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  1. What are the explosives enhancements that were made for this release?
  2. Played with this yesterday with a few guys from my group, had a blast. We went on a patrol through the jungle to spring an ambush, then messed around by defending the radio relay station from waves of NVA. So much fun! Great job guys and can't wait for the beta!
  3. I am loving this mod so far. Thank you guys for all of your work. I like the way you show the tunnels on the map so objects can be placed there (I'm assuming). Would it be possible to outline the jungle trails on the map as well? That way, when making missions, we can plot waypoints for enemy groups to follow and create ambush missions on the trails.
  4. czack350

    SCmod v1.2

    Such a cool idea, I look forward to trying it out.
  5. Thank you Polpox. Looking forward to testing this on MP.
  6. czack350

    Close Quarter Battle Articles

    Cool, nice job. When I started CQB it was kinda confusing, but all of a sudden it clicks, and it's all about angles. I walk around my house or a building and I see all of the angles and the potential threat areas now. lol During the time I was active on SWAT, we would keep our tactics and movements fairly simple, but we would sometimes just sit and talk strategy and concepts like this.
  7. Awesome. Does this work in multiplayer as well?
  8. Glad to see someone tackling CQB in ArmA. Sorry you lost team members though. I have no modding or scripting skills at all, but I do have several years of CQB experience in you need a new advisor.
  9. I seem to remember that with AGM, there was a command you could put in the init box of an AI that would make so they could not be killed, only gravely wounded and rendered unconscious. Is there something similar for ACE 3?
  10. czack350

    Dead Bodies

    Cool, thank you.
  11. Is there any way to put down dead bodies that will not get cleaned up by the garbage collector? I want to build a helicopter crash multiplayer mission with dead bodies on the ground that will still be there and stay when the players arrive on scene.
  12. When putting down explosives, will we be able to detonate more than one explosive at a time, like we could before AGM? I love the enhancements, but that is the one thing I miss.
  13. czack350

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Would you guys be willing to create a breaching charge? I don't mean for doors, but something for perimeter walls, or the walls on MBG Killhouses with the "X" on them. Currently, the blast radius on the demo blocks is around 35 meters, which makes it hard to use them for that type of breaching. Something that could still blow open holes but allow units to stand closer to make entry would be helpful.
  14. czack350

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    You should be able to do that just by changing the height of the sandbags when you place them in the editor.
  15. czack350

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    I have made similar missions where I just put the disableAI Move command in the target's init box, and then was able to just walk up to him and handcuff him with the AGM interaction menu. Just make sure you have plastic cuffs in your inventory.