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  1. I am looking for a PMC (Mercenary) style group. I used to run one a few years ago and made custom mods and maps for the group (also zeus'd for live ops). I had a persistent server for the PMC that ran my custom maps with ALIVE and random missions. The atmosphere I prefer, for example, is a mix of the movies "Tropic Thunder" and "The Expendables." I am an Army Veteran from 01-05. I was a cop for 10 years after I came home. Four years ago I was in a coma for 4 months, had severe brain and nerve damage. It took me two years of therapy to regain most of my memory, walk and talk again, etc. I play arma as a combat medic or mid-long range rifle/GL, and can heli pilot if needed. I am in EST UTC-5 time zone. Here are things I am looking for in a group: - Mercs (not larping as marines) - Customizable loadout (logically based on mission) - No yelling orders or screaming - Ops that aren't required or you are kicked (I have kids) - Ops that have significant combat action and not a walking sim - Ops that don't have the AI at max (challenging but not impossible) - Persistent server (if not i will make my own again) - No RL politics (at least no liberal nonsense) - No drama (no annoying kids either) - Helpful and friendly community - Rath
  2. Rath

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Hello my name is Evan Rath and I am a Dragonfyreaholic. This is my first meeting and I cannot play ArmA 3 without heavy consumption of JSRS. Thank you Jarhead for making ArmA like 100 times more awesome :)
  3. Yes, removing and replacing the modules should fix it. I've gotten into the habit of completely remaking my missions though just to make sure. Another thing to do, is check your mission.sqm for any dependencies that shouldn't be there (though you probably already know that).
  4. Anton, thank you for making this addon - it saves me so much time when setting up missions for my group :)
  5. Twizz, was the mission file created before ALiVE was updated to If so, was the map edited for the new module changes?
  6. I haven't tried CUP myself yet so I don't know if it works with ALiVE or not, but the creator of the faction needs to set it up properly to work with ALiVE, not the other way around. The authors of CUP would need to follow this for their configs if they want it to work with ALiVE: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Unit_Mod_Config_Standardisation
  7. Rath

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    They are compatible, what other addons/scripts are you using?
  8. Snake have you set up your @ALiVEServer and your alive.cfg on your server box yet? The instructions are on the War Room - Profile - Group Details - Server Setup Instructions.
  9. Huge thanks to Tupolov for adding an "International" NATO Flag option for War Room groups! <3 you Tups!
  10. Rath

    New Chernarus Perspective?

    I guess that it is the release of an A3 (DayZ SA) version of Chernarus. The "new perspective" could just mean the ArmA 3 perspective. Also, a Zombie faction with proper groups (ALiVE compatible) for all 3 sides and special game modes with Zeus stuff. Or maybe I'm just dreaming...
  11. Where did you guys download your @ALiVE from? Sounds like corrupted files.
  12. rasol, what other scripts/addons are you using? Also, try setting the ground spawn distance on your CQB modules to 500 (700m) and see if that helps. If that doesn't work try 357 (500m). Linking them to your MP modules won't do anything.
  13. gihzmo, if you have CQB modules down it takes a while to load on larger maps like Altis, in your case. It can take around 10 minutes depending on the server/other addons/etc. I have a very heavily populated Bornholm map for my group that takes 15 minutes to fully initialize (my own fault, not ALiVE's). Just in case though, you should rule out the other addons possibly causing it - edit the map so that there are only vanilla dependencies in the mission.sqm (ie: only dependencies on @ALiVE and @CBA) and see if the loading time is any better. If it is better, then bring back your addons one by one until you can determine which one is causing an issue. I've found lately that MCC and ALiVE don't get a long well any more - they still do work together, but I don't recommend it for a persistent ALiVE server. Anyways, good luck!
  14. Rath

    Cosmos Engine 0.41

    Sweet Odin's Raven!
  15. Just showing more support for ALiVE here... I set up the ALiVE maps for my group and our server - typically the map is set up so that we are constantly outnumbered and outgunned and it is always a struggle which makes it incredibly challenging. Every time it is a different experience even for me when I set up the maps. Anyways, I recently started putting clips of our Patrols on YouTube to show just how awesome ArmA 3 is with ALiVE: https://www.youtube.com/user/EvanRath/videos Lots more videos to come. I'm about a week behind, my internet upload speed is terrible :P