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Found 16 results

  1. Hi community - Disclaimer - I am not the best when it comes to explaining things to others. So please forgive me. - What is explained here is subject to change (this tutorial will be updated accordingly). - When a tools update is available (on main branch), after having installed the update be sure to verify game cache, extract game datas, and re-install buldozer before trying to do anything else. - The way things are explained here is the way I do it, there are other ways. - Introduction In this "tutorial" I will assume that you already have the tools installed (this step won't be explained here) and your directory mapping is the following: Arma 3 D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Arma 3 Tools D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools - Step 1 - Work Drive Folder Now we're gonna decide where we want our Work Drive to be located, go to D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ and make a folder here, name it the what you want (mine is Arma 3 Tools [WorkDrive]). Your Work Drive directory is now the following: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools [WorkDrive] - Step 2 - Arma 3 Tools Directory Paths Setup Now that your Work Drive folder is setup you can now launch Arma 3 Tools from Steam. Once the window pops up, click on Preferences at the top then click on Options. Here you're going to setup your directory paths. According to what we previously done, the tabs should look like this: *Do not forget to uncheck Use default box as in the picture just above* Now click on Register, and you're done with this step. - Step 3 - Mounting Work Drive *Make sure both Arma 3 Tools (Arma3Tools.exe) & Steam (Steam.exe) executable are NOT run as administrator, otherwise your will be unable to mount your Work Drive* You can now click on Mount the Project Drive to mount your Work Drive, yay. - Step 4 - Importing Arma 3 Assets Click on Project Drive Management Then Extract Game Data Click on Run. When prompted, verify information and click Yes. Once the process is done, you get this: Now open your Work Drive (Computer -> P:), your drive should look like this now: *Image coming soon* - Step 5 - Installing Buldozer Now you can tick the Install Buldozer box. Click on Run. Once it's done close the little window and go back to Arma 3 Tools then click on Preferences then Buldozer Configurator. Choose the preset you want for both Object Builder and Terrain Builder then click on Apply configuration. Now open your Work Drive (Computer -> P:), your drive should look like this now: *Image coming soon* *While you're at it open steam_appid.txt and verify that its content is 107410* - Step 6 - Enjoy Everything is now set up, you can now begin to work on your project. Thanks for reading. - Related link(s) Work Drive (BIS) Project Space (BIS) Project Directory Migration (BIS) - Update(s) April 28th 2016 - First Iteration May 30th 2016 - Update 0.984 March 17th 2017 - Update 1.08 - /!\ Read last post /!\
  2. I am a big noob in map making, I followed the PMC's excellent guide to the end (https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:ultimate-terrain-tutorial). The only problem is the roads are not showing in Buldozer ! I did install Buldozer Tools v 0.2 found on PMC site by just pasting it to "P:\scripts" and rewriting the files. Pressing 1 in Buldozer doesn't show any roads.
  3. I'm trying to go in to bulldozer from terrain builder, but when i click on to connect to it it shows my cursor is loading something then it just gives me a cross on my screen. https://gyazo.com/314d942af74f27e3ca05e410c9422ef9 That blue square and plus are where it keeps going to every time, i tried everything like different parameters, making arma 3.exe be the launch for it. Nothing worked so far, plls help!
  4. Hello ! I've a problem with bulldozer of Terrain Builder. I can't launch it because it says me "Configuration file not found". I launched Bulldozer Configurator i clicked Apply Configuration. In my P Drive i've a bulldozer.cfg and it's written this : /* Author: Julien `Tom_48_97 ☠` VIDA (c) 2013 Bohemia Interactive Description: default config for Bulldozer (Ultra) */ //Begin of data language="English"; forcedAdapterId=-1; displayMode=1; winX=100; winY=100; winWidth=1440; winHeight=900; winDefWidth=1262; winDefHeight=679; refresh=0; renderWidth=1440; renderHeight=900; multiSampleCount=8; multiSampleQuality=0; particlesQuality=2; HDRPrecision=16; vsync=0; AToC=15; cloudsQuality=4; pipQuality=3; dynamicLightsQuality=4; PPAA=4; ppSSAO=3; tripleBuffering=0; ppCaustics=1; ppBloom=0; ppRotBlur=0; ppRadialBlur=0; ppDOF=0; ppSharpen=0; //End Of data I don't know what to do. Please help me !
  5. Hey when ever i try to open bulldozer in terrain builder with the kelleys island source files it says cannot load texture andino/kelleysisland/data/layers/s_000_000-lco.paa ive been looking in to where it says and i found the file and then i deleted it and still isnt fixed
  6. Hey guys, So I thought I would try my hand at creating my own map. I have successfully been able to import my map into the bulldozer and have been able to view it in bulldozer. My problem is that whenever I go to import an object from the template library it cannot load the texture. It happens as soon as I place an object and it doesn't matter if its from a mod or from stock Arma. What it says is, "Cannot load texture a3\data_f_exp_surfaces\sufaces\surface_concrete.paa." So i guess my question is if I use a mod or even the stock arma props will I need to extract all the pbos into one folder so that the directories will stay the same. Or am I coming at this problem all wrong? Any advice would be appreciated
  7. Hello my boys, im searching some recent tutorial of how to create easily an arma 3 map from nothing. Sorry for my bad english (lol) and greetings to pole message.
  8. Hello everyone, noob here making his second map, and the bulldozer presents an error message after I've generated the layers. This is a 30720m terrain based on a real world location. The satellite picture uses a 15360px image (2m/px), and the texture mask uses the same resolution with 8 colours. Gridsize is 1024, and cell size is 30m. It also has a normal map with a 1024px resolution created in Satellite/surface (mask) tiles are 512x512 with a desired overlap of 16, and the texture layer is 30mx30m. I do not know what the previous mean, btw. I used 4 materials per cell after the 5 material-per cell gave me an error similar to this one: which was obtained from this same site. My problem is somewhat different, as it presents this error: Note that this is part of the layers.cfg: I suspect that the problem is caused by any of these: My code has errors. A cell has more than 4 materials. The colours aren't in the map legend(?) The error message can't be closed and I can´t use the bulldozer to work on the terrain. Is there any way to fix this?
  9. Ginger_jihadi

