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    Steel Challenge, alpha and WIP

    I am making regular updates to the map and keeping it on the Steam Workshop since I would hope it auto updates users downloads when they log in. Im on version 3 now and still working on it. All weapons crates are spawned in, and players start with the 1911 and a few mags. Honestly who can shoot a combat match without a 1911. I am currently looking into adding a Skeet range but have no clue where the actual launcher is, but should have it figured out soon and add it in. If anyone wants to clue me in as to the Launcher location in the editor feel free.
  2. STEEL CHALLENGE. This is currently an Alpha mission and will have it uploaded soon so I can get some input on what else to add. This is a Mission on Stratis at the Kamino Firing Range. As the name implies it uses primarily steel plates for targets. There are some bonus targets which are fun and challenging. Im making this mission for testing weapons, but also for doing multiplayer competitive shooting. Players can shoot side by side, or shoot while someone times them. Currently the mission supports 8 players, and can be placed in the missions folder for single play, or the mpmissions folder for multiplayer, or both. Video shows whats currently in the mission so watch it before you reply please. FUTURE CONTENT: Moving targets, Missions and a way to know if a target was hit. Scoring system, timers. I would however like to know how to make the games moving targets work, and would need help with a score and mission system for organized competitions. Maybe use radio to begin a match, and have some way or knowing when all targets have been knocked over. Maybe some way of deleting the clay target poles and respawn a new one with fresh clays. Maybe make a working Skeet range. Also need to know where and how to host this map online. Or will I just have to put it on a free download site. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=243476338
  3. BeefaloBart

