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  1. Combat Corps is a clan formed in 2006, and has a rich history supporting many games, and as always we are looking for more members! Current official games we support (divisions of our clan) are Call of Duty 4, Halo, and League of Legends. Don't see your game (Arma 3 and others) here? Well don't fret because we got you covered! We have a Multigame division for you to join, and if you can garner enough support and possible members, we just might make your game a division! Major Requirements You must be 15 years of age or older. We use Xfire to record activity. Xfire, along with forum activity is our main method of gauging general activity out of our members, so it is important that you use it if you join CC. Xfire is free for those who are not familiar with it. We have a Team Speak 3 (again a free program) server which we use to communicate with other members. We don't accept any form of hacking here at Combat Corps so please keep this in mind. If you are interested in joining Combat Corps or want more information on us, feel free to contact me either via PM or Xfire. My Xfire username is, he1grind. Our website is found here, http://www.CombatCorps.com Thank you for your time. Have an amazing day! - Combat Corps Recruiting Officer shiNe! ____ Our Arma 3 server can be found here:
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    Arma Tactics now available on iOS

    This is one of those games that is much better to run on a PC. But I guess whatever works! :P
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    Music Recommendations

    I listen to mostly positive Hip Hop, though I like almost all music. Check out any of these guys. Songs don't matter. Andy Mineo Bizzle Dee-1 W.L.A.K.