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  1. just awesome can't say more, i tested the last update the AI no more delay in response to enemy fire and no more cowards during firefight


    and about the dodge feature i couldn't notice maybe i need to test more

    i noticed that mechanized/motorized troops refer to stay hidden inside their APC/MRAP waiting the enemy to breed them with RPG/AT missile is this a feature or bug?



    thanks for this amazing mod

  2. 1 hour ago, nkenny said:

    LAMBS Orkz

    New release version 1.2


    - Added dodge and hiding functions
    - Added assault speed selection function
    - Added low-level assault movement for non-buildings
    - Added ability to hot configure/toggle lambs_dangerOrk_fsmPriorities variable
    - Fixed calling wrong ACE3 health function (bug since last ACE3 release)
    - Improved suppression function
    - Improved looting subroutines
    - Improved FSM flow structure
    - Improved WAAGH data sharing
    - Misc. performance fixes

    More shootier boyz. This version is mainly a followup on previous releases. Expect performance improvements and higher degrees of aggression from units. The mod requires There is Only War to play. 



    Download at: 
    Steam workshop

    testing now


    ooh im gonna enjoy this 😄

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  3. On 4/3/2020 at 11:59 AM, LordJarhead said:

    Hello everyone, 


    A new update for JSRS_Soundmod got released. Unfortunately my system wouldn't boot after some hardware issue and it came to the point where I had to wipe my hdd's. This is mainly the reason I decided to make a new key for JSRS_Soundmod. 


    Attention: NEW KEY!

    JSRS Soundmod Update CE.20.0331:
    NEW KEY signature. JSRS_Soundmod_2020
    - Fixed some weapons where muted interior
    - Tweaked some sounds and explosions


    Some my have noticed my absence lately and I can explain that:


    I am very busy working on a new project and it is taking up most of my time. But it's so much fun lately and the game we are working on coming together nicely. As for my role, as lead sound designer, I am especially passionate about the sound design of the game and already very curious about the feedback we'll get. So much in advance: I never made anything quite as good as these sounds, thanks to great libraries, field recordings, good software solutions and the great help and support of our team.


    There is not much I can say about this game so far, or about its release, but it's gonna be really great for the Arma community! So save some bugs on the side, because this year is the one that will change your sound experience in the Armaverse forever! For any tiny bit of information we can provide to the public, I'll let you know. 


    Thanks a lot, and stay safe and healthy, friends! 




    if yes turn your head to the right side

    if no turn your head to the left side 


    thanks for your service LJ

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  4. 1 hour ago, nkenny said:

    Glad you like it. I am guessing you are running an op with a considerable number of armoured elements? The AI will respond with much improved sense of self-preservation. 


    1. The only instance which triggers a change in behaviour to STEALTH mode is when the AI is fleeing. Fleeing is a vanilla behaviour which is enhanced by the mod to have the AI view buildings and bushes as valid places to stop. One way to mitigate this behaviour, if you want better control of the AI, is to set allowFleeing to 0.  It is admittedly an imperfect implementation on our end as it can be difficult to get fleeing units to unflee. 


    2. While I have seen units disembarking early, from time to time, this is much mitigated with the latest version.  Units becoming stuck is however new. Is this on some custom terrain? What orders/waypoints are the units under? 


    3. This I have not seen. I see you are playing with a long list of modded content. Can you verify that this works without the mod loaded? 


    4. As per (1). Come to think of it, we should add a setting for the Fleeing too. 




    thanks for response!