    AlienZ Mod

    Ice I have tried contacting you but havnt seen a response. Let me start again by saying THIS IS AN AWESOME MOD. Cant say that strong enough. I want to feature this as part of a series of missions called Alien Life. Here are 2 videos of what Im working with so far on Lingor and Emita. More maps will follow. Only Issue I have with this mod is when you play an Alien your vision is a red color filter. I thought version 1.1 removed this from multiplayer, but in testing, it was there, and when you change from alien back to a human class the red color filter was still there. So I removed the filter so vision is like any other unit. I would like it if you could release a new version of this mod with that change, so I can keep building upon my mission series. I do not plan on making a release of your mod with my changes as that would be disrespectful. I would not do that without your permission. Here is what I changed. Inside the PBO "@alienz\addons\babe_zetaborn\scripts" the "zetaborn_init.sqf" I placed a // on all lines. This essentially leaves a file with nothing being done in it. Perhaps you could re-upload the mod with this change so players could have normal vision instead of the colored filter. I hope you like what Im doing with the Alienz in my mission series, but if we cant get a fixed version with normal vision, I will stop work on the missions and just convert them into a solo Single Player set of missions.
  4. The Alien Life Mission Series, is a RP multiplayer based experience where you assume the life of a civilian, police officer, MIB, or even an Alien. There are many aspects of the conventional LIFE mods in this series, however its not really a LIFE mod. You will carry out your life as a human or alien. Both have their own tasks and mission objectives. You can also sit back and do jobs, both legal and illegal to earn money. At this time there are 2 maps being used, and 3 mods being used. You will need Arma2 CO: Beta as a base platform. You will need to download the map used for the missions, and 3 mods. All the maps and mods were chosen for their quality. The current maps are Emita, and Lingor. The mods used are Alienz Mod, DDOPLER's Tazer Mod, and the RH Pistol Mod. I will provide links to all the maps and mods so that they can be downloaded. One side note is that the Alienz Mod had to be tweaked to fix an annoying feature. That being said Im awaiting approval from the mod creator on being able to get him to release a patched version or letting me publish an updated version with all proper credits. No changes to the other mods. There is no playable OPFOR and deathmatching is forbidden in this series. the OPFOR will be the enemy to all and will consist of Alien and Human forces who are bent on destruction. Aliens do not go down easy, so when they come to town, you had better get ready for a fight. With the series having features of a life server, you can do things besides combat, but the option is there for both. As with any server crime will happen as people are well people, and tend to be unreliable when it comes to maintaining peace in the city. So the Police force (whitelisted) will be there consisting of Tazer wielding admins and Moderators to keep things rolling. There will still be crime, so criminals beware the jail is small. As a way to combat people from using suicide to escape jail, anyone who dies inside the protected jail will be treated as a combat logger and receive a ban with a length based on the crime. This could include perma ban. Here are some videos of whats in the Missions now. Lingor: Emita:
  5. I didn't make mention of the permissions since I have contacted the creators of these mods already. Wasnt the focus of this thread. I appreciate what it took to create these mods and respect their wishes. Only issue with any of these mods other than just posting a link to the mods on armaholic, is that the Alienz Mod had to be modified to make it work. Alienz Mod has an issue which was supposed to be fixed in ver1.1 but wasn't. When you play as an alien your vision has a heavy redish yellow tint which would be irritating to play for more than a few minutes. And when you did get tired of it, and you changed to civilian or become a cop, the color filter did not go away. So I went into the mods files and removed the color filter completely so your vision looked the same as any other class. So that being said, until I get the permissions that I asked for, the Alienz Mod for the dev team will have to be modified manually with 2 lines // out. Video of the work so far on the Emita Alien Life mission/mod is compressing and will post it as soon as its on youtube. I am making this with many similiar aspects to a LIFE server, but going away from the stereotypes of them. Yes there is a Police force but they will be whitelisted as the main focus of the mod is not to chase thugs. Cops will patrol and deal with griefers, idiots, RDM nubs, KOS idiots and the like. They will be tazed, and locked in a prison cell. Which is why another feature I will need is if a prisoner dies (sucides to escape) they are auto banned for a set period of time. Your in jail for a reason, and cops do not need to abuse. Using the X26 from DDOPLER's awesome mod, you get 8 shots with the tazer and once your out, it costs money to buy new mags. File Size of the mod needs to be kept down, but look at the LIFE mods that require a 6+ gig modpack to be installed just to join the server. I want to keep mods to a minimum so its more appealing to others to join. Just that some things like the Tazer and RH Pistol mod are valuable assets to expand the mod. Alienz are the icing on the cake that make this different than anything currently out there. I am pleading for help on getting this going. As soon as we are ready for a Public Beta, I will come out of pocket for a hosted server. And I currently have a teamspeak Im paying for so the dev team has a way to chat while owrking and testing.
  6. I would like to get a team together to help with a mod project. The project will be based on a series using different maps but the same core. Im trying to be a little different and not just follow suit with zombies or infections or nuclear fallout. Watch the video to get an idea of the current project on Lingor, and will be uploading the Emita map video soon. Currently Whats required for the mod to play on them is the Map and the following mods. DDOPLER Tazer Mod, Alienz Mod, and RH Pistol mod. I would like to see if its possible to add the 3 mods inside the mission folder so that anyone who joins the server only has the mission download vs turning on 3 mods. However a Mod Pack could be made with full credits to the creators of those mods. I have an issue with Armaholic and their lack of love for LIFE style mods even though this is and is not the same as a LIFE mod, it does have those elements, but to help remove some of the RDM there will be missions and objectives to complete in order to earn money. What I need help creating: Banking system, This is modern times, so players can carry cash, or an ATM card. Cash gets earned from illegal and some legal activities. Payroll system, 10 minute injection of money only if the player has a job. Employment system, Talking to an NPC to get jobs both legal and illegal. Kill credit system, If you kill an enemy you get paid per kill sent to the bank. Player kills do not pay out. Hero system, Players who kill other players get a demerit point, and healing a player gains a merit point. Other activities can gain or lower merit points. EMS, Mechanic jobs, Dedicated EMT slots, and mechanic slots who have the ability to heal and repair. Medical System, simple bandages to stop bleeding until EMS arrives. Bleeding system, when shot you begin to bleed and will not stop bleeding until bandaged. Revive ability for EMT/Paramedic units. Once a player is killed, you get a 30 second timer before you cannot be revived, player can click a dialog to skip this and just respawn. Hunting/Fishing, killing of animals for money, same for fishing from banks of ponds. Food/water, Water and food needed or player will die from dehydration and starvation. Base foods only gain small amounts of hunger to prevent death. See next line for full feeding. Resteraunts, When a player enters a resteraunt they pay a set amount IE $20 and as long as they stay for 1 minute, they can go from 1-100 on hunger and thirst. Rank system, as players gain experience they can level up to a higher rank. Having higher ranks gives access to new items and weapons. Car lock/unlock Vendors, need vendors for weapons, snacks, water, vehicles, and gear. Thats a huge list of things needed, and since Im learning as I go, it would be helpful to have help making these so I can focus on the other details of the mission/map. Please let me know if you would like to help with this project series. Emita video coming soon.
  7. The Closer to Vanilla a mission is the more likely you will get players to join. I see some that require a long list of mods to be installed to play. Im sure it may be awesome but Im not going to go download 12 mods in order to play one server. I really want to add 2-3 mods to a couple mission/map/mode Im building. Its on a downloaded map (Emita and Lingor) so those are required downloads. Im wanting to add in DDOPLER's awesome Tazer mod, how can you have a lifeserver without this mod. I love the RH Pistols mod, want it in as well. And Lastly another awesome mod the Alienz Mod. The Lingor Map Im doing is a life server Im calling "Lingor Alien Life" Here is a video of what I have working so far. By adding in mods to my missions it makes it so all you need is the MAP and you can join.
  8. I feel the need for having preset addons for individual portions of variables. Life based mods are becoming a popular thing and since the game doesnt currently have any of the parts needed, I would like to see something that will aid new developers to the platform to create new mods based on their preferences. Example, a Project Im wanting to work on needs the following. Hunger, Eating, Dehydration, drinking. Those are the main ones that are common in popular mods, other popular mods use a bank system and payroll. Police functions like restraining, stuns, searches, tickets, prison, and so on. Bank and gas station robbery. Jobs like fishing, and foraging for things like apples to drugs. Licenses, and permits. All sorts of different aspects of game play that are not part of the vanilla game. However not every mod needs all of the above and some may want all. For the most part someone could just copy what they see on a server online and make some tweaks, but thats a simple form of piracy. To facilitate this, I would like to see each of the basic functions like "Cop Mod" or Food, water, banking, paychecks, and so forth as seperate addons or modules or just mod folders that can be added simply to a map. I am new to scripting for this game, and dont have the time I would like to spend learning the ins and outs of scripting. I would just like to drag and drop folders in, then link them thru an init file to get them active. Im sure others would like this as well. I try searching for scripts, and end up finding a ton of information on cheats, which I do not want to even see cheats much less use them. I have even posted looking for someone willing to help create a program that would build an init file based on the examples above, and then copy the files needed into a new mod folder. This would be awesome. I am starting on this project now, but most of what Im doing is learning and relearning to do visual basic to create a GUI that will let me insert premade scripts into and able to save a SQF file thats able to be seen in the mod.
  9. Im starting up an Altis Life Lite mod, and have a number of things I will need help with. Im looking for what will be a Life mod based on Altis, that requires no additional mods to be added. The Main focus on this mod is to make it accessible to more players, and to provide more of a casual environment vs the random deathmatching of un moderated servers that just fire up the server and run away. So having a working vote kick system is needed, since most often an admin is not in game. Economy is going to be real world based, so expect a paycheck to be small, but item costs are going to be realistic. Pistol for $600 ammo for $40 payceck $150. To keep it less deathmatch I would say civilians are only allowed to own handguns. There will not be a need for any OPFOR based units as I will be using them as a random element for events. No terrorists, however there will still be crime. Will need something to keep griefers happy. But to counter crime, punishments would be much more stiff. Large fines, jail time, and more. More jobs will be needed, as well as places for players to hang out, party, and just be goofy. To keep cops from spamming stuns, the stun rounds will be priced according to real world. Average stun mag (single shot) is $30. And Since paychecks are limited and economy more realistic, a cop wasting stuns is throwing away a paycheck with 3 stuns. All stun weapons will be 1 shot, then reload, this means if the cop misses he may be screwed, but prevents an abusive cop from spam stunning. I will be creating a full dev list of what will be needed and will edit this thread. What I need is experienced people to join and help create the functions of this mod, Im not a complete tard and can do some of this on my own but having a good team who can bounce ideas is allways good.
  10. BeefaloBart

