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  1. The PAK (ACE3) is the same as the Medikit in ACE2.
  2. I think you both need to take your issues outside the thread. The first post of this whole thing was already too offtopic... Perhaps independently of this thread, the github shall continue and prosper in its development of the mod. Personally, I've grown fond of ACE3, despite having a more futuristic position towards interaction than its preceding versions. What some in this thread forget is that shortcuts exist not only to make the process more streamlined but also simpler. Opening doors is significantly less cumbersome than it was/is with the action menu. The same goes for tapping shoulders. A suggestion I put forth in this post is that gestures could also have shortcuts so as to make them easier to access/perform.
  3. I can't really fully agree or disagree with that gent, the obvious pro-AGM anti-CSE biased view leads me to (perhaps fallaciously) doubt that his feedback is good. In the case of realism-inducing or realism-enhancing mods, it matters little which came first, it matters which is the most stable and provides realism not in an appealing package, but one that fits the mold (of realism). Perhaps there needs to be a balance held between gameplay and realism, but, in the case of the M136 AT-4, I think that with the current community, a lot of people would rather have it be reloadable (unrealistic) than a single-use tube (realistic) simply because you can just reload after a missed shot and have another go at it. Maybe I'm misjudging the community. Maybe I'm not. That's just my impression of the community's evolution since release. AGM had the most frequent updates, but with them, came bugs that often went under the radar. That's hardly the fault of anyone working on AGM, it's just how modding works. Sometimes, shit happens and no one could foresee it. CSE had sporadic updates. You could tell, not only by the time elapsed between updates but also by their size that it was a thoroughly tested batch. Unfortunately for most, CSE had a really complex medical system that required either real-life basic knowledge of paramedicine, or a good half-hour parsing their wiki. The new interface is nothing short of revolutionary. Sure, it needs work, but that is one of the reasons why it's still unreleased and alpha. It's not a demo. It's not an early access. It's alpha because the people working on it deem it alpha (concept/barebones stage) and not yet ready for public use. That said, I have no doubt the fact the ragdolls are flaily by nature does impede proper medical treatment, but I'm also sure that's something the team(s) have in mind. They made the github publicly accessible/viewable to bring in any and all interested in contributing (read: programming) and helping out with the development of the mod. In short, please be patient and don't have an itchy trigger finger. That's all mod authors request of you.
  4. The suspense is killing me! :P But I shall wait patiently. I''ve waited longer. We all have. Many thanks Jonpas and Jaynus for the steady replies, looking forward to contributing with whatever I can!
  5. Jaynus, you misunderstand! I do have faith (or hope, whichever), I was just curious about the method used!
  6. I guessed from the start it works based on where the character is facing (i.e. pointing) rather than where its head is?
  7. You cunning bastard, NouberNou. Much love. (Though you did say that menu of yours that you uploaded on your YT account would likely never see the light of day...)
  8. Subscyed

    RH M4/M16 pack

    I can't find it among the sitreps but I think the devs made a small wiki page for configuring modded weapons for use with the new bipods, didn't they?
  9. Subscyed

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Here's a question: Will this pack be compatible with the new bipods? By which I mean, will the guns with bipods make use of the feature soon to be implemented by BIS? On that note, will the bipods be used as attachments rather than part of the weapon's model?
  10. Subscyed

    RH M4/M16 pack

    While I'd be happy with the level of detail alone, I can't shake the feeling that MRT accessories does a better job of changing between magnified and unmagnified optics at the cost of a simple rebind while RH's accessories are tied in with the normal optic change. While this may not be a big problem, it shows as the model doesn't change. But hey, that's just me and my nitpicking ways.
  11. Subscyed

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    After doing a LALO, tabbing a few clicks with your weight (if not more) in gear, you're more worried about dehydration and catching a breather than shooting at that point. Suffice to say, the current state of inertia is a bit wonky. Onto the topic: - With MRT accessories functionalities in this pack, are there any thoughts for illuminated sights? Those would be lovely.
  12. I think the major problem is that making a .pbo or configuring the airframes to be compatible with AGM fastrope would make this specific mod incompatible with the great other majority and narrow down the choices.
  13. A similar question has already been answered. From the looks of it, the airframes will be in separate .pbos but nothing else. My advice to the developers of this mod is to maybe release an AGM fastrope compatibility .pbo after release. That way you have a reduced workload and something on the side. Or, better yet, integrate. That way there'll be a lot less compatibility problems with other mods like CSE et al.
  14. Subscyed

    TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear

    I think that's biting off a bit too much than one can chew. The scripting made to implement that in AGM (soonâ„¢) basically has the 1st person camera have two viewports when aimed in. One that's unaimed (the one around the scope) and one that's 4x (the actual scope).
  15. Marital Aids? Is that what they call collimated sights on a HUD, now? Will the Chinook be able to be boarded via a ladder system, akin to pictured? http://i.imgur.com/UESTuWw.jpg (528 kB)