    1/2 - i actually have fleeing,information share,squad leader maneuvers disabled, as for the mission i made a quick OP to test the AI actions, map is altis/kavala placed 5 motorized NATO units + 6 mechanized nato units too ( 300m away from hospital ) while the enemy is CSAT holding the city center

    the other NATO units i placed is 7 fireteams which comes from church side of the kavala i gave them CQB waypoints ( 90% died )

    the mechanized units moves towards the hospital - unload - then LAMBS CQB waypoint inside the city center


    3- will try on vanilla and report


    4- i though that too you could implement some kind of script which ends ( FORCEFULLY ) the hide/stealth mode after checking of a threat within 500-600m away this is better i think 


  5. good update


    some issues i found

    tested using 3DEN only+ASRAI3 skills only ( not FSM )+ RHS + VTN + CBA + ACE3 ( deleted AI.pbo ) + LAMBSDANGER.fms


    1- AI stuck most of the time in stealth mod and will never back to normal mod once danger is gone

    2- motorized units will disembark far ... far away from their unload waypoints once they hear 3-5 shots ( armored motorized units and mechanized too ) tested with information share ON/OFF (when information share ON its worse ) and when disembark far away from unload waypoint they will stuck in prone mode unmobile which requires some ZEUS magic to fix

    3- motorized/mechanized units sometime stuck at their startup waypoints which requires ZEUS-select all move them a little bit to start their APC/IMV vehicles engines

    4- hide feature keeps AI hidden inside building even when danger is gone/ and wont attack too


    other than those the update is amazing.

  6. @nkenny


    1- how about making the AI hide behind windows always or give the window position higher priority?


    2- i actually tests using zeus all the time the only solution i found from my experience is playing against defending AI and killing them all this way your friendly AI will not chase after someone else

    or you can write a script that triggers safe/normal/hold mode for the winning side when fleeing script is active , i wish to help you write such script but sadly im noop at scripting ...

    one more thing i noticed that the AI tanks will never use their HE rounds against AI/light vehicles would be a sight seeing tanks engage infantries with HE shells ( RHS and other mod's BMP-1s uses their HE rounds this is fact )

    btw the artillery feature is just awesome it works even with ZEUS placed units

  7. loved this update really nice and fluid AI reaction to different situations


    there are 2 things so far i wish you fix them


    1- the AI hiding in buildings will never tries to return fire from windows or even lean out the door fires and hide back

    2- when AI overcomes an attack they will keep chasing fleeing enemies which can lead to leaving their positions unprotected or worse goes in an ambush 

    you can try placing 5+ fire teams in a city and place 2 fire teams to attack once they defend against the attackers and the fleeing triggers the defending teams will start chasing after fleeing units and leave their positions!

  8. with custom editing and personal use only i managed to get ASR AI+ Bcombat 0.20 to work together now im trying to get LAMBS AI to work with my AI pack the problem is LAMBS AI seems to adore retreating and hiding in open fields unlike bcombat which acts better IMO so im waiting for new version of LAMBS AI thats solves this issue i may ask these awesome modders for permission to release those AI mods as a 1 pack ( i hope ) for the community! 


    the reason i want to include LAMBS AI is

    1- better mechanized-motorized units reaction/behavior

    2- better tanks behavior

    3- better building interaction by infantry AI

    4- snipers will always hide them selves and try to find higher positions 

    5- squads with GPMG provides better fire support for in contact units

  9. tested the latest version of this mod just now and find some wired issues


    test with arma 3 latest update vanilla

    - motorized/mechanized groups will never advance during combat ( using zeus and 3den )

    - most of the time AI will run away off combat

    - AI will never stay at same position even with no combat around

    - 5+ AI groups will always separate

    - AI seeks cover in no-combat situations all the time!

    - tried to send some motorized units for an under fire team using ZEUS, the support motorized units refused the order and start seeking cover instead while they are 1200 meters away off combat at least


    liked the building occupation and static mount though!

