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  1. sqwishy

    (Permanently Erased)

    What he's doing seems perfectly understandable. It isn't his fault that the wiki is wrong. And it isn't as if his intention is to convey misinformation. Using terminate probably isn't a good idea; but, before your updates last week, that wasn't immediately obvious and your code snippet was surprising given the information on the wiki. Maybe a better way for you to respond is to explain why your code example doesn't work as expected and ways to fix it if any. For instance, if I add waitUntil {scriptDone _thisScript} after the terminate command, then it seems to reliably do what was expected of it. It's still probably not a great idea because, as someone mentioned earlier, it behaves differently when a function is called. Maybe a good case for not using terminate is that _thisScript apparently isn't assigned a value when a function is invoked with call and cannot be relied on for an accurate value. For example: spam = { if (true) then {terminate _thisScript; waitUntil {scriptDone _thisScript}}; diag_log "This code is never reached."; // do stuff ... }; 0 spawn { call spam; diag_log "Neither is this even though we didn't terminate anything in this block."; }; It's more productive when you don't litter your points with humourless sarcasm and snark.
  2. sqwishy

    [COOP-24] Cyclone.Altis

    Sounds like you were doing everything correctly and that it was a problem with the mission laying the guys out. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. sqwishy

    [COOP-24] Cyclone.Altis

    Thanks for the feedback. The civilians shouldn't move when they're injured, so it's not like you will have to chase them around. And they should generally be within a few metres of each other in an open area. Sometimes they are on the other side of rock walls that divide some of the residential properties. That has made it a bit tough for me to find the civilians on a few occasions. Maybe when the script places them it should try a bit harder to avoid dividing them with walls. Another possibility is, if the medical mission sub-tasks weren't being completed, maybe you weren't fully healing the civilians? That would happen if you didn't had a medical kit and were not using ACE. I believe somewhere in the task briefing it says you need a medkit, but it's very easy to miss. Probably a better solution is to display a hint to the player if they try healing a civilian without a medikit. But if you were treating them and afterwards they got up and started walking around, then you were healing them enough for it to count.
  4. sqwishy

    [COOP-24] Cyclone.Altis

    Yes. I've made some adjustments that should fix that. I haven't made a pbo yet but the only file I changed was cyclone/fn_keyHold.sqf. You can download it here https://gitlab.com/sqwishy/Cyclone.Altis/raw/v0.2.2/cyclone/fn_keyHold.sqf and replace the existing file in your copy of the mission. Or merge it in if you are using git. Nice. I hope it manages to hide the pressure washer objective inside of buildings on Chernarus. There aren't quite as many enterable buildings on that map.
  5. sqwishy

    [COOP-24] Cyclone.Altis

    As what kendar said, there should be prompt that shows up on the screen and turns into a progress bar when you hold down space. I've just been using the stable branch, and it looks like you are using the development branch. Maybe something changed that broke the UI. I'll switch to the development branch and check. (Edit: Yeah it's broken because of some changes BIS made in the development branch.) That being said, it really ought to be destroyed if you detonate an explosive next to it. Some of the other buildings, such as towers, automatically respond to damage. But that particular model does not and seems to be invincible, so I might have to add an event handler or something to make that work right. It's neat seeing the mission on a different terrain. :) I've been meaning to port it over and try it out on some others but haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully it isn't completely bonkers.
  6. sqwishy

    [COOP-24] Cyclone.Altis

    You shouldn't need to specify the CfgGroups entry - that's just one way of doing it. List the class names of the vehicles to be spawned should also work. So for that first line you could use, for example, configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OI_reconPatrol" or ["O_recon_TL_F","O_recon_M_F","O_recon_medic_F","O_recon_F"] and both should do the same thing. Most of the entries in the depot_opfor_pool.sqf file use the first style, but the last three use the second style.
  7. sqwishy

    [COOP-24] Cyclone.Altis

    The equipment listed there doesn't effect the loadouts of the units spawned. It's really just a promise of what equipment will probably have if it is spawned. It's used by logic in the Depot code and the ineptifex library to estimate what units would be useful against what targets. I updated a script that was used for generating the entries in that file. It's in the git repository if you have it checked out; or you can download it here https://gitlab.com/sqwishy/Cyclone.Altis/raw/master/misc/generate_depot_pool.sqf and place it in a "misc" directory in the root of the scenario's folder. There is a bit of info at the top of that file that explains how to use it. It should work to spawn some guys in zeus, place them in a group, and run something like: [group this] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "misc\generate_depot_pool.sqf" in the unit script box when you double click on any unit in the group in zeus. That puts the code for one element in that thingy_pool.sqf file in your clipboard.
  8. sqwishy

