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  1. yea I can see that this would work so much better with multiplayer, I see now that thats what it was really made for, for a squad of players not just singleplayer but it would be cool if you can get it working with singleplayer stuff and just be like it was part of the game I really hoped that after all the cool mods that were for arma 2 that BI would have added some of those into the actual game, or maybe even the stuff thats in VBS
  2. no I dont see that in there, its blank after the HLT how do I "add HLT %2" under the "TXT" section of the HUD can I just add that into there? I am using 1.9.7
  3. I am not seeing anything below that but the BPM makes sense now its just labeled as HLT and probably should be BPM maybe I have 9 things on that display and I know what all of them are but I dont see anything below that one labeled "HLT" I have GRD then below that LMT and then below that HLT but nothing else below that
  4. so I have to set it up for every mission, no way to have it just working like other mods, this is the reason I like play with six its so much easier - over the years I have gotten less and less interested in the complicated things with computers like I was in the past, I spent countless hours modding skyrim and playing it but for some reason things like that bor me now, maybe I am just older now but I will give this a chance I really like what I see in the videos just wonder if it can be made easier to implement for single player missions other than editing the level or am I getting this wrong, am I missing something simple? thanks for the help
  5. so I have updated after not playing in a month or so and there seems to be a problem with the health level reading or something its like always changing sometimes settles at 60 and goes up to 190 or so something like that and changes all the time another problem I seem to have always had was the color night vision having problems after I load a save, it will go all dark and almost every time I load a save I have to reload it again and quickly press "ctrl+alt+H" to turn it on and off until it starts working properly, not really a huge problem just annoying
  6. I am having problems getting this to work, I installed using play with six like other mods I can open the configure menu within the pause menu and then edit things but none of the things I edit work, I can assign button presses but they dont do anything when pressed I cant open the menu or anything other than the simple configure one what am I doing wrong - or is it the other mods I am using a few other mods I have turned all them off and see it didnt work but really I like all the mods and this mod looks to require lots of training to learn it properly and although I want to use it I would like it to work with my other mods I am using I am using CBA for the mods that require it and currently using CBA_A3 ShackTac Fireteam HUD TMR - makes scopes better TPW - makes everything better, mainly the targeting system though ASDG_JR thanks for your help, this really looks like a cool mod
  7. ahh man it would be cool to see civ spawning in underwear, this is a war after all, maybe his clothes got messed up and he couldnt stand wearing the cloths of a dead guy unlike me hehe - but really there is a few reasons I can think of that someone would running around in there underwear in a war zone 1. in Iraq and Afghanistan I actually saw many people wearing nothing but rags like underwear, not the normal man dress they wear but like sorta a dirty rag wrapped around there waste, I am sure they didnt have anything else to wear 2. could be an insane person, the main hospital in Baghdad for the insane had looters and stuff many people were just let out I saw this stuff 3. cloths could be covered in blood from something and you stripped down and are walking home to get new cloths if you have any but really there are a few reasons why they could have no cloths on not just underwear completely naked in fact although I dont want to see that in the game maybe consider leaving that in there, or add civ's with no cloths and make them running always like they got somewhere to go, like to get clothes on lol
  8. yep that worked but not the first time - its odd let me explain I uninstalled it with play with six and deleted everything pertaining to it from my computer then downloaded the latest one and installed it manually I tried it without changing anything in the settings other than turning off the sound as it was turned on by default it still had the sound when it shouldnt have it then I installed it using play with six and again changed the setting to turn it off and this time it worked! so in future versions of this maybe if its not to much trouble add an option to press some key and "acknowledge" the sound and have it turned off until new enemies get discovered - however I can see problems with this as sometimes enemies will go behind cover for to long and reappear causing the HUD to think they are new - but something would be cool and this is sorta off the subject a little, but what about the pilot helmets having some sorta cool HUD maybe different like with on screen trajectory lines showing the flight path of the projectile things like that - I dont mean to use it while flying just wear it on the ground walking around
  9. no didnt manually install, I assume I just move the files into the folder and it should be installed right? but do I have to not install it using play with six?
