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This addon modifies supported vehicles to use ammocan objects that can be loaded into a vehicle inventory. Players are able to manipulate these ammocans directly so extra ammocans can be added to the vehicle in the field.


Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2162698437

YouTube Demonstration: 


This is designed to work in SP, MP and Dedicated with human and AI vehicle crews and gunners.

This is a Beta release. More features are planned and more vehicles and their vehicle turrets will be supported. Please note that static turrets are not currently supported, due to their lack of inventory.


Please note: I can incorporate any vehicle into my mod without REQUIRING that addon as a dependency - I just use classnames.


With this in mind, I'd like to incorporate as many reasonable additions as possible, so keep 'em coming!


***For best results, use with the Vehicle Loadout mod, to save vehicle profiles with additional ammo! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2161671937


Supported Vehicles:

  • All BLUFOR Vanilla BI Ground Vehicles and Boats with turrets
  • All BLUFOR RHS Ground Vehicles with Turrets (M2 and Mk19)


  • Support for SP, MP and Dedicated
  • Ability to Load/Unload Turret Ammunition to/from ground vehicles
  • Tested & compatible with ALiVE and Zeus spawned vehicles
  • Support for (eventual) addon vehicles without mod dependency
  • Should be compatible with Liberation, Antistasi, etc. (Would love testing feedback)
  • Custom ammocan models


Supported Vehicles are automatically ready to receive additional ammunition without additional setup.
"Vanilla" ammo in vehicles is autmoatically converted into ammocans and placed into the vehicle's inventory
Simply select a compatable Ammocan from a virtual arsenal or container and drop it into the inventory of the vehicle that you want to load.


Ammocan Resupply Procedure:
From anywhere you can access the inventory of a compatable vehicle > From your inventory, deposit the desired number of Ammocans into the vehicle inventory > Close inventory. Weapons *should* automatically reload
The ammocans will show up in virtual aresenals with a prefix of "ammocan".


Reloading Procedure:
Supported Vehicle Turrets will have one box of ammunition loaded at a time. All additional boxes of ammunitionn are removed from the turret and added to the vehicle inventory as ammocans on initialization.
When the loaded box of ammo reaches 1 round remaining, AmmoCan will load a box from your vehicle inventory into the turret, and reloading of the turet will happen as normal. While you can carry additional ammo on your personal inventory, AmmoCan will only load a new box from the vehicle inventory.

This mod does not address the current lack of manual reloads for vehicle turrets. However, you can greatly increase the operational capacity of your vehicle turrets, so you can feel less bad about emptying the box to top off.



  • Right now all ammo is stored into a .50 cal style (M2A1) ammocan. I'll be creating appropriate models for other ammocan types in the future.
  • Currently, only US vehicles are supported. I'll be adding support for non-US vehicle in the future.
  • At spawn, supported vehicles will initiate a reload
  • Vehicles with multiple ammo types per weapon (e.g. RHS Mk19s by default) may have random ammo type loaded into the turret. The best workaround at this time is to carry only one ammo type for a given turret.
  • The AI can take advantage of additional ammo cans inside their vehicles; however will be unable to add more ammo on their own. You can use the Zeus interface or manually add more ammo for them as needed.
  • Currently, due to their lack of inventory, static turrets are not supported, and cannot be reloaded with AmmoCans


Planned Updates:

  • No reload at spawn
  • No random ammo type loads
  • Support for appropriate additional addon vehicles
  • Support for static turret varients of vehicle weapons


Usage Restrictions:
The GNU General Public License v3.0: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html

I know folks are going to dePBO this, so the GPL license just basically asks that you mention me on any work based on this. I will be making my Github for this public once the addon is a bit more mature.

Anyone may add the raw PBOs for this mod into their own addons, etc.


How to help add additional ammo/vehicle support:
I need documentation, images, examples, etc. of other ammocan types. Alternatively, if anoyone wants to help model other ammocan types, I'd love the help.


Acknowledgments and Thanks:

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Thanks for this very loved feature from ACE2 that never happened in ACE3. Hope some day it gonna be included to ACE with support of carrying feature and rearm process.


Some ammo boxes may be taken from A2 data packs - DShKM, PKM, AGS, Mk19, ZU-23-2 (ofc not hi-end quality, but you can improve it later).

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Very clever idea!


So in theory I can take a box of ammo from a HMMWV and replenish an M2 tripod turret?

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So in theory I can take a box of ammo from a HMMWV and replenish an M2 tripod turret?

Yes, in theory you can also unload ammo from immobilised vehicles to other vehicles and so on. With extra scripting - even to detach mounted weapons (PKM, M240) :tounge2:

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