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  1. Hello, Soory for my bad English. I have a question for the Linux version from Arma 3. Is it in work or not? For server is it perfect. I have plan to switch from windows to Linux, complete.
  2. Hello I am trying to create your own Mod folder @Nocian_Exile_Client The folder should contain certain .paa `s which are on some objects then. here the config.cpp I try to pack it with pboProjekt here the error message I hope you can help me Soory for my bad englisch
  3. Hi I want to write a mission where someone can particular used the Zeus. Unfortunately, the whole whitlist scripts I wound not fold. The person should then be referees and all can watch. and when needed so a team vehicles, equipment, and can send. Then I'm still looking for a script which kills of players counts. He is then in Hud show how many players you have shot and on the map as many kills has the whole team. There is a training mission are where we and others can be improved. I hope you can help me. I endschuldige me for my bad english.
  4. Hello, I have a problem and I do not know in which it lies. I have an Arma 3 exiles Mod server in run, and used ones just the whole CUP of stack. After the update 1.3 I have the problem this if I the uniform Spawne or I have before myself a white laundry pack, I am not able to do it also used. If I it with the trader introduce the trader is empty. I hope one can help me here.
  5. Hello I am search a auto whitlister for my Arma 3 Exile Server. man to click on a link then connect to steam and the steam id should then enter automatich in a list. Good Währe it if that would happen is during the server online and not you have to wait until the server restarts. I have a Linux Server and have of my Exile Server Infistar.
  6. Hello, I have a problem with the bulldozers in terrain Bulider. I'm trying to create a map in the size of 41x41 Km. With my settings, I have unfortunately the problem is the brush in Bulldozer extremely large and I have difficulties to work so the terrain of the streets. At at a photo as the size for me is the brush and how it is when I tutorial. And then a photo as the settings for me are. I hope you can help me My settings http://imgur.com/YByMj1M As the brush is with me http://imgur.com/uCqBhM4 As the brush with others http://imgur.com/Z4IVfoL sorry for my bad English Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit dem Bulldozer im Terrain Bulider. Ich versuche eine Karte zu erstellen in der Größe 41x41 Km. Bei meinen Einstellungen habe ich leider das Problem das der Pinsel im Bulldozer extrem groß ist und ich so Schwierigkeiten habe das Terrain zu bearbeiten für die Straßen. An bei ist ein Foto wie die Größe bei mir ist vom Pinsel und wie ich es bei Tutorial ist. Und dann ein Foto wie die Einstellungen bei mir sind. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen Meine Einstellungen http://imgur.com/YByMj1M Wie der Pinsel bei mir ist http://imgur.com/uCqBhM4 Wie der Pinsel bei anderen ist http://imgur.com/Z4IVfoL