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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hey guys, I have no idle engine sound of C17 Globemaster, can someone relate to this?
  2. Hello guys. I'm quite a newbie in scripting for Arma 3. I'd like to make a small modification to the Huron helicopter, so: 1. The main rotor takes more time to spin up to full speed (longer startup) 2. The sound of rotor at full RPM comes later, so it's consistent with modification no. 1 3. Modify full rotor speed and give it different value? I had a pretty hard time looking for it. I know, that there are some configs for helicopters, but what exactly Im looking for? Is there a simple way to change it? Some values in config or is it more complicated than that? Cheers, Shipbreaker
  3. Thanks for reply. I was just curious, if someone maybe fixed this bug via scripting already. I may submit this bug on a tracker, but let's face it- it's a minor bug, for most of people it's completely irrelevant for a gameplay, and I place a bet that it won't be fixed in the near future. If it's going to be fixed at all. Arma 3 is a great game, but extremely buggy and non-gamebreaking glitches won't be patched in a present century :p I put my hopes in modders.
  4. Sorry Davidoss, but I quite disagree. We are not talking about implementation of some kind of new feature or mechanism to Arma 3. We are talking about fixing something that is already there, but broken. This is not some kind of rocket science, I think. Recreating vehicle interiors for bigger realism or introducing better flight mechanics is one thing, but this is just a bug of feature already implemented.
  5. Hi there fellas. There is one thing that particularly well plays on my nerves. It's a helicopter downwash effect, wind generated by the rotor that affects grass on the ground. It's very cool, but this effect disappears after a while. It shows up again when collective up is pressed again. But soon it disappears and grass is not affected at all by rotor wind. Same thing happens in case of aircraft exhaust effect. When aircraft is running and idling on the ground, exhaust is visible only when I press throttle up, and stays for a while, than it disappears. So my question is simple: is there any script/mod/any other fix, that takes care of this "bug" and makes those two effects mentioned above stay indefinitely? I'm sorry if this question was already asked of wrong forum section was used for this topic. I tried to search for it, but to no avail. Cheers, guys.
  6. shipbreaker

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Hey Peral, is there a possibility that you upload here somewhere v1.0? It's like to fly it some more, but on 1.5/2.0 I have no interior sound.
  7. shipbreaker

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Thanks man, solid info. Yes, maybe it's a better idea to use BI CCRP that is (will be) implemented already. Easier for you, compatible with vanilla A3. As for diving: I think it may be a A3 bug. In earlier versions of the game, planes were flying straight with no problem. Later on, at least one of them (Wipeout) started to dive below some velocity value- this bug was reported and discussed. Extremely annoying, when you try to make precise Avenger run. I have v1.56 and this bug is still there. Your A-10 tends to do that too, but planes from other mods don't, so I take it, there is a workaround to fix it. Your A-10 starts to dive below velocity of ~290 or something like that. I just ran a game just to reproduce the bug and to confirm it. Keep up the good work! Cheers
  8. shipbreaker

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Good to know! Can't wait :) Your A10 is so immersive, that it's my first choice. Few bugs: 1. Right display tactical map- no actual map, just blue blank space with position of the plane on it 2. Your plane tends to slowly dive, instead of flying straight. Some planes don't have it, some still do. It's A3 bug? Is there a way to fix in in your mod? 3. Rockets (not missiles) have invisible exhaust, they are just fired without single visual effect. And few little questions: 1. Could you please explain, how to use CCRP? Is it fully operational already? Sorry it this question was already asked. 2. How to do aerial refuelling? I saw mods for AF for certain planes, like Su or F-18. 3. In changelog, I spottend "GPS targetting system", how to enable it? There is no such menu entry in list of actions available.
  9. shipbreaker

    A-10C for Arma 3

    If it was "just another" A10, I wouldn't really care about it's bugs, because there are other A10's there to pick from. But this one is the most complex and realistic- that's why it's a pity, that it has such glitches. Meant to be compliment ;) Oh, and one more thing: grear up/down sound is absolutely f-word fantastic! Peral, could You please fix interior sounds?
  10. shipbreaker

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Why internal sounds are so quiet? It ruins everything :( Apart of that, great mod- I love it's complexity. Please fix the sounds.
  11. shipbreaker

    EricJ Release thread

    Nice to see, that this mod is updated. Did you manage to add rockets already? Last time I checked, I could use em' (unless some bug there?). Do you plan to add some not-relevant-but-cool features like opening doors and stuff?
  12. Yes, manual works back again. Is there a chance, that you could upload TKOH version of Apache?
  13. Is there a way to make APU sound longer, looped until I start main rotor? It would be so cool. Im testing Apache for A3. Right now Im using longer apu .ogg file, but it's just temporary workaround. Absolutely fantastic mod, though. Other issue: click helper displays on 3rd person mode, why? And could you please reuplod manual somewhere? Link seems to be dead. Thanks!
  14. shipbreaker

    EricJ Release thread

    Still nothing, cant see model, cant move at all. Im running version 1.54 of A3.