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    With the popularity of all the LIFE based game modes, be it Altis Life, Wasteland, Breaking Point, and others. Would it not be safe to assume that having an In Game Addon that has the features to create functions like Banks, ATM, Paychecks, Food, Water, Classes, Licenses, Vendors, and so forth. One unified Addon with the ability to call on mostly just script based actions. Perhaps a second or different version could be made to support user made items. I know that some items will have to be imported in as objects like food, water, and police officer uniforms and vehicles. However the primary role of this addon would be to help generate the functions needed to allow users to create basic life based maps much easier. I thought maybe an external program that could generate the SQF and other scripts needed to create the base functions of a LIFE based mode. I have also given much thought into what would be the end result. It would end up with hundreds of user made maps on the workshop and other locations that are on different maps and some just base fixes to others work. What it takes to create an in game addon I have no clue, but an external program that will write the files should be to much for a good programmer and scripter. Using the LITE based LIFE scripts, so there is no need for any other external mods is optimal. There are ways around the missing pieces like food, water, and cop uniforms. But the main focus should be to create a simple to use program that has drop down boxes and +/- buttons for selecting everything from number of players per faction, default clothing, loadouts of each type unit. Also things like starting money, paychecks, interval of paychecks, player transactions like trading, police functions, and all from a GUI thats easy to click thru with default settings for minimal stats. If anyone is interested in developing something like this I am sure it will be most popular.
  11. BeefaloBart

