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  1. After testing I found out that when MCC is running, currently using newest version on playwithsix, it breaks the switchmove command. I am not able to use the init line of a unit to execute animations anymore. This only happens when MCC is loaded as an addon.
  2. tehfocus

    RHS CTI based on Zerty/Benny is up!

    And it is offline. RIP
  3. tehfocus

    Cop impounding not working?

    I'd say you should really take it slow and ask in forums regarding this gamemode instead of the general arma 3 troubleshooting
  4. Hello dear Developers and fellow ArmA Tacticians! My community has encountered a very strange bug today: We are running our server on linux and had problems joining after todays hotfix update for 1.64. Clients are getting kicked for some PBOs in the dta folder as well as for unsigned vanilla addon pbos, Apex to be precise. This is the message I got after joining our server http://i.imgur.com/dp0XVZb.jpg Client and Server are updated and both have validated their files. That did not seem to be the problem. Could it be that Linux support accidently got broken with todays hotfix? Regards, Miles "TehFocus" EDIT: Without checking for keys you can join but that is besides the point. We need keycheck.
  5. tehfocus

    UN 2030

    Important request: Make your UN Faction independent and not Blu. It is more realistic this way and adds more possibilties for missions. Also, is this stuff zeus compatible?
  6. tehfocus

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Workshop he said, haha. Oh man
  7. tehfocus

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Must have nnnoooww. Interesting that the initial version got released a year ago, almost exactly a year ago.
  8. Alright alright, I am gonna be that guy now, sorry guys. It's nice and all to see some more love towards your old mods but massi, almost all of those vehicles are already out in other mods like RDS or HAFM. Would'nt it make more sense to just make a config or some retextures? I already own RDS with compability patches for other army addons and also some other imports. I would basically have those twice if I installed your pack. Also what about the Community Upgrade Package? They are basically trying to import everything from A2 in high quality so we have one major pack with everything needed.
  9. tehfocus

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Can you spawn it with zeus?