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  1. I hear you about the loudness during insertions. But consider - which I came across the other day - the case where you are inserted by boat and suddenly being shot upon. You will not be able to hear the shots, you first notice it when bullets land in the water around you or one of your teammates get hit. Or the bullet flies by so close that you get the sonic noise. So the delay of you noticing is due to the sound from the boat engine. Your awareness is lower because of it and that is a gameplay element which I think is appropriate for that reason

    Is that a boat engine problem not hearing the incoming fire or a sound problem in general ? I thought All weapon sounds are being worked on. Hence why you only hear the splash from a kajman cannon not the actual cannon.

    Or why the battlefield as is, sounds mostly of snaps and cracks.

  2. Think Arma gamers are mature enough to handle GIBS.....

    Really the only type of gore I find nasty is Soldier of Fortune's style of Human Deconstruction porn with organ cavities exposes etc.. I'd love to have more accurate (and by that I mean in the Gaming sense) depictions of wounding behaviour -reach for the spot that was hit, if right shoulder hit lurch back right, left ect and with shotgun blasts -DOOM style blastbacks!!

    This be really nice.

  3. Ye that old bug

    Funny how A3 is rated Mature 17+ but still got less blood than a TF2 and that got a gibs flying around

    Ye that old bug

    Funny how A3 is rated Mature 17+ but still got less blood than a TF2 and that got a gibs flying around

    As much as I admire bis devs work, love the game( probably my favourite game and I have played the witcher 3)and their interaction with players via forums.

    If anything arma needs a bit more. Limping animations, blood. No need for missing limbs but face it. It's a war sim/ war game. Based on war times. Don't pretend it's something else.

    Don't slap a mature rating on it.then try get all lollypop gum drop like you're ashamed to be making a war game or glorifying war .To be honest it just comes across as self righteous. It's not some dirty secret the company as a whole profits from real war ie vbs3.

  4. This is the second big investigation we have going on, but as with the performance issues, none of our development or test hardware can reproduce it so far.

    Dna when I was on beta test rc build 1.48, i was trying to join test servers that were online. everytime without fail it crashed like this arma exe failed as soon as I tried to connect to multiplayer test server.

    If you can get another test sever organised. Might help.

  5. EXE rev. 131612 (game)

    Tweaked: Wood material to try to improve AI visibility tests on tree trunks.

    Dev branch change as of today.

    ---------- Post added at 16:28 ---------- Previous post was at 16:21 ----------

    I wish BIS could fix these problems because they are a major annoyance when fighting AI.

    One would assume with the new expansion being set in a jungle environment.that they're working on the AI as we speak.. And from dev updates looks to be the case.

  6. I know that AI can't see us through bushes and smoke, but I'm not sure if the same happens for tree foliage. I've seen many times how AI shoots us from a side of a valley to the other side, and we can't see them as they are behind the foliage of the trees in the forest.

    Anyone can share more info, deny or confirm this?

    From what I seen at nearly 1200 hours playing arma. ai can see through smoke and trees and pretty much foliage except the tall elephant grass.

  7. A fix attempt (14 MB) is now available in Steam RC branch, using access code: Arma3Test148RC. It should be MP-compatible with main branch 1.48. Please let us know whether it improves the client-side FPS issues in any way (even a little).

    Sorry for off topic, but has there been any headway on the crashes. Example

    the instruction at 076e01 referecnced memory at 0x00000000. the memory could not be read.

    and on desktop

    arma 3 has quit in an unusual manner. Info:

    exit code :0xC0000005 / -1073741819

    time running: ~00:02:22.8

    Had about 7 other day. I know a few people have been getting these.

  8. @tyl3r99I : never play on hard , regular.. lol.

    @Gunter : I have used setSkill in the past, but not in this mission.. just use the in game settings with AI percission set to .3. Just noticing I get spotted lots faster than before the update. Maybe time to go back to using setskill :)

    Haha I was playing rc 1.48 on campaign testing out. And was telling myself it was the hangover. Was crawling up a hillside trying my best to stay low.But I had AI spotting and shooting me from all around I got recked everytime.

    It's mission at first campaign section after guy walks on mine in forest and brit squad gets in contact.

  9. WHAT? Are you trying to troll, or something? Or did Campaign get that much harder since i last played? Cause for me only hard part was running trough the mortar fire on the end of first chapter. ( That was really hard, almost too hard). You are probably doing something wrong.

    Maybe play again. I have recently due to deleted files had to play again.

    Think I know where he is coming from.