    East vs West (OFP inspired mod)

    Sort of a small and overlooked item when it comes to uniforms on troops. On US troops in garrison, training, and combat, the outer shirt BDU shirt, the top button is never fastened, ever. In fact most often in combat environments the shirt sometimes gets removed due to overheating, with all the gear carried and its extra weight, and adrenaline pumping it doesnt take long to fatigue a soldier. In colder enviornments the uniforms tended to vary for us in the cold war days. We had available equipment such as field jacket, arctic parka, and gloves/arctic mittens. One item we wore often was a custom piece called a "Graf Jacket" which was a rain jacket which was OD Green, and we would get the tailor shop to sew in a poncho liner for insulation. It far exceded the use of even the Parka. So we used them when we had them.
  12. BeefaloBart

    East vs West (OFP inspired mod)

    Sudden, as far as I can recall we didnt see the Bradley in Europe until around 90, which I left there in 90. It was new and starting to filter out to units, but we still had 113 in our units when I left in August of that year. I somehow managed to get the 11m tag on my DD214 which is the MOS for Bradley crew operator lol, I have never seen the inside of one until a year ago at an airshow. Shotguns were quite rare in use for us, but we did have maybe 5 in our company arms room, all pump savages. The item I would love to see is the 90mm recoiless gun, the current AT weapon I have never used thats in the mod, the main AT we used was the 90mm, Dragon, AT-4 and M72 Law, naturally we had the TOW but it was allways vehicle mounted. M2 was seldom used on the Hummv, 99% of the time the M60 was used. Now our M35a2 trucks about 1/8th of the had a ring mount over the passenger side and a M2 50 cal. Lots of fun to shoot, as it would rock the truck sideways a lil. The main ground use of the M2 was a low tripod, and a twin 50 setup with them spaced about 2 feet apart and an Anti aircraft circle reticle for aiming. M9 we never saw one while i was in Europe, we used only the M1911a1 and as said before we used the M16a2 but our M16/M203 were M16a1 based which gave them full auto not 3 shot burst mode only. the A2 was safe, semi, 3 shot burst. A1 was safe, semi, full auto. Modern fire control packs can now shoot safe, semi, 3 shot burst, and full auto. Often refered to as a 4 position selector. The Jeep (sitting in mine at work now) was abandon in 1986 in Europe (Berlin) and the Hummv replaced it. However if you are aiming for that time frame, almost all were unarmed, some were retro for the MP with the M60 also scouts used those. Have seen the 90mm recoiless and a 105mm recoiless mounted but those are rare, Look into the 90mm recoiless, I will get some links up and post when I get time. ---------- Post added at 06:05 ---------- Previous post was at 05:54 ---------- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M67_recoilless_rifle wiki page on the 90mm recoiless we always just called it the 90. Look close at the anti personel canister, commonly refered to as the flechette rounds. it fired a big ass handfull of finned nails which would clear the streets in no time. It was our most common used round for that weapon platform in Berlin, though we did use the regular HE rounds.
  13. I know its got to be posted somewhere but cannot seem to get the right combo of words to find it. Besides spawning in AI, how do you create slots for players to join on a multiplayer map. Im still having problems with this. I do not want to spawn in all the AI into the map I just want there to be nothing there til a player joins, selects a class, and enters the battle. No Idle AI just standing around. Im making an Alien invasion multiplayer map based on Emita and want to be able to have 8 player slots.
  14. BeefaloBart

