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  1. Some alternate extended WW2 ideas I've been messing around with for a mission:
  2. Really good job on this, works incredibly well. Only problem I have is that the group I play with uses ACE all the time and when I try this out with that mod on I never survive the crash. No idea why but would there be any other way of having this work that might avoid that problem that anyone knows of?
  3. Yeah I completely understand, I'll try redoing the mission with NVA. EDIT: just tried it out and you're completely right, VC getting hit is whats causing it.
  4. If thats the case then I might have to move over to the devbranch then. EDIT: yeah you're right its not just the server it crashes in singleplayer firefights too. EDIT 2: Eggbeast just replied to me in the Unsung thread, apparently its a specific issue with VC units and potentially fixed by using NVA instead. EDIT 3: just tested out, definitely the VC causing it.
  5. Hey, wondering if you guys can help me out. I'm trying to play a mission using unsung with a few friends on our server but it keeps on crashing and throwing up the "no message recieved for x seconds..." message for all of us every time we start a firefight at the first village we come to on our mission. Its usually solidly stable and we can run around the FOB I have everyone in at the start of the mission fine, we can fly around fine, its just this firefight that causes the crash every time. I tried cutting down our mod collection because by our own admission its got a bit bloated but it still does the same thing every time. I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this, maybe a conflict with another mod anyone knows about? We're now using: ACE3 ASR Ai Blastcore Phoenix 2 Blastcore Skies CBA HueyPack JSRS3 DRagonfyre MCC4 ShackTac HUD Unsung VTS Weapon Resting Great mod by the way guys, keep up the good work! EDIT: Someone in the servers & administration forum just told me: Is that the case? If so is there anything I can do about it apart from waiting patiently and quietly :P ? Might potentially move over to the devbranch if its the only option and hope it doesn't cause problems with any of the mods we use in our other collection.
  6. I'm currently trying to play a mission I've made on my server with a small group of friends. It primarily uses MCC and Unsung Vietnam. The issue I'm having is that it seems to constantly be crashing my server which has otherwise been reliably stable. In the mission we're currently attempting it crashes within 10 seconds of a firefight starting every time my group tries to enter an enemy held village. We tried about 4 times before giving up. I thought it might help to reduce down our severely bloated mod collection so it now only includes: ACE3 ASR Ai Blastcore Phoenix 2 Blastcore Skies CBA HueyPack JSRS3 DRagonfyre MCC4 ShackTac HUD Unsung VTS Weapon Resting I tried it again a few times with AI squadmates this morning with the smaller collection but it still crashes at that same firefight. I tried changing up the direction of attack but that didn't change anything. I'm not really sure what to do at this point so I thought I'd see if any of you guys could help as I'm far from being an expert. I tried pasting in the whole rpt file from the last two crashes but it seemed to be too big (unsurprisingly) so I'll just include the lines from the time of the crash (don't know if thats helpful or not): First one: Second one:
  7. shindigero

    Intro Music Cuts Out

    I'll give that a go later on and see if that fixes it. I'll let you know what happens.
  8. shindigero

    Intro Music Cuts Out

    I had considered delaying the trigger but telling it to wait seems to have done the trick, thanks very much davidoss. Now thats sorted I wonder if you could help me with something else that I'm unsure of. When music plays how can i get it to play for everyone? I have a radio set up with this in its init line: this addaction ["Play Intro","intro.sqf"]; intro.sqf is simply playMusic "intro" It works in that when a player walks up to it and selects "play intro" the music starts but only that one person can hear it. EDIT: Spoke too soon, it works in singleplayer but in multiplayer it now keeps playing until a message in the top right says that its synchronised with the server. When that message comes up it stops playing immediately.
  9. shindigero

    Intro Music Cuts Out

    Its far from magic :P I've put the following in my description.ext file: class CfgMusic { tracks[]= { intro }; class intro { name = "intro"; sound[] = {\music\intro.ogg, db+0, 1.0}; }; }; and added a trigger set to activate when Anybody is present, with the effect being that the track "intro" starts playing. When I preview it in the editor it works fine but if I try to play it as a singleplayer scenario the track plays for half a second then all of the lighting/time of day/weather changes slightly and it brings up the loading screen again for a short while and as soon as that stuff happens it stops playing.
  10. I'm having some trouble getting my intro music to play on a mission I'm currently finishing off. I've got it set to play on a trigger and it starts fine. That is for a second between the loading screen going away and being in the mission the music is playing then the loading screen comes back up for a few seconds and when it goes away again the music has stopped. Not quite sure what the problem is as I've just followed a pretty straight forward tutorial.
  11. That doesn't sound too bad. Think I'll definitely try using the laptop first, seems like it should be more than sufficient. Thanks for the help, really appreciated.
  12. Couple of hundred doesn't sound too bad, thats what I was hoping, out of interest what sort of cpu would be considered adequate for that sort of thing? What I'm currently thinking of doing as of 5 minutes ago is making use of my old gaming laptop that I used before my I got my desktop. I hadn't considered that I'd ever have a use for it again before now because its graphics card died but it ran Arma 3 easily and I used to host LAN games on it with no problems. I could just run a server on that right? Also just looked up windows server 2008, I see what you mean about that being where the cost starts building up, what would be the downside to just running normal windows on a server?
  13. Thanks for the advice, out of interest what's the expensive licensing that's involved? In terms of electricity costs it wouldnt be too much of a problem as I live in a student house with 3 gaming computers in it anyway and I assume its not something you need on all the time if youre not using it? That said, I'll also definitely give running a dedicated server on my computer a go. It had completely slipped my mind because for several years we all lived in student halls that had dodgy internet which for whatever reason prevented us from going down that route when we tried it so I'd not considered it as an option.
  14. Hi, just wondering if you guys could give me some general advice. Before christmas I gave up trying to deal with gameservage.com who'd been messing me around for months. I'd been renting an 8 slot server from them to play with my small group of friends who play arma, 8 is the most we ever have in a session its more commonly 3-5, and now I'm looking for an alternative and thought I'd consider all my options. I'd like to start by making clear that my knowledge of whats required for a dedicated server is non-existent. Am I right in thinking that for a small server like this it would be perfectly feasible to build it and run it from home? If I did what sort of spec would it need to be? I'm hoping it could be quite reasonable when shared between me and my friends given there'll only be a few of us playing and I understand servers dont need a gpu (or most of the other expensive parts and accessories i often associate with buying a computer). That said we did used to use a lot of mods, how much of an effect would that have? I really appreciate any advice you could give.