    Cant generate layers

    Heya guys whenever I try to generate the terrain this error keeps popping up, and I have no idea what to do ? my Map legend is in the same file as my layers.cfg http://prntscr.com/gnuyr0
  10. So I've got a small problem with my terrain. There are a lot of bushes wich have collision. Usually that's totally fine but when there are big fields of bushes, those will block shots far too good. (making infantry within those fields nearly invulnerable) So I'd like to turn off the collision on those bushes to offer better gameplay. Is this possible at all? And if so, HOW do I do it? I haven't found any setting or option. (Of course I could rework all fields so that they just consist of a texture with those bushes added as clutter. But I wanted them to be good spots for hiding. And clutter will disappear on lowest gfx setting ingame, wich completely ruins the purpose of those dens bush-fields)
  11. So I've been following PMC's guide to the letter but I'm obviously missing something. I have made my terrain and I can see the terrain in Bulldozer but its all white. I kept pushing forward and noticed that when I get into the game, I can see the ground just fine. Any thoughts?
  12. So, like everyone else, my game updated the other day, as well as my tools. I went to install bulldozer again, and I get an error message from windows that says "work Drive has stopped working". My p drive is mounted, and all worked fine before the latest update. It stinks to have to pack the plane every time I want to trail and error something I did, just makes you lose motivation in your project. So, has anyone else had this error? Any solutions? Also, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling many times, does the same thing after a fresh install.
  13. Hi, Today I launched A3 tools as usual, then I tried to install bull dozer and I get an error code Here is what it says: Error received from: "DoTask" (0x50003003) The parameters source are destination are invalid. undefined c:\users\Robs\Documents\Arma 3 Projects Not sure what is going on, but it it halting me from working on my projects. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did not change anything before this error occurred and I tried a reinstall but no luck. Thanks. Rob
  14. Hello evereyone! I googled anything i could think of, there are some similar issues but not really like this. So, i'm working on my first terrain and i exported it for testing the clutter and in the map i noticed something strange http://imgur.com/D89CxRR Then,closely http://imgur.com/NiUtNQt http://imgur.com/AkHxF74 And in Bulldozer http://imgur.com/7fJg4hJ The terrain is 1024x1024 by 10 in ASC format from L3DT. I saw that other users have similar problem but with peninsula terrains, and they solved the problem changing something in the config. How can i solve this? Do i need to go back to the start?
  15. Hello, I have a problem with the bulldozers in terrain Bulider. I'm trying to create a map in the size of 41x41 Km. With my settings, I have unfortunately the problem is the brush in Bulldozer extremely large and I have difficulties to work so the terrain of the streets. At at a photo as the size for me is the brush and how it is when I tutorial. And then a photo as the settings for me are. I hope you can help me My settings http://imgur.com/YByMj1M As the brush is with me http://imgur.com/uCqBhM4 As the brush with others http://imgur.com/Z4IVfoL sorry for my bad English Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit dem Bulldozer im Terrain Bulider. Ich versuche eine Karte zu erstellen in der Größe 41x41 Km. Bei meinen Einstellungen habe ich leider das Problem das der Pinsel im Bulldozer extrem groß ist und ich so Schwierigkeiten habe das Terrain zu bearbeiten für die Straßen. An bei ist ein Foto wie die Größe bei mir ist vom Pinsel und wie ich es bei Tutorial ist. Und dann ein Foto wie die Einstellungen bei mir sind. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen Meine Einstellungen http://imgur.com/YByMj1M Wie der Pinsel bei mir ist http://imgur.com/uCqBhM4 Wie der Pinsel bei anderen ist http://imgur.com/Z4IVfoL
  16. Hello all, As I've started to setup my pipeline for getting 3D assets into A3, I've run into an issue with O2's Bulldozer review as seen below: https://i.gyazo.com/263fbfbc73f790aafe9892313880b9ba.png Blanker than an unused CDROM. Using ARMA3 example model Test_House_01_F.p3d. Tried with a few others with the same results. This is fresh install of arma 3 tools so default settings. If anyone knows what is causing this, your information will be greatly appreciated. Secondary question: Is there some kind of ARMA modder's cove where I can ask/answer trivial questions that do not necessarily need forum posts? Thanks.