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  1. whats the progress of the mod? really looking forward to that map
  2. I got an issue that the weapons don't have any recoil, is there a newer version i need?
  3. scottdog

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    A gore mod would be good, with blood splatters, dismemberment, better wounds and screams of those dying.
  4. Same as the arma 1 campaign? had a twist at the end but didn't continue.
  5. I didn't understand the story at the end, is it suppost to be told in a later campaign?
  6. thats awesome, always wanted trenches that acctually go into the ground not above it. Will tanks be able to drive over it? and infrantry run into it?
  7. Is it illegal to use a model you have followed(copied) from a tutorial?
  8. Any chance we'll see a standalone installation? I'v tried heeps to get it to work but cant
  9. scottdog

    Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack

    Wondering if you could make a T-rex that could attack vehicles? And what are the plans for the future?
  10. Can you stab with the bayonet? And can the ai stab aswell?
  11. Hey guys i was trying out the radar units, how do i get them to work?
  12. ok thanks man, can u give us a link to your website or whatever you use? Edit: found it.. sig wasnt showing up
  13. Guys i want to know if there are any clans dedicated to unsung, and where to find them. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  14. I noticed a problem for A3 port, the ai don't you the static maxim, and mg 42 properly. The ai just looks around with the weapon and maybe fire 1 or 2 shots
  15. Hey guys, i want to make a group charge a position, just run straight and no cover and fire(that they usually do). Even when i set there behavior to careless and speed full, they just walk and jog a little with there weapons down. anyone help me?