elite.
  10. SouthernSmoke

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    I wouldn't mind seeing those beautiful sparks from ammo truck explosions being expanded to occur during explosions of all armor as well. Its a shame that amazing spark effect is only produced when a vehicle that's rarely used is destroyed. And the more I see that new burning aircraft fire, the more I would like to see it featured more as well. ** The smoke from gun barrels makes a welcome return. Nice.
  11. SouthernSmoke

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    OS, thank you for the quick update. Phoenix 2 is now looking like the greatest BC yet, IMO. Now even custom vehicles like RHS choppers have proper missile and rocket impact effects and every custom jet I have tested has the awesome bomb effects unlike before. Truly sublime. I understand that adding the smoke back will cause it to temporarily disappear if overloaded, (just hop into Zeus fire support and drop a 230mm rocket strike while vehicles burn to see for yourself) but that amazing looking thick dark smoke was a staple of BC and so well done it just isn't the same without it. I agree it is somewhat saddening to see those huge explosions gone though. I, for one, am thrilled to have the smoke back. Others who prefer the trade off of less smoke for more particles temporarily will enjoy the version before this update. I still think my suggestion of adding some lingering blood mist would substantially contribute to your already stellar mod. But, this updated version is absolutely excellent. Thank you from a pleased user. ** Ammo trucks...Wow. Beautiful explosions.
  12. SouthernSmoke

    Firefight Improvement System 2

    If this mod is still on there is one thing the AI needs more than anything else: believable rate of fire. The AI still fires in the exact same bursts with the exact same delay between each like cold calculating robots instead of humans in a firefight. This is the one thing that keeps me from enjoying the game like it should be enjoyed.
  13. SouthernSmoke

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Congrats on the new release. Most effects look really nice and for the most part improved. But what happened to the smoke from burning vehicles? In previous versions, the black smoke from heavy vehicles like tanks would rise HIGH into the sky. When a tank exploded a lot of debris would fly out in all directions and the smoke was very dark and thick. Now, the smoke from burning armor has been toned down significantly. The smoke from burning aircrafts still looks great but burning ground vehicles pale in comparison. The smoke doesn't rise anywhere near as high as before and seems so thin that you can see right through it. Smoke from light vehicles now resemble campfires. Was this intentional? Two friendly suggestions: 1. Make the lackluster smoke from burning armor and other ground vehicles more like it was in previous versions. 2. Add blood mist that lingers for a second. An older SOS had a pretty good blood mist that must be incompatible with BC as the blood produced from gunshots only stays visible for a split second. I think lingering blood mist would be a worthwhile addition. Heres hoping you continue your great work. Perhaps a couple respectful suggestions from a grateful user of your mod can provide some positive motivation to continue on? Thanks for your effort, it takes the game to a whole new level.
  14. Sadly, I get the following message which doesn't allow me to launch the game at all: "Bad animation file format in file 'hlc_wp_saw/anim/gesture/m249_reload_crouch.rtm'. " Any ideas on whats causing this?