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  1. @Dwarden You said on first reply when u have time you will reply on main question now 3rd reply still not wright answer only some argie about BIS sim,no sim studio no studio. Can you please reply and tell us why VBS 3 have rivers and arma 3 dont?

    Why does this keep coming back to VBS3.?

    Should the question not be simple ,are there any plans to get ponds/rivers working in arma 3.

    has there been any talk amonst devs themselves about fixing it hopefully before marksman dlc goes into production.

    It's something that is in my own opinion really restricting map makers. Which is a shame as I was really looking forward to what they could do in the new arma 3 world.

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    Damn Dr posted right as I done mine.

    Cheers for the answers. And hope when yous have a bit more resources can get it fixed sharpish.

  2. Some would argue, "it's not about the money, it's about sending a message".

    Those very same people would have clocked up hundreds of hours on arma3.

    So bis must be doing something right.

    They Could have just brought out 5 helis and made them fully paid. So then half your friends could be on a server playing and you couldn't join them till you bought the dlc end of. Then there be a whole other thing to moan about. I pay for the dlc and maybe that little bit more to keep this kind of approach to not split up mates and splinter communities playing the game.

    I look at the value of other dlc content from other games and compared how they go about it. Some of it is just pure and utter greed.

    They don't see you as a player who likes their game. They view you as others have said on here, just another transaction. They sure as hell don't have devs openly talking with players either. So some people should be careful how they wish other people would view stuff.

  3. I think your right. The Collision Lights on aircraft for example, those actually had light at one point, and it looked beautiful. Now everything seems... Dull, and no real light is being produce from some things.

    Yeah at night pitch black , flashlight in your face . You should be blinded and unable to see beyond the light source. Then bound and gagged. But see the bright light from the van you are being bundled into.

  4. Sheep I noticed in the dev changelog the blackfoot has more sideslip at speeds.

    Been testing this and so far comparing the orca and the blackfoot. Turning at the same speeds can't see or feel any difference.

    Just wondering what exactly was changed. From the vid linked you can see the blackfoot turning sideways at 100 knots (180) kph. Also being able to switch from front to 180. This is what really seprated it from the other attack helis.

  5. What methods are the people in this thread using to test the FDM choppers. I am opening the editor and placing a heli in the Stratis Airfield just for starters and adding some wind every now and then.

    There are few wrinkles in my testing at the moment.

    • A few dev betas ago I started to get an error after adding a chopper and previewing the map.
      No entry 'config.bin/CfgVehicles/B_Heli_Light_01_F.tailBladeCenter'. //I get it for Attack and Transport choppers too.

    • I am also trying to view the diag tools on the choppers but the debug console in the DEV build is playing up giving me errors about a missing ';'
      'diag_toggle |#|"Hitpoints"'
      Error Missing ;

    • And after the engine startup sound fades away I get no engine sound whatsoever in any of the FDM choppers while I am controlling that chopper. I can hear other choppers flying around but not my own.

    I will most likely report these in the feedback tracker but first I want to know if it is just me having the problems.

    I always test in airfield up north on Altis.

    Well I know that for the first time yesterday I ran dev mode with mods on by mistake after coming from a mp game. The mod broke heli sound after starting up much like you described.

    I don't get them errors.

  6. thb id rather not have any bit of code that is related to any military or arms industry dollar... keep the VBS stuff in VBS

    Haha I hear the flower children calling. Make love not orphans. You do realise its more likely when you bought that can of coke ,mac Donalds use internet or what ever you're smoking , that tax dollar is paying for those real war arms.

    I don't see a fix for ponds coming till the new arrow head type dlc drops. As lame as that is.

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    That said keep this tread alive. As bis don't deserve to get off that lightly. Considering they have purposely ignored this tread.

  7. I mean to be honest I truly love the idea of these two new heli's coming November but the problem is, I truly miss the whole "classic" arma style with modern day vehicles like vanilla chinooks, blackhawks, etc. I love the huron but the new CSAT helicopter is a little freaky........

    Dunno , the drop ship should be good fun with the new firing from vehicles. That and the view from them seats when the pilot is flying low fast and dangerous.

  8. I can't wrap my head around why you guys are complaining so much

    It's 13€/~$16. It's not a big deal. You can make that much money by mowing somebody's lawn or washing their car.

    And furthermore: you're not just paying for the two helicopters.