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  10. 6 hours ago, User Polzovatel said:

    Armored Vehicles damage from HEAT before Tanks DLC overhaul was excellent and one of the best and realistic implementations of armored warfare in all games, but after DLC it become a complete garbage. Do you even plan to change it? I know you guys mostly oriented on PvE and screenshot-makers who don't care much but it is a pain for PvP oriented players and i wanna talk from their perspective, when RPG's cannot even harm tinfoil BMP after several hits and Bradleys without ERA (and after adding random dispersion it's even worse for infantry players who can't normally beat armored players even after hitting vehicles). Before overhaul armor system you could disable or destroy vehicle depending where you hit at. For example if you hit BMP from left or right flank on passenger seats section you don't do much damage but if you hit crew section it'll be mostly fatal. But right now BMP's can easily tank 1-5 RPG missiles and drive away (and then you can't hit them with random dispersion with a size twice of a vehicle which is a joke), T-72 without ERA sometimes ignoring damage to critical parts and most of HEAT rounds cannot even penetrate Bradley rear door! Even BTR's and BRDM easily capable of tanking solid HEAT rounds and drive away. 9K-133 Kornet which is the one of the devastating HEAT missiles of all cannot harm these tinfoils (mostly default 9M133 missile) but before overhaul best Kornet missiles were capable of challenging even the best MBT's which makes sense (now they cannot overcome oldest T-72). And all of this was tested on clear RHS without multiplayer and i wasn't hitting ERA armor. I know you stick to the system where detroying ammo storage is the only one option to destroy vehicle but it isn't good especially when you cannot penetrate engine area of any vehicle (even trucks and cars without armor using heaviest HEAT's).  I wanna ask what changed and why is HEAT so unefective against armored (and even unarmored!) vehicles? Kinetic rounds such as APFSDS works pretty well compared to HEAT's. My opinion is that sticking to ammo storages, adamantium engines and tables of armor from other games like Steel Beasts doesn't work very well and it's need to be done like it was a couple of years ago before Tanks DLC broke it. I still remember these times when you hit BMP in crew section and it isn't ignoring your PG-7VL, it gets critical damage to most parts, kills some of the crew sometimes and even explode like it was from real combat reports from Chechen and Afghan or Syria wars. Now i must spent all of , my PG-7 rounds to just disable this adamantium box and spent leftover rounds taken from my helper who carrying additional missiles for me and it isn't always works. Even most experienced and precise AT players with thousands of hours of AT gameplay can't do much against vehicles these days (my hours count of ArmA is 7700 mostly on RHS with RPG-7 or M136 in hands). I would like to point out that It's crucial to PvP players to completely destroy vehicle than to just disable it because enemy can easily repair them back while you struggle to make some damage on them and spend lots of missiles which numbers are strictly limited and hunting an armored vehicle is simply a very dangerous action. Because of that i noticed many player's crews doesn't even cooperate with infantry players anymore because they feel themselves invincible. Many people would be very grateful if you make armor system works better and more realistic. I think RHS has more than enough content, it's just need polishing because initial quality of the mod sufferred a lot from ArmA patches recently. Thank you if you read it, and sry for poor grammar of my not-native language.



    as a RPG7 guy i just did a quick test just to make sure my game is okay the results was good and none of your statement is actually correct at least with me


    tested against BMP1 and BMP2 all empty tested on front side and right-left sides

    hit the 4 bmps each with one shot of RPG7V2 using PG7V rounds, targeting only the area under the turret when firing on the sides and in case of the front side i tried to shot between the turret and hull... all bmps is 220m away

    the BMP1s got exploded right after it received the hit (Front side , left-right sides)

    the bmp2 however didn't explode but got disabled the parts i shot at ( turret and hull )

    as a veteran i see this is close to real life because bmp2's ammo never explode like tank shell or rockets when they get a spark in case of penetration

    the bmp1 exploded because it has heavy ammunition stored inside its turret ( HE-AP shells ) however in combat cases its not that different except you are hunting an armored IFV armed with 20+mm cannons commanded by some angry players who cares for killing AT guys at first place

    also you need to know hitting a moving armored vehicle/tank does more damage than hitting a stationary target ( i swear i experienced this in arma3 )

    in case of hitting or targeting armored vehicles ( specially wheeled ones ) i suggest using heavy caliber MGs instead of wasting your precious AT-Rocket/ATGMs try to hit their wheels or driver cabinet with 12+mm rounds or AP rounds this is better and sexier ( i use 14.5/12.7 to hit and disable MRAPs and humvees ) though some IFVs require an RPG call or better rockets so if you're an AT guy you know what you need to get the job done 

    btw i tested with countless mods loaded if i test with RHS only the results will still be the same!   



