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  1. leshrack, i'm porting Civilian Interaction Module (created by Nielsen on Arma 2 - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15664). It's close to 70% ok, i have to solve some issues yet but it's already playable. It could be interesting merge CIM mod with COS. If you are interested contact me. I'm looking for something where we could have civilian ambience and interaction with they.
  2. Collumbus

    AEGIS - Surrender Script

    Hi bier aig tartar, I tested the script with with your list of mods and it worked perfectly.This log doesn't seem to be relative to script aegis_surrender. Do you use any used some other script? Another thing, please delete the line 15: "_this action ["useWeapon", player, player, 2];" of init.sqf. This is a garbage that I forgot to remove.
  3. Collumbus

    AEGIS - Surrender Script

    Hi, realthing! If you already had a init.sqf into your mission folder you will need to copy the content of init.sqf of aegis_surrender and paste into the init.sqf of your mission. If your mission doesn't have a init.sqf you will need to extract its contents into your mission root directory. But remember, you must approach to enemy in stealth mode. To test if the script is working properly you can enable the debug mode on START block of aegis_surrender.fsm file.
  4. DOWNLOAD v0.1.1 File Size ~ 1Mb This is a simple script that I made to simulate a surprise surrender, where if you approach an enemy behind less than 1.5 meters, you have a chance to surrender it and render it. Initially this coefficient is 60% but later I will implement others parameters like if the enemy is so injured or if all of your group are dead and others, and these parameters can increase the coefficient to surrender the enemy. If you distance more than 10 meters and the enemy is out of sight he will return to its initial state. Signed, The AEGIS Team Requirements Latest version of CBA A3. Latest version of ACE3. Installation Download the above linked version of aegis_surrender script and all of its requirements. Extract its contents into your mission root directory Enable both CBA and ACE in your favorite launcher, or make a shortcut with the parameter -mod=@CBA_A3;@ace Done. Pictures: Videos: Changelog: Reporting issues If you encounter any issues during usage of the ACE3 project, please report them on our GitHub issue tracker. Follow us at http://aegisgroup.com.br/
  5. Collumbus

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    First congratulations for the great job. What is the classname of the Personal-aidkits? This classname is missing in the wiki. Thanks!!!
  6. Collumbus

    Buffalos Tactical Squad

    Some more prints: http://i.imgur.com/rejpoYt.jpg (382 kB) http://i.imgur.com/uvz7Wsd.jpg (425 kB) http://i.imgur.com/U6ifBZ5.jpg?1 (385 kB) http://i.imgur.com/DDxJpuu.jpg?1 (581 kB) http://i.imgur.com/uwGO1WV.jpg?1 (424 kB)
  7. Collumbus

    Buffalos Tactical Squad

    CSE is optional for now...
  8. Collumbus

    Buffalos Tactical Squad

    yes, just a fictional faction ....
  9. DOWNLOAD V 2.0 File Size ~ 110Mb This mod adds a fictional Brazilian army camouflage textures for soldiers and vehicles as a NATO faction. To know more about our group please visit our Website or Facebook Page Pictures: Future Plans *Vehicles with Tiger Camouflage: - C-130J - MH-47E - HMMWV - Others *Uniforms: - New Jungle Uniform - New Desert Uniform - New Street Uniform Integration With CSE mod Changelog - v2.0 20 dez 2014 Change log - v1.3 17 Jul 2014 Credits Special Thanks Necessary Mods:
  10. Bikey and Bisign are missing. Can you provide then please?
  11. Thank you man! Fuck really nice this mod! The clan BTS thanks for this,:moto:
  12. Firstly congratulations for the mod. Do you have some foresight to upgrade? I would like to use this GPS maps in A3MP. My clan and I enjoyed your mod a lot.
  13. Collumbus


    Hello, I'm developing some animations for ARMA 3 and I would like to make the animation of bipod. Could you provide me the bipod P3D file, so that I can work on it?
  14. Can you send me this tutorial? jorgeluizjk@gmail.com Thanks!
  15. Collumbus

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    A small error "config.bin/CfgMovesMale/Sdr/States/rc_hmmwv_gunner_m2.connectFrom". How could I remove this line?