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  1. 10Dozen


    Yes, in theory you can also unload ammo from immobilised vehicles to other vehicles and so on. With extra scripting - even to detach mounted weapons (PKM, M240)
  2. 10Dozen


    Thanks for this very loved feature from ACE2 that never happened in ACE3. Hope some day it gonna be included to ACE with support of carrying feature and rearm process. Some ammo boxes may be taken from A2 data packs - DShKM, PKM, AGS, Mk19, ZU-23-2 (ofc not hi-end quality, but you can improve it later).
  3. CBA keybind (default: Ctrl/Shift + NUM /) handles 3D <-> 2D switch. Vanilla "Weapons - Optics Mode" (default: NUM /) handles Optics <-> Ironsight/Reflex switch.
  4. Spent some time on resurrecting this script. Due to some differences in A2 and A3 - HCE menu now should be opened by key (uses CBA Keybind, so script requires CBA A3 to work properly) HCE A3 compatible version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yCv09Hd6bnWS4j31NaacaYET5w0ZSeAL If someone manage to test it and it will work good with A3 - i guess it can be even packed as mod.
  5. Hello, modders! I made small tool for such annoying thing as proxy placeholders position in inventory UI. These little green bastards makes me feel uncomfortable while drawn not in proper place, but config editing to make it stay in proper place - is a hell :D Tool: https://10dozen.github.io/A3_GIPP/ Overview GIF Sources & issue tracker at GitHub (html + js): https://github.com/10Dozen/A3_GIPP Brief overview: tool is fully local (no uploads) allows to drag'n'drop proxy placeholders over weapon icon allows to change proxy's scale by scrolling (scroll up to scale up) or by typing exact scale value output value automatically formatted to copy-paste to your config Note: Tested with latest Chrome, so there may be some issues with other browser (but i used pretty basic JS, so it's not expected)
  6. Hello, I’ve made another useless scripting stuff for spawning units inside trigger zones, but maybe it would be useful for someone. It’s soooo WIP. dzn_dynai (R0) Github: https://github.com/10Dozen/dzn_dynai Overview: I’ve honestly tried to use DAC, but I’m not so smart to understand it's magic. And because I'm a sort of not-smart man, I’ve created this stuff instead. For use you should copy files to your mission folder and open mission in editor. Place BIS modules: Modules > Mics > Spawn AI: Spawnpoint (classname “ModuleSpawnAIPoint_Fâ€) and name it somehow unique (e.g. hostileZone1) Place 2 GameLogic objects with names like “dzn_dynai_area{YourUniqueTextHere}†and “dzn_dynai_wp{YourUniqueTextHere}â€. Synchronize GameLogics with module Create 1+ triggers to represent area for unit spawn (only size and direction matters). Synchronize them with “dzn_dynai_area†object. If you want to place custom keypoints for groups to patrol – add several waypoints for “dzn_dynai_wp†GameLogic†(only waypoint positions will be used). If no waypoint set – every group will generate own random path inside given area. Go to dzn_dynai folder and open dzn_dynai_customZones.sqf Look for example and create your custom zone (or change the name of existing one). There youkan set groups of units, gear and behavior of units in zone. Update your init.sqf and run mission After mission start, script will check all modules and will prepare zone properties for use. When zone’s “isActive†variable == “trueâ€, zone will be filled by given group types (according to given quantity, for each group type). If kit passed, unit will get given gear kit. Then groups will patrol area or will stay in houses (if [“indoorsâ€] option where chosen) (!) There is no performance control (e.g. units despawn). Use BIS Simulation Manager module or some other scripts (e.g. – simulation manager of F3 Framework). (!) Not tested on HC (!) There is no respawns. Features: Allows to create zones of enemy spawning (1 wave by zone) Allows to spawn specified groups of units/vehicles, set their behavior, combat mode, speed and formation. Assign specified gear to each member of group. Allows to activate zone during the mission, not only at mission start. Allows to move zones before activation Allow to specify skill of units (see dzn_dynai_init.sqf)
  7. Hello, I’ve made another useless scripting stuff for gear assignement, but maybe it would be useful for someone. dzn_gear Github: https://github.com/10Dozen/dzn_gear Youtube Tutorial: Features: - Allows to assign personal gear of infanty units and cargo gear of vehicles - Allows to Assign gear for crewmen - Allows randomization of assigned items (clothes, weapon, items) - Gear assignment via unit synchronization with GameLogic in Editor or via setVariable (or simply call a function) - Uses custom 'gear kit'-array which can be created via EDIT MODE (select gear in Virtual Arsenal @ copy it to the clipboard via added action @ paste to script-file)
  8. 10Dozen

    STI Addons

    (sorry for my spelling) I've met with this stuff when trying to repack STI MG's (wanted to take M249's and add some RH's attachements + sounds from A2). And I've discovered, that RHS's PKP has some connection with this 'floating' bug. 1. What I have: - RHS mod with PKP machinegun. I think, that PKP was ported from A2. - My addon based on M249 + M240 content from STI MG's and some custom sounds and little config changes (sounds, descriptions, WeaponItemSlots) - RHS mod folder: @F/@rhs_afrf3; .pbo name: rhs_c_weapons.pbo, rhs_weapons.pbo - My mod folder: @dzn416; .pbo name: x_dzn_usmg.pbo 2. First run - PKP is OK, STI's MGs with floating parts I ran Arma3.exe with command line like '-mod=@F/@rhs_afrf3;@dzn416;'. Then I opened Bootcamp-Arsenal and checked guns. PKP was allright, but STI's M249 was not. Fig.1 (next post) 3. Second run - PKP isn't OK, STI's - OK Then I've changed name of mod folder of STI's MGs to '@xdzn416' and ran arma3 again. And now M249 was totally ok (with custom sounds and working bipods), but PKP was surely not -Fig.2 and 3 (next post). PKP's body was spinning with every shot fired. So my version is (i don't know about models in arma enough, so i can be wrong): - PKP was ported from A2 'as is' - STI's MGs were ported from A2 with adding new animation 'bone' for bipods - bug make weapon parts move in wrong directions, but animations logic works fine - e.g. when reloading M249 - body cap, which fly somewhere over m249, play 'open' and 'close' animations - when we use both PKP and STI's mods, then addon's model configs are interfering each other and break 'bones assignment' for animations - in the first exampe - for PKP and STI's MGs was used PKP's 'bones assignment' - and PKP was ok, but STI's with changed 'assignment' was ruined - in the second example - STI's 'assignment' was used, so PKP's animations were ruined instead - difference between two examples is the result of the addon initialization order changing (dzn416 > rhs_afrf3 > xdzn416) ---------- Post added at 21:12 ---------- Previous post was at 21:11 ---------- Fig.1 Fig.2 Fig.3