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  1. Really nice tool, thanks for sharing. After installation you can also add the Notepad++ plugin functions to the right click context menu like so: Settings > Edit Popup ContextMenu Add this XML somewhere: <Item id="0"/> <Item PluginEntryName="ASCT" PluginCommandItemName="Execute"/> <Item PluginEntryName="ASCT" PluginCommandItemName="Execute at..."/> <Item PluginEntryName="ASCT" PluginCommandItemName="Execute segment"/> <Item id="0"/> e.g Then restart Notepad++ and you're done
  2. No, I'm not saying that at all. This isn't a dig at you or your tools and I wouldn't rather have "hair tearing frustration". I just don't have the spare money to justify $35 yearly for things which Bohemia should have in their haphazard SDK already. I don't begrudge you for trying to get paid. I appreciate it's a whole lot of work and your price probably reflects that. My point is Bohemia should have made their own tools which work a long time ago, or alternatively they should buy the rights to your tools so we don't have to. It's great some people have enough spare money to give you 50 euros for modding tools, honestly. Just be aware of the other end of the monetary spectrum - the part I'm in :)
  3. $35 a year eh? Bit pricey. It's a real shame Bohemia won't just pay certain exceptional community developers to work on projects like this.
  4. Definitely don't waste your money on a PCI-E SSD. I have one with nearly 1GB/s read speed and it doesn't make a significant difference with Arma. Windows boots in about 0.1 seconds but that's it. If I could go back in time I'd RAID two SATA SSD's instead. Saying that, definitely don't waste your money on a HDD either. It's 2015 - you need an SSD!
  5. I can't see Arma modding itself ever providing a sustainable income for anyone unless it's paired with either of the two main income sources for gaming: Twitch and YouTube. YouTube is probably not the best format for modders, but it'd be interesting to see some Arma work streamed on Twitch's relatively new Game Development section (http://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Game%20Development) As boring as watching someone debug and write config files might sound, half of the actual gameplay streams on Twitch are mind-numbingly boring anyway, but the creator<->consumer relationship is real, and that's what allows a lot of people to make a good living from it. Personally I'd rather watch someone create mods than play a game. I'd also be a whole lot more inclined to pay them to do so since modding is actually hard work compared to streaming gameplay. I'm not saying Arma modders are likely to make an income from Twitch that would rival the top streamers there, but surely it wouldn't result in any less money being earned via donations?
  6. When you say "every object" do you literally mean every mission object? If so, putting this in your init.sqf will do the job: { _x allowDamage false; _x enableSimulation false; } forEach (allMissionObjects ""); If you'd rather do it to objects of a specific class you can change it to (allMissionObjects "theClassName") A better solution would be to add all of the objects to an array (e.g _myArray), then modify the script to { _x allowDamage false; _x enableSimulation false; } forEach myArray; "Every object" is a bit vague though - give us more information so we can help you more. Don't manually edit your mission.sqm like previously suggested - it'll take you hours if there's a lot of objects!
  7. I'm not at my PC to test, but {alive _towerobj} will never return true since it's a building. You'll want to check it's damage instead like {((damage _towerobj) < 0.9)}
  8. It's cool man, I did choose the worst possible thread to begin posting in! Things get jumbled up with this many posts and this kind of heated discussion :) By the way: A3L seem to be using Robert Hammer's pistol pack despite saying they'd removed it. If you can bear to watch one of the cringe-worthy frankieonpcin1080p's videos (this one specifically ) you'll see him using what I presume is RH's Glock 18 at some point.
  9. Improved scripting documentation Lack of even basic documentation for 100s of commands makes mission/mod makers' jobs way harder than it should be. IMO no command should even be put on the wiki without documentation written by Bohemia. Improved AI squad control Controlling squad members using the number keys is totally awful, sorry. I have enough trouble remembering my own PIN, let alone trying to quickly remember what the arbitrary number combination is to make my squad hit the dirt or hold fire. UI/UX in general is one of Arma's weakest points. Dismemberment & improved gore / reactions to damage / medical system Arma does a great job with strategic large scale combat, but it's never captured the actual "horror of war". Ragdoll is a good start, but to actually be able to see horrific wounds, screams of pain, shrapnel wounds, etc would bring a lot to the game I think. We don't need simulated trench foot, but we do need a better medical system than the current "click the heal button". Ambient civilian module + ambient animal module + ambient combat module Altis is an incredible terrain, but it's completely devoid of life and activity unless you script it in yourself. Some kind of server-side database system The community has made some really admirable solutions for this, but an official, easy to integrate database system for persistent missions would be great. CSS I may be alone in this, and it might be a silly suggestion, but to be able to create dialogs and controls using CSS & HTML rather than the current sketchy GUI editor would be fantastic.
  10. Please try and appreciate the irony of you accusing me of not reading this thread and being a stooge of A3L while you've clearly not read the thread properly yourself... Show me where I "argue strongly in favour of A3L". You are confused mate. Re: 5 posts, we all have to start somewhere. I've been playing this series since the OFP days and have donated as regularly as possible to addon creators when I can afford it, so please don't be so quick to judge. Re: who I am, my name is Will and I'm also from the south west. If you're from Cornwall or Devon then it wouldn't surprise me if we have mutual friends or have seen each other IRL. Greetings :) Apologies for the personal post, but yeah, it's in response to your accusations against my person.
  11. Please enlighten me then good sir, rather than being condescending and vague for no good reason. I've read this whole thread, watched PsiSyndicate's "interview" with the A3L guys and have browsed their forums to the fullest extent possible without signing up...what did I miss? Can you please elaborate on your thoughts and this "solid proof", and turn this back in to a discussion as opposed to a passive-aggressive argument?
  12. Mate, IMO yes it does matter, and yes they were violating the EULA, but it's not down to me or you or the community to enforce the EULA. It's down to Bohemia, who have washed their hands with the whole affair. The donation scandal is in the past. The present issue is stolen code and violated copyright - neither of which Bohemia will get involved in (except maybe a slap on the wrist for the DayZ hatchet). I want to see A3L shut down as much as the next guy, but it's not looking likely unfortunately.
  13. "was" being the operative word here - Bohemia have already said A3L are no longer in violation of the commercial usage part of the EULA. Other mods have charged for access in the past, e.g DayZero Podagorsk, and no serious action (if any) was taken by Bohemia.
  14. I have read before commenting, don't patronise me please :) Heavily encouraging people to donate in order to get faster whitelisting != forcing people to donate. It's a dick move but it's not "forced donations".