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  11. long awaited update as always this is awesomeness just one thing i hope to be reversed to the previous  one is the fire sound of the m16s and m4s ( all of them ) i really loved the previous shot sound of m16 and m4 but the new one doesn't seems okay other than that everything sounds amazing thank you LJ for you hard work

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  12. 4 hours ago, b3lx said:

    only "some editing"?  I can barely imagine the amount of effort needed to make mags interchangeable, sounds consistent and damage systems compatible between those three AND adapting to each update AND in the end you can't even share it with people. But sometimes we just got to have exactly what we want 😁

    i deleted some .pbos and made external editing to some .cpps , well its something complicated i can't explain and im really happy with what i have

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  13. 2 hours ago, b3lx said:

    If you mean CUP and RHS I disagree because they don't mix well with VTN in aesthetics or sound, and at least in case of RHS it's not even compatible. VTN, CUP and RHS are mutually exclusive. If you mean other mods besides CUP and RHS please say which ones, I don't know any others with the same type of basic content and amount of assets. 

    well i have them all installed and mixed with some editing for personal use only

  14. theres some videos for the iraqi m1a1 abrams eating a direct hit by russian made kornet in front arc of the turret during a battle against isis and she survived ... well actually iraqi tactical cell posted some pics showing the area that got target by kornet and it looked that the abrams didn't care for one of the best AT missile in the world also theres a video for the iraqi abrams target by a kornet on the side of the turret and she also survived and continued its battle and won 

    btw the iraqi m1a1 doesn't have the DU armor , so i think the abrams is far better protected tank the the others ( not leopard ) 

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  15. 33 minutes ago, Damian90 said:

    Maybe I will explain a bit.

    T-14 concept focuses on high protection levels of the hull front and high crew survivability. However, T-14 turret is lightly armored only against smaller calliber autocannon and only from the front. On the sides even 20mm or 25mm can pierce turret armor.

    The idea is to increase front hull protection and crew protection to very high levels, without significantly increasing vehicle weight.

    As for Afganit active protection system, like all APS it's capable only to intercept RPG's, ATGM's and HEAT/HE rounds fired from tank guns or similiar armament.


    This means that while T-14 is difficult to be completely destroyed, it should be relatively easy to knock it out of the fight through damaging or destroying it's turret and main armament.


    So it's something for something.

    In the end won't be surprised if T-14 will be a very capable machine, very dangerous one, but T-14 "Armata" is not indestructible "wunderwaffe" that can't be stopped on the battlefield.

    so any hit on the turret by lets say 120mm APDFS turns the armata into an armored tracked car? 

  16. 1 hour ago, bars91 said:


    Counter ATGM / SAM systems are being used for some years now.

    They have some drawbacks and some huge bonuses (until they run empty tho).

    Israel, US and EU are getting in on the APS game big time as well.


    RF simply rushed the new stuff for the '15 parade and it shows.

    If you dig deep enough you can see them constantly adding or removing stuff by the year.

    i know all of that , i was asking if he tested the thing in real life because he said some solid things 

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  17. 2 hours ago, Dallas Medina said:

    That's the whole point of the T-14. It's Russia's answer to the modern battlefield. A tank with unrivaled protection and armor. The latest and greatest.


    However, IRL the T-14 will have a limited amount of APS hardkill projectiles that will need to be reloaded during a lull in combat, and I'm sure in the mod as well. They have a debug mode enabled (with unlimited APS hardkill munitions) so we can test it. Currently, the T-14 APS destroys it's own ATGMs fired by the tank, which is a bug I'm sure they're working on.

    have you test it in real life? your information seems good

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