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  1. Stekelenburg

    New CH-67 Huron

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  2. Stekelenburg

    what is the most annoying thing for you in arma 3 ?

    Computer crash every 30 minutes
  3. Stekelenburg

    New CH-67 Huron

    Hello everybody! What do you think about the new Transport Helicopter called the CH-67 Huron? On the ArmA 3 Birthday livestream the rear of the Huron was showed and the name in the SITREP yesterday. The Huron is a futuristic Chinook, just like the Ghosthawk was based on the Blackhawk. I personally like it, as long it's not too sci-fi.
  4. Stekelenburg

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    There is a sneak preview on the new Helicopter, it looks like a futuristic Chinook. You can check it out on the ArmA 3 Twitter page
  5. Stekelenburg

    Altis Airshow 2014

    Not yet, but it will come soon I guess
  6. Stekelenburg

    Altis Airshow 2014

    looks nice! ---------- Post added at 06:40 ---------- Previous post was at 06:39 ---------- Sure and the airshow would be somewhere in October or November I guess
  7. Stekelenburg

    Altis Airshow 2014

    Hallo everyone, I just want to let you know I'm very busy with school and music for a festival on 10 September. So I won't be playing ArmA 3 much and won't be very active on the forum. About the Airshow, we need a lot more pilots and people to organize it. I can't do it alone and it would be nice if someone could help me with that. But first we need pilots. If we got that, we can move on to a date, server etc.
  8. Stekelenburg

    German Bundeswehr Campaign

  9. Stekelenburg


    Check this out: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?182305-German-Bundeswehr-Campaign&p=2759053#post2759053
  10. Stekelenburg

    German Bundeswehr Campaign

    Hello everybody, I'm working on my second campaign about the German Bundeswehr Mod. Check my first campaign about the Dutch MARSOF Mod here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?180067-Dutch-MARSOF-Campaign. The campaign takes place 1 year after the Dutch Assault on Stratis and war on Altis. The Dutch Forces were send to Ukraine and the German forces took over the control of Stratis and AAF of Altis. 2 months after they arrived, the FIA was attacked by the AAF and things went bad. More info soon
  11. Stekelenburg

    Dutch MARSOF Campaign

    I will make the new campaign about my eastern neighbours, Germany. The campaign takes place a few years after the Dutch attack on Stratis. I will be using the BW (Bundeswehr)Mod and maybe the BW-Extended Mod.
  12. Stekelenburg

    Norwegian Units

    Hello, I really like this mod! Nice textures and vehicles. I only miss air units, so I looked up Wikipedia. They have: - F-16's great aircraft, but it's not in ArmA 3. Maybe someone can port it to ArmA 3? - C-130's I know it's been ported to ArmA 3. Maybe some little retextures and you're ready to go! You, the USAF mod and the C-130J port itself will then be they only mods with a C-130, that might attract a lot of people! - C-17's Same as C-130 - Lynx's You could retexture the WY-55 and retuxtre it - NH-90's Maybe retexturing the Mohawk? That are just some idea's. I know you're busy with the CSAT project, but these aircraft will be very cool! Greetings Edit The F-16 has been ported by the HAF mod
  13. Stekelenburg

    Dutch MARSOF Campaign

    Added poll for a new campaign, it is multiple choice
  14. Stekelenburg

    Dutch MARSOF Campaign