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  1. http://pastebin.com/y48xd039 This is a script I have that moves an ai character into the passenger space of the nearest out of three vehicles (hunters1, hunters2, hunters3) and while it works just fine in preview or when hosting myself it does not work on a dedicated server. Why is this?
  2. This solution worked wonderfully, thanks
  3. I want to create a mod that makes the player invulnerable if he is in the pilot or co-pilot seat of any aircraft with a "white" condition hull. How can this be achieved?
  4. I know how to edit config values in classes by creating my own configs and packing those into pbos, but how do I disable an entry completely through this process?
  5. I've tried the above, it does nothing. Strangely, setting the cursoraim of the cannon to "missile" does nothing, but changing the cursoraim of any other weapon works. Setting cursoraim to "emptycursor" or attempting to remove it by removing the entry wholesale does nothing.
  6. How do I disable the cross hairs or "cursoraim" of either a specific or all aircraft weapons?
  7. This is getting insanely frustrating is no one able to help with this?
  8. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_MP can this be used to make the above work?
  9. Knobhead

    AI detection

    Any way to extend the detection and engagement radius of ai vehicles beyond default using triggers or do I have to edit the vehicle configs? If so, how do I go about doing it?
  10. Just use _vehiclename setfuel 1 and _vehiclename setvehicleammo 1 to refuel/rearm as needed.