    East vs West (OFP inspired mod)

    Just wanted to share some insight as to what I feel would be a great loadout for this mod. To keep this a true to life Cold War mod, I would love for it to have the following loadouts. This comes from me being in the 6th Batt, 502nd Inf Div. Berlin Brigade, circa 1988-1990. If it matters I was C co, and HQ Co. INFANTRY Squad Leader, M16a2, 4 M67 grenades Rifleman, M16a2, 4 M67 grenades, 1 M72a2 LAW Grenadier, M16a2-M203, vest holding 25 shells Medic, M1911a1 Sniper, M21 (M14 with scope) Automatic Rifleman, M249, 3 Drums (200 rounds in a drum) Machine Gunner, M60, 3 bags (100 round belt bags) (Note) everyone who carried a M16 with or without M203 carried 6 mags in pouches and 1 in weapon. Wheeled Vehicles Hummv, soft top 4 door, open bed. Hummv Scout vehicle, Slant back hard top, M60 on top Hummv, Escort, Slant back hard top, M2 on top Hummv, Anti Tank, Slat back hard top, Tow launcher Tracked Vehicles M113, Troop, M2 on top M113, Medic, unarmed M901, (M113 with Tow2) Hammerhead twin tube TOW launcher M16a1, (M113 with 30mm vulcan) M113, Mortar, 4.2" mortar in open top deck. M60a3 tank (early) Replaced in 1989 M1a1 Abrahms (late) Aircraft UH-1 Huey unarmed UH-1 Huey M60 door guns AH-1 Cobra CH-47 Chinnok (marines used CH-46 with 3 point landing gear, 47 had 4) These were all common in use weapons and vehicles used during that time period. As stated almost everyone who carried a M16a2 it was without M203, it was not common to carry them and was only 1 per squad with 3 squads per platoon, 3 platoons (infantry) per company. Medics only carried a M1911a1, no rifle. was 1 M60 and 1 M249 per squad, 1 M203, other 4 carried M16a2. Normal man squad. 1 medic per platoon, 1 sniper per company. Sniper were solo with no spotter. Sniper carried a M21 and M1911a1. The M21 is a M14 with reddish brown colored fiberglass stock, darker red upper handguard. Scope used was an ART-II. Use of vehicles was rare, M35a2 were primary which were used to transport troops to within 5-8 miles from target area. Heli were rare and only used outside of Berlin. Combat was primary urban terrain, with some woodland. All uniforms were identical which are much like the camo used in this mod. no special hats or beret were used. All units wore Steel Pots (metal helmets circa vietnam) up until 1988 then used early Kevlar helmets (kpots). Snipers wore the same uniforms, but would also from time to time use a ghille suit. Most times just standard woodland BDU. Standard LBE were worn by all but sniper and medic. Most times even the Machine gunner wore them. M249 gunners carried the 2 mag pouches like the regular infantry did, since the M249 can be belt feed via loose or drum, and the M16 mags. Common trick was a suicide mag, which was a 20 round magazine with 30 round spring inside. M249 fired up to 1100 rounds a minute when gas cleanout selector was opened, and regular 30 round mags would jam. I could go on and on about this, but if the developers would like to know more, feel free to PM me. I also have a good working knowledge of the weapons are vehicles used by the DDR and USSR during that time period, as we were trained on their usage as well. Some of us had priv to use French, German, and British weapons of that time. At that time the Germans still used G3a3, French Famas, and British L85a1. Later 2 were awesome for CQB.