    You're paying for:

    • The two heavy lift helicopters and their armed/unarmed and skin variants
    • The ability to sling load all vehicles from quad bikes to (eventually) MRAPs.
    • The ability to pick up supply loads (essentially the boxes which are carried by Zamaks/HEMTTs/Tempest) of ammo, fuel, medical, and repair supplies.
    • Firing from vehicles (we have wanted this since 2001 and you guys are now complaining about paying 13€/$16 for this?)
    • A significantly improved flight model, which simulates torque, wind effect, fuel/ammunition/cargo weight effect, and translational lift
    • And on top of that, helicopter training missions, time trials, and a logistics-oriented multiplayer scenario.

    And Bohemia is being nice enough to release 80% of this for free? I support the idea of free features to prevent community splitting, but something like the flight model itself (which is individually configurable, one player on a server can have it on while another on the same server might not) and sling loading should definitely have been part of the paid DLC in my opinion. They're trying to allow the player base to not be split and give features for free, but now they're going to be making less sales because everyone is bitching about paying $16 for "two helicopters" and have no idea what the whole DLC actually includes.

    I would gladly pay $20+ for a DLC with this much content, should BI have removed the free features thing? Because I'm not getting the sense that you guys understand what you're paying for.


  9. Seems like once again they have been really lacking in content. Arma 3 launched with a lack of content. even a lot of that content was copy pasted. Not cool.

    But give em some slack .look they have given the sling loading , new flight , the firing from vehicles, and started to give the game sound some much needed love.

    They didn't Split the community with the dlc which is always a hard move from a business point of view. they deserve kudos and my money. 20 Euro paid. 3 dlc.

    Overall have noticed they seem to be actually listening to what the community wants and giving arma the option to be even more hardcore and really test you. Devs have been doing a lot of communication on forums ,you have to appreciate that. Well bar the below subject.

    Ps get those ponds fixed bis. Map makers need some love too.

  10. Does anyone else experience CTDs when crashing the helicopter? It seems to happen when the helicopter flips upside down and the main rotor is on the ground.

    testing this morning. was In an Orca , crashed while doing a hard landing for testing. hit the ground bad as intended. was on fire, but as it rolled over a rock the game froze.

  11. I agree that the limits are now not properly set. Technically there is a threshold set for each helicopter where number defines which force will rip the blades off. If you have some reference about maneuvers that should be possible in real life but in game the forces make the rotor disappear, please post them here. tx in advance

    2:03 hope this helps. as with this being an attack helo that is for engaging other helis, it needs the extra capability as shown in videos. this video pretty much highlights everything you need for the comanche. will try fond more for the others.

  12. The sounds don't work for all vehicles, but they're audible around and inside the A/MH-9 and the Orca, at least. Pretty awesome too. :)

    The wind is really impressive makes such a big difference. I do like the other noises but the clinking sounds from inside the orca is too melodic needs to be more random. But overall a good step forward.

    noticed while testing rotor durability. the po7 9mm handgun sounds strange. Can someone else check this ,it does not seem natural. Shoot a rifle then shoot the handgun. It's as if someone just turned down the volume.

  13. This is the worst part about the hold breath feature. You can basically be in a "hold breath" state for the grand majority of the time, making the feature just an annoyance rather than a being at least some kind of simulation of real shooting. After holding breath for 8 seconds, it will take more than 1.5 seconds before you can hold breath for 8 seconds again without losing efficiency.

    They could just induce tiny input lag when you hold breath too much (and that lag goes away quickly once you stop holding breath). Just like in real life your brain actually sees everything slightly delayed when you hold breath for more than 8 seconds.

    Holding breath again after only breathing for 1.5 seconds should have a greatly reduced effectiveness - Make it only last a very short time and/or start the negative effects earlier.

    Personally I think from running dropping and aiming holding breath you should only get 4 seconds controlled shooting . But if you ran dropped and waited didn't hold your breath till a little longer you get more seconds.

    should you be prone relaxed and hold your breath you get seconds based on how many bursts of fire and if they are short or longer. The longer the less seconds your breath holds 4.5 controlled. Shorter bursts you can maintain the 8 seconds held breath with controlled shots.

    Then have a greed measure people abusing the breath holding constantly in long bursts of fire in the same short engagement get slight blurred effect.

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    This way holding your breath should be as much a tactical game, as maintaining low fatigue levels moving on the battlefield.

    When to hold( as in waiting a second after you drop to the ground), and also your shooting bursts as you hold it decreasing the time you can hold it( short controlled bursts give you your max 8 seconds long ones less.)..

    So basically it is not just this simple 8 second controlled fire.then the sway penalty.