    [COOP-24] Cyclone.Altis

    Somewhere in the fn_PressureWasher_ai.sqf file there are a few calls to INEPT_fnc_newAOI. The second argument is an array of three numbers, such as [6, 1, 1], that specifies the roughly the quantity and arrangement of baddies in terms of infantry, armour or anti-armour, and aircraft and anti-aircraft respectively. The actual units that are selected are sampled from data in depot_opfor_pool.sqf. That file is a pain to edit by hand, so I wrote a tool to help generate those entries. I should provide more information for doing that. I'll update this post in the next 24 or 36 hours when I do. That infantry recruitment script you mentioned looks like an interesting way of making single-player more enjoyable. Thanks for letting me know!
  9. sqwishy

    [COOP-24] Cyclone.Altis

    Oops. That wasn't supposed to be inclued in the PBO. It's a tool I wrote a while ago for project management. Now it's just a glorified shell script that runs makepbo to assemble the PBO file. The source code is here if you're really curious but it's not particuarly valuable and the goals I wrote it for originally aren't important anymore. It is not required for the mission to work. Anything in artifex/ misc/ and tests/ don't need to be there for the mission to play properly and I shouldn't have included them in the PBO, they're just handy for development.
  10. sqwishy

    [COOP-24] Cyclone.Altis

    The PBO I made was rapified. I've rebuilt the latest release without that rapification business and uploaded it to: Cyclone-v0.2.0-norap.Altis.pbo. If you extract that one, the mission.sqm file should look as intended. I will also update the original post and make sure my PBOs aren't rapified in the future to avoid incompatibility with other PBO unpackers. Thanks.
  11. sqwishy

    [COOP-24] Cyclone.Altis

    That's surprising. When you start it, it should produce some tasks somewhere on the map and populate the surrounding area with AI. They won't show up in the editor because they are spawned by a script. I'm not sure if you mean that they weren't in the game when you started the mission or if you mean that they weren't visible in the editor. I'm not sure. Weird symbols sounds like an issue with file encoding and text editors might handle them differently, but it seems to look normal in every program I use. When you say "mission.sqf", are you talking about the mission.sqm or the the various sqf files? I make heavy use of preprocessor macros -- that might be what you're talking about. var(_foo) = "bar" is just shorthand that expands to private ["_foo"]; _foo = "bar". LOGMSG and LOGVAR are a few others that I use fairly frequently. They are defined in cyclone/common/defines.h. Maybe those are what you mean by weird symbols?
  12. Description: This project is no longer active. Cyclone is some sort of persistent cooperative scenario for ARMA 3. In the same spirit of Invade & Annex, but not nearly as mature. As a player, the point of it is mainly to fly/drive/halo to parts of the map where bad guys are and shoot them and disabled some contrived (plot) devices in the area. And then a new task is generated somewhere else so you can do the same thing over and over again forever. These objectives may be fleshed out later on to be a bit more interesting. A pbo of the latest release (v0.3.0-rc.3) is available at https://gitlab.com/sqwishy/Cyclone.Altis/uploads/673c95f8c4a92344718b285d6f02b4cf/Cyclone-v0.3.0-rc.3.Altis.pbo A list of releases with notable changes and downloads is available at https://gitlab.com/sqwishy/Cyclone.Altis/tags The source code is at https://gitlab.com/sqwishy/Cyclone.Altis. A vanilla server running the mission (in eastern North America) is up at There is also a TeamSpeak 3 server at the same address, Feel free to use it to help communicate with others in the server. Changelog: A chronological list of notable changes and their associated releases can be viewed at: https://gitlab.com/sqwishy/Cyclone.Altis/tags. Features: The mission supports headless clients. (The demonstration server is not using them right now due to an bug with ARMA's dedicated server on Linux.) It uses an AI director that I wrote some time ago as a sort of alternative to DAC that does less and is more manageable. I don't know how it compares to DAC in practice because it hasn't seen much field testing, but at least the AI should be more interesting than vanilla AI with random patrols. It's also supposed to run efficiently, but how successful that has been is a bit of a mystery as explained below. Endeavour: At this point I've done about as much as I can on my own. I don't have the resources to test this in private with a large group nor to moderate a public server. So if anybody is interested in this enough to host it, or a derivative of it, you would be doing me a favour. I do intend to maintain the mission for some time.
  13. So, I made a collection of scripts aimed at automating some high-level AI processes such as waypoint creation. It is not complete, but it seems pretty playable and I figure that people may be able to benefit from it. Near the middle of this month I will be taking a break from Arma for about 12 weeks, so I'm releasing what I have now so that it's out for a while before I leave. I would be overjoyed if anybody found a use for, or could improve on/salvage, this project. https://bitbucket.org/sqwishy/ineptifex/src
  14. No longer maintaining information here.
  15. I am assuming you are responding to the question I asked earlier. Yes, I have heard of stealing. Thank you for asking. What would necessarily be stolen if people were allowed to modify and share source code in the DAC project?