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  1. Hi Guys Can you please help. Am having the same issue with Groups... they show up in the Editor they show up in VTS but wont show up in MCC or ZEUS. Can anyone help me fix this! Thank you! P.S: They are a custom group i created for a group of people to play.
  2. The weapons are amazing. :D Is any chance we could create a unit with the G3 and a scope on ? Like the optic_Hamr instead of iron sight ? I created a custom unit using the Hlc_G3 ka4 but the player always shows up with ironsight instead of optic_Hamr weapons[] = {"hlc_rifle_g3ka4","hgun_mas_glock_F","Throw","Put","Laserdesignator","optic_Hamr"}; respawnWeapons[] = {"hlc_rifle_g3ka4","hgun_mas_glock_F","Throw","Put","Laserdesignator","optic_Hamr"}; Thank you
  3. HI!! First thank you for creating this amazing mission. We encounter a issue that when he trying to make an airborne insertion the amount of enemy CAV is incredible high i mean literelly i got like 10 heavy or medium Opfor Cav on the ground. I tryed the above and when we are in INF not airborne the amount of cav seems ok but when we fly the numbers of enemy cav go trough the roof again, can anyone help.? Thank you for your awesome work!! Cheers!