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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just goes to show you. That BIS should have NOT gone the future route like all the twitch games have did. Should have kept it current day. As like this addon etc all seem to want to turn this into a enhanced or updated ARMA II aka current day simulator. Well thats my take and thanks for all the guys who are making all this stuff I or we much appreciate it. I never like any sims that deal with "what the future of the military would be like" leave that stuff to the COD, Ghost Recon and BF games. They are so much into the future crap that all their games are just copies of each others games. And its why I hardly play A3 as 1 too busy to play much but I when I do have the time I play A2 instead as in the meanwhile I am having my son download every ARMA 3 mission, campaign, mod, addon, unit and island for us as we are rarely but still a gaming family. Btw He plays A3 with every mod so far and I am just having him collect and install em for me. And then when I get it setup close to my ARMA II setup with the mods I like and use. Then I will play A3. I or my hubby have dual citizenship and a 2nd home in the US we love to shoot. We take even our kids shooting via courses and classes, we (my hubby and I) compete in 3 gun or IPA etc and we or he are huge gun collectors. And being a Police Officer and recent JGSDF reservist as my hubby is a MD and is a reservist (Cardiologist Surgeon) as well. I hate fake guns I know this is just a game and no game or sim is like real shooting but its the principle of it or I just like it current with real guns etc. Look at the newest COD AW LOL ray guns and sonic guns ehhh. Pardon the rant but thank goodness for ARMA. And thanks to RHS as they are tops in weapons and units I ONLY use them for those things for ARMA I mean LOL. Thanks for sharing! A look and not showing off now at some of our purchases made over the last 3 years disregard the other stuff as we hardly post or come online at its a small look at our new home in the US and mainly my husbands toys. But the guns are about the number we get in a year depending on what comes out tho. Thanks to my sister n law and all the names are nicknames for the various clubs we belong to and for gaming etc. My hubby and I both have US family as well. Its mainly for family and friends but just thought some of you might like a look at some real hardware ;) Check the link in my sig..
  2. Does anyone know of any Iron Front sites like Armaholic where you can download missions, campaigns, addons and mods etc? If so can you PM me as I very busy and I may only see it by email notice. Thanks in advance. Police woman by day Wife, Mother and serious gamer at night 8-) . Husband suggested my game name as Zipgun so you guys don't get mad you, that you got beat by a girl. Tho more importantly when I was a teen I used a more female name? I got so many derogatory or sexist comments when playing games by all these immature kids I just got sick and disgusted of it.
  3. Sachiko

    [SP/CAMP] Task Force 42 (RWO)

    To the moderator who keeps deleting my post even tho Ive broken no rules and won't even reveal him or herself to me and tell me what I have do to deserve this? Know this keep deleting my posts it won't matter, Ive sent a compliant not to a another moderator as you guys are just volunteers not employees of BIS. But a complaint to BIS customer service as I know someone there and I hope whichever one of you is responsible gets whats coming to them. And seeing as the Campaign maker does not want to PM like I asked. I guess he doesn't care either go guys ask Kommikat, Foxhound and others here from Armaholic who I am. I'm a nice gal and only wanted help with this mission. I don't want to cause waves but I did not start this and I do not take stuff like this lightly IE: mods who think their gods. I'm a police officer I deal with people much worse. But go on delete this as again I know whomever you are will. But I have reported you and we will see who is wrong.
  4. Sachiko

    [SP/CAMP] Task Force 42 (RWO)

    So what did I write that was so bad that it was deleted? I showed NO spoilers and only showed my systems specs and asked about my problems with this campaign. Now this just gave me a bad taste and I truly did like these campaigns. Also english is my 2nd language but don't mistake me, I am fluent in it as it was my minor in university and in the US. I'm a female as so maybe I don't know the EXACT lingo here. But all I did was what everyone else is doing. NOTHING more. And I bet this will just be deleted as well. So I'm asking the Mission maker to PM me. If not no biggie I just won't play it as I said I got a bad taste from this. As this has happened before. Moderators deleting posts with NO reasons why the last time was because many of the mods are also not english speakers so they misunderstand as well...Not whining just sick of it. I spent over a 100 bucks on Arma2 and 80 for Arma 3 in fact Ive bought for my kids all of BIs's games, Iron front, Take on helicopters and every single dlc for all these games. Great way to treat customers and I like this camp and again all I wanted was some help that's all. But getting sick of this.. And I hardly use this forum nor the internet. Check my profile. Sigh.. And I had a account here before but like I said I hardly use the web so I either forgot it and the pass or it was deactivated by the mods.
  5. Sachiko

    [SP Campaign] Proxy Wars: Moschnyi

    OhayÅ. :) So how ya doing in HK? Hope everything is ok with you and your family. Yes I remember you saying your daughter was still in Japan. She lives alone? LOL airplane money so Kawaii. I dread the day my kids turn into teens ;) Anyway good to hear from you again. Thanks for the tips and advice and yes will finish the campaign :). And yes I agree the darkness thing is a personal thing but Ive turned my brightness to normal and it looks fine just a bright moon light. Yes A3 is great like I said our pc's are kinda overkill for games but we don't only play games so hubby is great. But its also good to not having to use ( in our case crossfire) well we didn't for A2 either but lol Pardon I'm just rambling too early in the day for me, got a day off but gotta get my kids ready. Anyway don't be a stranger now take care! ã˜ã‚ƒã­! Sachiko
  6. Sachiko

    [SP Campaign] Proxy Wars: Moschnyi

    Hey Kommie, Longtime no see. Guess you don't check the comments at Armaholic no biggie but only found out my problems with this campaign after I posted that. Anyway I have some probs with your latest Camp. My problem is no time to play games LOL jk. But seriously I just played the 1st and 2nd mission every time I finish a task its not logged as such the box stays unchecked even tho the task accomplished bubble comes up and for the 2nd task there was just one enemy an a civilian ran em got em both and got task accomplished but it still no green task check off. And lastly just imho no NVG's is fine but its not dark enough anyway, unless I turn the brightness all the way down its like a really bright moon lit night but that's just my opinion. But the tasks not really being logged as done is a big problem for me and Ive tried it on 3 PC's remember I'm the rare female motorcycle cop with the rare gaming family LOL! But sadly the kids are getting older and were busier with work etc tho we're still a gaming family, we're down to only at least once or twice a week ;) My son and daughter are total A3 converts tho their just not teens yet thankfully and they hate COD etc :p For me A3 is not ready yet tho as for me not until all the mods like ACE, ASR, DAP and CBA etc are the finals not beta's etc A3 no offense BIS is great, but imo the game needs mods as the AI's superhuman shooting and even tho we own PC's that are way overkill ATM (hubby while an MD was always a tech geek always built high powered PC's). But to me Arma 2 looked more realistic or the game itself felt more realistic and dislike the future its way to far into it and not alone as 90% of the mods seem to be turning it into current day. But A3 does run better. Pardon the rant. Day off but errand await. Anyway yeah without the task thing I have to do the shift - end mission end cheat to advance. Sorry if this was said already, but like I said very busy so I only have a few minutes to ask this so I don't read the other posts. And I had to make a new profile as no matter what I did I can't access my old BIS ID waiting on CS as it was for the BIS store as well. Thanks Sachiko