  10. I am having that problem with the audible warning, its always on even though I have it turned off is there any option to "acknowledge" the sound and have it turn off until it notices a new enemy maybe
  11. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the mod it still does this, used play with six but it is making sounds even though its turned off, and if I take the glasses off it stops immediately I just installed windows 7 on this computer 2 days ago so everything is fresh install so it shouldnt be anything old, I just installed the mod yesterday so it was probably the most up to date even now as it doesent show an update
  12. I am having a problem with the "audible warning" feature, it wont turn off even though its turned off in the gui and shows off in the .hpp file as "0" if I take the glasses off the sound stops so I know thats what the problem is not some other mod although I dont have others
  13. yea I updated it, I had to remove it and the files associated with it then reinstall it using play with six but the colors are wrong anyways I have them set to that in the gui settings thingie and it shows that way also in the text file but I cant figure this out first it says "BASE COLOR" I hover over it and it says "HUD and friendly units colour" and its set to {1,1,1} as default then under that it says "SECONDARY COLOR" when I hover over it it says "Enemy units colour" its set to {1,0.5,0} then this is where it gets strange because like I said before it says "enemy units colour" now there is one called "ENEMY COLOR" when I hover over it it says "Squad and markers colour" and its set to {0,1,1} so why does it say "SECONDARY COLOR" but say "Enemy" when hovering over it and the one that says "ENEMY COLOR" when hovered over says "squad"? whatever the case I can change these and nothing happens the colors dont change yes I am pressing the APPLY button at the bottom I did search and the first thing I came up with was the posting of you saying how you fixed the blinking problem so I looked a little more and noticed some other things about 3rd person read a few posts and decided to post asking the question - sorry if it pissed you off I can only ask questions I was trying to use the settings gui I thought by using the .exe file that was in there its not my fault that this old stuff wasnt removed when I updated I was using play with six so I assumed everything that was in there was needed since I had just installed everything less than 2 months ago I figured I was up to date because I was using play with six and it said I was and just updated it the other day hence the reason for my posting so again sorry if it pissed you off I did read the first post and there is pretty much nothing about 3rd person, I looked at this HUD text doc and again there is nothing about 3rd person in it and nothing about configuring it with a gui like there is only the text file method
  14. I really liked that feature (or glitch) I relied on it when I was lying prone I could switch to 3rd person and see where people were I dont understand why you cant just make it work in 3rd person it would be so much more useful that way? and the new style with the solid orange square instead of the nice one with the marker that told me where to shoot and told me that I could actually hit them, that would show up when they could be hit now its just this large orange square I dont like is there any way to have it back the other way it was before? I looked at the change log and I think I need to be using HUD 1.25 or 1.24 because I just updated after not playing for about 3 days - I tried to use the older verson of the mod 1.68 but it still had the newer style looking markers also I am using windows 8.1 and this "tpw settings.exe" wont work properly what am I doing wrong I can change things by editing that .hpp file but tying to run this just does nothing at all I figured it would open some type of window with settings also lately not sure what update but for about 2 weeks now the non-enemy civilians were shown as orange like enemies and I shot a few of them in there cars I love this mod I just really need it to work like it was 5 days ago I dont care about the flickering hud in 3rd person I really liked that
  15. sandsquid

    A prone lean is needed

    wow man I have also played countless hours of arma 2 and now arma 3 and I have never noticed that stance change, I always assumes it was possible I just never had the time to really look into it since it wasnt really needed if I played and planed properly however I would from time to time be running and drop down to prone and somehow end up in that side laying stance and I couldnt figure out how I did it, I looked at the controls and didnt even think that the stance shance was for that, I thought it was just to go prone or croutch or stand up I think its even weirder since I play using the gamepad not the keyboard and there isnt really a way to change stance with the gamepad - I play with gamepad because of an IED attack that messed up my hand a little and keyboard is a little of a problem but the gamepad works fine for me its just that its not really supported in this game, I wish it was better it cant be that hard to have it working all the way there are lots of things that could have been done better