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  1. Hello Returned to Arma 3 now that the DLCs are out, but can't make it into the Game, crashes on launch. System: Asus Z170 MB; Asus 1070GTX 8GB; 16GB RAM, 1TB M2 SSD, All Hotas and Trackir unplugged, no mods, all DLCs loaded or unloaded. Local files checked by Steam 2 Times. Does anybody see what is causing the Crash and can supply help? greetings Foss Edit: Did full reinstall after sweeping every Arma 3 Related Files and Registry, problem still persists Edit2: Found out Arma 3 64bit Exe does not like MSI Afterburner On screen Temperature Overlay or custom Fan setting. Arma does work, Thread can be closed.
  2. foss

    Recording Software

    I record on an SSD with 50mbps. Video looks good until you walk through grass, vegetation looks unsharp. Specs are the same, except the GTX is a 1070 8GB Sample Video i recorded
  3. foss

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    The 64bit RC works ok for me, smooth frames, no slowing in cities or with heavy AI action compared to 32 bit. No parameters set in launcher, as i set some, i got a memory crash, but without parameters it works like a charm for me, 3 hour long sessions are no problem.
  4. This is exactly what i wanted to describe (in my poor english) in my linked Thread above. Additional Info: I imported my key config file from a older computer, and i bought APEX and switched to new APEX control Presets, maybe thats why my (and AZCoders?) Devices are already enabled, cause they were "On" at older PC. And i had to rebind some HOTAS Axis for Flight Control, and there was no Y-Axis from Rudder added, this only happens when i rebind keyboard :weird: I looked in the Text of the config file in /mydocuments/Arma3 but did not see something special like "Device XXXXX Enable=1" or something.
  5. Yes, my folder does the same with the read only box, is this behaviour tied to the documents folder? I guess not, other Games configs are there too and work ok. Strange enough, i can enable/Disable TrackIR Device ingame (it does get greyed out and white when enabled) but not the other three devices (Unable to disable) My Thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/194567-arma3-wont-let-me-disable-other-input-devices/
  6. Hi there I have this Problem: In Controls section of Arma 3 i cant remap hotkeys, because it adds commands from my HOTAS and Rudder Pedals, which are also connected. i press Disable in Controllers section to temporary shut controllers down, while i remap my keyboard, but it does´t grey out. Only thing that goes on/off is the TrackIR device. I checked Windows Device Page and made sure all Buttons from Devices are disabled and axes are neutral, but to no help. I erased Arma 3 Folder in /myDocuments , i created new Profile but it doesn´t help either. Are you the one who has a solution for me? Op Sys: Win8.1 Game State : 1.64.138497 no Mods
  7. Hi can anyone confirm that the Shactac Hud, the compass rose with position of own group is working in the latest coop 8 player? mine stays blank in the 8 player but works in the 24 player coop, maybe i need to reset progress or something? Is the code the same in both missions? Thanks in advance I have a great time Playing this Mission this weekend :D Gonna Try that RHS and BWmod sometimes, is it that simple as i imagine it after a quick look into it? Open Mods, clear default units , insert Mod Units , save to slot 1-3 and reset veh zones? If yes, even i can do it , i am sure :D
  8. For now, no Bugs for me in the newest version. Thanks I have a popup if i open arsenal, Saying UAV Control Device Picture is missing, and it has no item picture in Arsenal, anyone knows how to get it back or whats causing it. Its no big deal, game is working without it.
  9. Thanks for your fast Fixes. keeps me busy testing :D I started new game (continue Progress disabled) and i see some "bugs" I play Coop 1-8 Player 10th Dec Dropbox version as Engineer Squad1, This Engineer has 3 toolkits and 3 Mine Detectors in Inventory. First Halo Spawn on Island failed, got the Freefall animation without Parachute and stuck in it on the ground, unable to move. Second Respawn was ok. Got my Truck and build small Sandbag tower with AI Gun in it, followed by Tent -> Construct Basecamp Task not done. I go to Task "capture Factory" build Sandbag Tower and AI gun right at the door, factory did not get green on map but i have access to factory menue, speak to civilian and did quest, they say they working the factory now, seems to work Ok, except map symbol stay yellow, i think my build guardpost is not recognized? Am i doing something wrong? I play Modfree, except Arma 3 DLCs, do i need CBA or something? Greetings Foss EDIT: Scratch that, you have to select the group leader Slot to get Tasks working, which is slot 4. Slot 1 lets you be group leader of AI too, but Tasks work for me in slot marked "group leader" my fault. (@Timewarp : yes its changed to 1 Tent in Coop)
  10. Just tested the 24Coop , found no bugs except the Camp/Tent Task is not recognized as done. Great Work SaOk, voted for MANW.
  11. Tried with Moduload, does not help. Just to make sure, i talk about the Parachute support Drop script, which does partially not work, you can drop everything ok, except vehicles and gear boxes. I see the Moduload initializing that so called "Call support" script, but after selecting a vehicle to drop, it does not play that billing sound and no change on the Prestige value upper left, but all that works if you dont select a vehicle but Infantry instead, for example. And its only in that 1.99711 version, the 1.99701 version works like a charm. I even deleted all saves and redownloaded the mission from dropbox, did not help. i´ll double check with the same 1.99711 from playwithsix and steam workshop just to make sure. Edit: Playwithsix has Version V1.99701 Dropbox has v1.99711 which does not work for me Steam Shop has no version number displayed but has filesize from Dropbox version, and gear drop works, weird huh?
  12. Can confirm, no Shift+1 vehicle drop or gear drop possible. Mission File from Dropbox 5th dec. Addons: DLCs +Shack Tac Hud + played on Altis. Reloading as you suggested did not fix it. Reverting to older version for now.
  13. See Authors Post Ending: Download Latest Version of DUWS Modified at my DropBox: dropbox removed for now Subscribe To Duws Modified At My Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=222686368
  14. Many many Thanks for this 1.3 Update. Just started a new session with 1.2 yesterday to check out the AI Limiter Feature, but i dump that and restart today with 1.3. I´m sure this is a masterpiece. Take your well earned break from coding, since you did a update marathon the last weeks. "if you have group members not with you and who are manning other vehicles while you are landing in the taxi...an unusual situation really..." Well, to clear things up, i have foot soldiers and vehicle support if i go to a zone, so it does happen that me and my footsoldiers move via taxi to next location while the Tank personnel either guards the zone and waits for returning Enemies or simply takes the Tank vehicle to the next zone. Thats why i am separated from half of my group. :) Ok i can move them temporarily to HC Squad and back, but i dont get the " i see infantry.." messages then. Thanks again, Foss
  15. No big deal for me. Now that i know of that behaviour, i can work around. Thanks