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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    WTF why did u hide them that´s just bulls**t. Let them be and everyone can choose by himself if he wanna use it or not <.<
  2. How long will i be not able to play Arma 3 (how long will it take to deliver the Patch?)
  3. I have the same Problem here. I got bad FPS since the last Patch. Befor everything was more or less fine now it runs like crap... FPS drops down to ~17fps and some complete sceeen freezes for about 5-10 sec. Sys Spec: AMD Phenom2 x6 1090T (3.2ghz) Geforce GTX560TI OC (1gb GDDR5) 4 GB DDR3 Windows 7 What i did: Defrag Checking for Driver Update Tweaking Arma 3 (CPU count, Ram and so on) Close everthing thats not needed for Arma 3 (Like skype, Teamspeak, Antivirus Software, windows Services...) Nothing seems to improve the performance. So its right to say one step forward 2 steps back... It has the feeling of going back to the "good" old Arma 2 Days... I tought u have learned from that BI ... :(