  10. The difference in the terrain that it has.really looks awesome , makes arma 3 vanilla look ofp esc. Honestly I'd be willing to sacrifice some fps for it. Ans yet people here saying it is barely noticeable?

    Whats the deal with this. I'm guessing its only for single player usage. or dedicated servers. should be standard. gonna download it when I home.

    Cheers for the pics reminder.

    ---------- Post added at 13:02 ---------- Previous post was at 12:58 ----------

    a lot of posts. Not going to go through. But has any dev given a solid reason why this is still as is.

    Breaks AI, messes with something important. has to be some reason it's a pretty big improvement to just ignore.

  11. Since about 1 or two patches. I have been getting crashes related to Arma, but it is coming up a graphics issue and change driver suggestion.

    This only happens with arma so its not an actual driver issue.

    Has been noted on steam. several people getting this and its not confined to NVidia or amd specific gpus.

    My most recent crash relating to this was on the rc branch 1.48. it had happened a few times before then on stable 1.46 and possibly the patch before. From what I have read on steam it's still on 1.48 stable.

    Can I get confirmation from others here. It does not happen all the time and is not mod related as I have been on vanilla.

  12. That's precisely the problem...I can't communicate to new players on the server because of how terrible VON is.

    From my experience, new players join. First thing they do ( understandably) ask for some help on side chat. Because side is laggy people start caps shouting typing "get the fuck off side you stupid cunt".

    Now that's partially a bad attitude from some players or had enough of the von shit. Either way it really does need a speeding up in the process. There have been some cool suggestions to make the von more radio like. Which be nice for the expansion realistically.

  13. can you explain how overall slower recovery would improve the sytem or overall gameplay?

    It really won't. I like the fatigue. I play on hardcore coop. Even with a balanced loadout. You spend 80% of the game sluggish. Thats using( gun down hand by side jog which I hate the look of) fatigue management . Really don't need anymore "play time" resting/managing .

    If anything more tweeks to the loadouts bearing on fatigue. playing pvp warfare other day. A uniform, gun 4 clips and still slugging around felt no different to bigger loadouts.

    More variation in the animation.

  14. Has anyone had a problem with empty helicopters blowing up immediately when a player gets in them? I was having that problem tonight, no matter what type of helicopter, whether empty or friendly already in them, as soon as a player was getting in, it was just detonating and killing them.

    The only thing I can find about a similar problem suggests it also happened with some old revive scripts and conflicts between them, and I did have the ace revive module in there, which makes me think it's the likely culprit.

    Problem should be fixed after Wednesday.

    ---------- Post added at 11:47 ---------- Previous post was at 11:46 ----------

    P.s to clarify it is not an ace issue.

  15. His problem is not related to Arma 3, he stated that he has 20fps in singleplayer on an empty map. That can't be. I got a GTX 670 and I got stable 60fps on emtpy stratis, with equal settings. In addition PIP does not cause FPS drops for me.

    At OP: What about virus & maleware problems or a bad antivirus programm? This can cause severe fps issues.

    He also went on to say he is getting 50 to 70 and wondering where this 20 fps loss is coming from going from 1st person to 3rd.

    I generally don't notice huge fps drops with pip but that might be just me. I only really notice fps when I get down to low 20s so it's not something I constantly monitor.

    I asked how his card runs other games to find out is his card having problems.

  16. My main problem is the fact, that this happens

    NVidia control panel has default settings.

    I'm used to crappy performance and stuttering games, but the problem is, even with good hardware (I would consider it as high end) you can't get good and stable performance from arma.

    And yes, I like 60 FPS, that's why.

    I don't know what possessed you to get a 980ti for a 1080p set up. Assuming you're going higher resolution, ah alas that's for another day.

    It's already been noted the pip is an fps killer. your fps reflect expected performance on arma3. Sucks but Unfortunately that is how it is. Fancy gpus don't solve armas shortcomings in this department.

    Take it your gpu is chewing up other games.

    Maybe go to development branch and try the same tests see what your fps at.

  17. My 980 runs A3 with a solid 40+ FPS. Settings ranging from high to ultra, exept for AA, wich is silly when you play at 2160P.

    I'd say this is a problem on your end. Did you perform a steam integrity check?

    I only got a gtx 970, on editor I'm at 40 to 60 everything on ultra view distance 3000. Perhaps you have view distance at more than 3000?

    Using full ssd machine.

  18. NONE THE LESS, ehem, basically BIS stated they watch the forums, meaning that anything related to Tanoa could be on their watch list. This means they can get valuable info, and possibly even better ideas of things to add to the game just by reading what we ramble on about.