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  1. Yep I have the same as Anixon and I´m on stable too
  2. Hi there, I´ve also encountered this problem (already in the dev) At that time the fix was to go back to stable, but that isn´t a solution any more ;) Thanks for any help :) ir0n
  3. Hi Auss, after some repacking and double checking it´s now working :) I think I´ve missed the Land_xx Class Thanks a lot :) ir0n
  4. Hi guys, I´ve encountered a strange problem with some of my buildings/objects I did my self. When I load them (mostly houses) via the 2D/3D Editor into the Game, the model.cfg is working perfectly (glass is breaking, lights work) But if I place them on my map (via TerrainBuilder; packing with pboProject1.56) the model.cfg is not loading -> no breakable glass… The work-around here would be to go to another map first (Stratis for example), place the house in 2D/3D Editor and load the map. Then go back to the main menu and load my own map, then the model.cfg for the house is loading correctly. Now my question is: Is this a packing problem or a problem my object? Here´s the data of the object: Config: model.cfg View in OB: http://i.imgur.com/yjclHGm.jpg If you think this is a OB or Tools problem, feel free to move this thread :) Thanks for your help ir0n
  5. Well I solved it, I dont know really why: first I changed Arma 3 Tools to dev, then I changed the LOD order again, as you said. It still didnt worked. Then I look in the data folder and saw, that the _nohq wasnt displayed correct, so I did it again and BOOM it worked. It fixed that the model.cfg is not loading. Tanks for you help Jackal :D ir0n
  6. Hey, thanks for your answer. To 1. : hmm still dont load correct, the strange thing is, that I used my model.cfg several times before and it always worked perfectly To 2. : Yes, if I´m very close to the object, it displays the LOD4 and if I´m far away, it displays LOD1/LOD0 And sorry for the links, steam doesnt like me today :) ir0n
  7. Hi guys, so my 2 problems: 1. The model.cfg of my house is not loading correctly. The animations and the breaking glass does not work on startup, it only works when I shoot at the building once. This also means, that the animations dont work in buldozer The model.cfg: 2. Problem: My LOD 1.0 is my LOD 5.0, well it´s strange. Some Pictures: my first LOD(1): http://puu.sh/l3DbD/ce5d47ab89.png & my last LOD (4): http://puu.sh/l3DeO/3c0734cc62.png Ingame it works perfectly if I do it this way, but thats not the final solution (InGame: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/580196620067696582/0320E8E63860C7A9BCA352D42F11D4A7C985E788/ Now my questions is: What did I wrong, that my visual LODs are so f**** up :D Thanks for your help guys ;) ir0n if you need my config:
  8. Hey, well I´m not experienced but I can share my way of doing :D This is my Satmap: http://puu.sh/j1lbr/c768919e0a.png 1. As I´m also doing a fictional map, I took a real word image form Google Maps as my base terrain (in my case this place: https://www.google.de/maps/@52.2399214,9.9369833,6763m/data=!3m1!1e3 ) 2. Then I took over 40 different pictures and put them all together in Photoshop. You should have some basic knowledge of Photoshop, if you dont, there are millions of tutorials on yt. If you dont have PS you can also take something like GIMP, but I prefer PS in anyway. 3. With the repair tool I tried that it all look very realistic, but you can see in my satmap, especially by the forests, that it dont look completely realistic but very close. 4. Then I did the basic .asc/.xyz file in L3DT and if I finish with the obj placing in one place, I add more details to the terrain in L3DT so it match to the objects and the location. 5. In the end you should remove all buildings and shadows from the satmap, so the grass/clutter doesnt look stupid (again with PS) 6. You can do the mask with TB: export shapes to image, add the image to your satmap and thats it (If you interesset I can write you how this work exactly. I didn´t have done any work on my mask so it looks very boring: http://puu.sh/j1lJB/e079cc6e7a.png 7. Roads: if you have really much time, take reallife roads and put them with PS on the map, but as you can see I didnt had this much time, so I took the brush tool and draw them my self, isnt the best way but it works But note: You need a lot of RAM if your map is bigger than 5120x and PS will have a hard time. And you need a lot of time, really a lot, mine took me more than 10 hours for the currant stage... If I ever make a second map, I would take a full reallife sat map I think xD ir0n
  9. Hey, you have to change the enableTerrainSynth = 1; to 0: class OutsideTerrain { satellite = "a3\map_altis\data\s_satout_co.paa"; enableTerrainSynth = 0; class Layers { class Layer0 { nopx = "blablalba.paa"; texture = "blalblalba.paa"; }; }; }; ir0n
  10. ir0n

    Finding p3d´s

    Hey, you find the p3d´s of helmets in the characters_f PBO. For example here the crew helmet: \a3\characters_f\BLUFOR\headgear_b_helmet_crew.p3d The trick is to know, how a search function works xD ir0n
  11. ir0n

    invisible runway parts

    Hey, well the problem is the editor.sqs, which you are using to see the normal roads, I guess. If you dont, ignore this ;). Too edit your runway properly you have to rename the editor.sqs in the P:\scripts folder ; I always only rename it to editor_off.sqs, then you restart Buldozer (I hope for you, that you have a ssd :D) and then you can edit it. Afterwards you change it to the normal name and restart Buldozer again. ir0n
  12. ir0n

    Use Roads from an pbo?

    Hey, it´s very simple you only unpack the .pbo to your p drive and add the path to your RoadsLib.cfg, like this: class RoadTypesLibrary { class Road0001 { width = 10; mainStrTex = "YOUR_PBO_PATH\data\YOUR_ROAD_ca.paa"; mainTerTex = "YOUR_PBO_PATH\data\YOUR_ROAD_end_ca.paa"; mainMat = "YOUR_PBO_PATH\data\YOUR_ROAD_RVMAT.rvmat"; map = "road"; order=3; }; /........ }; then you can add it to TB like every other road ir0n
  13. ir0n

    Adding Concrete to map

    Hey M1lkm8n, thanks, I´ve only copied the code from the map_data config :eek: Sorry for that ;) ir0n
  14. ir0n

    Adding Concrete to map

    Hey, 1. Your cfgSurface.hpp should like this: class CfgSurfaces { class Default {}; class YOURNAME_concrete_Surface : Default { files = "YOURNAME_concrete*"; character = "Empty"; soundEnviron = "concrete"; soundHit = "concrete"; rough = 0.05; maxSpeedCoef = 1; dust = 0.05; lucidity = 0.3; grassCover = 0.0; impact = "hitConcrete"; }; }; //blablalblalblalb here are the other surfacetypes.... class CfgSurfaceCharacters { // you dont need any Characters for concrete }; 2. cfgLayers: class Layers { class YOURNAME_concrete { texture = "YOURFOLDER\data\YOURNAME_concrete_co.paa"; material= "YOURFOLDER\data\YOURNAME_concrete.rvmat"; }; }; class Legend { picture="YOURFOLDER\source\mapLegend.png"; class Colors { YOURNAME_concrete[]={{127,127,127}}; }; }; 3. Mask: A mask should look like this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:Jnn_corazol_mask.jpg And the part of your map where you want the concrete you have to set the color which you have set in the layer.cfg (in this case grey) 4. In TB this should look like this http://puu.sh/ic1LQ/b5c712dba2.png And thats it I thinks ;) I hope I haven't forgotten anything ir0n