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    LASER guided artillery shells

    oh, not used to that much love online ;) yes same here. So bohemia when can we expect the patch? :) Or are we just doing something wrong.
  2. illuminatusoem14

    LASER guided artillery shells

    Forgive me if I'm stupid or because I'm not a nativ english speaker , but what do you mean with "lased"? And I don't excactly understand your setup, What do you mean with: " Look at target #1 <= just looking at it or using the designator? Call a support artillery strike (virtual or placed) Select laser guided and confirm shot <= confirm shot? at which point do you give the fire order? there or at the line above? do you do 2 rounds? Lase target #2 " Edit: I tested on liberation 0.924 on a dedicated server and in the editor: guided shells don't work laserguided don't work properly. If you turn the beam on, call in a shot and then move the laser, it will still hit the old position. When I tried to atack any spot on a enemy military base, the laserguided shell wont hit the spot I marked with the laser... thats strange (that only occured in liberation of course) If I'm right, you were able to move the target in earlier versions. Maybe someone else can give some additional input. Best regards
  3. illuminatusoem14

    LASER guided artillery shells

    Hello, I've just tested it in the editor, because me and some friends are having issues with this aswell. It worked, using the designator with an AI as a gunner in the M4 Scorcher. (don't forget to equip a battery for it :) ) I came here for this and another reason. Because it looks like the guided shell stoped working as it was before. If I remeber right, you fire it at an area with a vehicle and the shell guides itself to it. It used to work when we played it the last time some time ago. According to the wiki page (http://armedassault.wikia.com/wiki/M4_Scorcher) it should do so. But on our server and on my pc in the editor it didn't. It just went very precisly to the spot I klicked on the map.
  4. illuminatusoem14

    Warfare BE

    Thanks to Law-Giver for the mission-file. I "solved" the problem. When I tried the mission-file from Law-Giver, I experienced the same problems. So I did a re-installation. Tried with new files, same problem. I went nuts... Just for fun I tested, whether I could run the CO map on a OA-server and it worked. Tried this morning at home with an "old" Installation and it worked too. So I think that the chernarus map only works running on a OA-server, maybe i forgot that we used OA before to play the chernarus map...dunno. The important fact is, that we can play BE 2.073 with Chernarus :)
  5. illuminatusoem14

    Warfare BE

    *push* Anyone? Can't tell me there is no one having a working BE warfare 2.073 copy. Or could someone test with actual version from the website? Thank you!
  6. illuminatusoem14

    Warfare BE

    Maybe someone can provide me with an older version of 2.073 or can verify if he has the same issu with 2.073 using a new downloaded version of the mapa and a dedicated server? If someone could send me a file, please send me a pn, i will give him my email adress. Thank you very much.
  7. illuminatusoem14

    Warfare BE

    Hello everyone, I hope someone here can help me,I got a major issu with be warfare playing on CO / Chernarus A friend of mine an me play once in while on a dedicated server, which is a pc at work. Everything worked fine, but out from nowhere, we are not able to play 2.073 on Chernarus. Just seconds befor the map starts you normally get the black screen saying "receiving mission", after that, you get the vote screen and can start. We are stuck on the black screen with the white writing. Weired thing is, I hear sound but have just the black screen. I can shoot, move even the AI starts building the base. What I tried so far: - made my pc a dedicated server and tried connecting with the other pc, same problem - hosted a session with my pc as an mp, I can play, but when my friend wants to join, same problem. - warfare 2.073 on Takistan works fine - warfare 2.072 on Chernarrus, soldiers beam around (tried all kind of different settings) - redownloaded the map from the page - started the server without a server.cfg - used a different server.exe - tried the missions coming along with CO, working fine. - if I start a MP game with 2.072 on my pc and a friend joins, every thing is "fine" (as fine as possible, regarding my internet-connection) - trying the 2.069-2.071 missions, the server doesnt load the map. after you choose a map, there is the countdown for voting after this, nothing happens What I didnt try is to reinstall arma on the server: First, its a pain in the arse to install and patch everything :) Second, I dont think its a problem with the game itself, cause other maps work fine and i have the same problem running the ded server or mp server on my pc. For me, it looks like the current available map from the server is corrupt? Some technical information: - My and pc at work, running Windows 7 , 64bits - latest versions of CO and OA are installed I hope you guys (and women) can help us, we are getting tired of warfare on takistan ;) thank you very much in advance and I hope everyone understands my english :cool: