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  1. Correction, Armaholic fixed now.
  2. So, it seems like everyone time in 3D editor, I'm trying to test out the mod, and so it loads stuff in and about a minute into it loading all it needs, it just crashes to desktop with the error occurred message. I've tried it on other maps and I get the same result. Any help on this or anyone else same issue?
  3. robotalian234

    A3 Launcher

    So, starting yesterday, the launcher everytime I keep opening it, it continues to crash/stop working over and over repeatedly. Anyone else now having this issue?
  4. Great job on all the textures. Very nice mod.
  5. robotalian234

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Yes, I have CBA A3 in my mods, unless I have to update it, but I should have the current update that the mod shows. Otherwise would it maybe be a mod conflicting with RAV_Lifter? ---------- Post added at 12:40 ---------- Previous post was at 12:05 ---------- ***EDIT*** Nvm, for some odd reason my CBA A3 was deleted out of my mods, so I had to reinstall it back and now it works. Thanks though for the help, glad I can use the lifter again, don't know what I'd do without this good mod.
  6. robotalian234

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E ArmA III

    For some reason I'm not being able to put these in using Zeus. I used to be able to, but now some apparent reason it's not allowing me to anymore. Anyone else have this issue too?
  7. robotalian234

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Hey, um I seem to be having a problem as well. When I go in editor, throw in the modular for the Lifter, a helicopter that can use it, and try to lift, it doesn't work/act like the modular isn't there. When I first launch the game it says something about the lifter requiring event handlers, and I don't know where I go get them or how to fix it. Anyone think they can help me with this? Going in editor it says the function can't be used in the mode...help????
  8. robotalian234

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    I just tried downloading the file with play.withsix and every time I download it, it gives me an error and can't download it at all. I've tried every link that is on the mod to download it, but it doesn't seem to be able to on any of them. The "Mirror provided by Rockhount" is corrupted, "C-L-F Mirror" just brings me to a site where it doesn't even download, "Play.withsix" like I said gives me an error when I try to download it, and "Torrent" doesn't do anything for me at all. Anyone think they could throw this mod in a different link or something?
  9. robotalian234

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Hey, I don't know if anyone else has had this issue yet cause I haven't seen it on here, unless I some how went passed it, but anyways my issue is when I download from the "Mirror provided by Rockhount" it says the file is corrupted and I have no files in it. Then when I "try" to download from the "C-L-F Mirror" it takes me elsewhere then says it can't reach whatever it's trying to get at. Anyone think they can help me out on how to fix it or any way they can prove a new link on Armaholic to download it from? Thanks.