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  1. Decided to recreate scenes from weekly Operations I run with my Realism Unit, the 10th Mountain Division. Mods: RHS, Project Opfor, TRYK MultiPlay Uniforms, Military Gear Pack, Saint Kapualio, Direone Relax Poses, Nikoaton Static Animations, Whiplash Static Animations, TFR Static Poses, Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack, Recolor, Enhanced Video Settings
  2. Made some stuff for the Realism Unit I recently joined. Also some reuploads because I didnt know some mods were banned :( Only thing I have to figure out is how to keep backpacks falling through the map.. anyone any ideas?! Mods: RHS USAF, TRYK MultiPlay Uniforms, Military Gear Pack, 3CB BAF Equipment, Direone Relax Poses, Nikoaton Static Animations, Whiplash Static Animations, TFR Static Poses, Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack, Recolor, Enhanced Video Settings
  3. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    No, he's talking about this one: https://i.imgur.com/2aYv8N3.jpg That;s actually a vest from the VSM all-in-one collection. It's the [VSM] OGA LBT Armatus (Breacher) vest.
  4. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Yea, I was on my mac when I posted and couldn't remember all the mods I used so decided to leave it at that and updte it now :)
  5. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Is there any mod that has a Helikon Mini-rig? Would be cool for my PMC unit's loadout!
  6. Hi, I'm a landscape photographer and now I'm going to venture into the Virtual world and make a project inside Arma 3. I am going to apply the methods in Arma 3 as I would in real life, walking around and finding interesting shots, then shooting those. I have all these maps laying around from Vanilla, CUP and other maps but they are kind of empty. It needs to more a living, breathing world like it would in real life! That means; Radio towers, electricity poles, civilians doing their thing, walking around town or in the countryside. I need to come across random encounters once I set my boots on the ground and walk around the area. I could do this on my own since I have the skill but then i would know where everything is located, so I need someone else to create such a world. If you're able to help me out I would like to get in contact with you. First map edit would be just a test to see if it works out, if it does I will most-likely pay you for other "conversions". If it works out I'll probably need around 10 maps that need to be changed/fill up. You don't need to be able to make custom maps but use the editor to fill up the existing maps that I provide you. I can also provide several mods that you could/should use to create a good map. Here are some examples I've made over the past month as tests I made.
  7. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'm looking for a snow mobile to accomodate this scene with vehicles and other things. Also a wooden cabin to make a couple houses on the icy lake. I know there is a snow mobile mod made in Arma 2. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10177
  8. Hello, I'm looking for some help on a project I'm working on. I've started a digital photography project that will try and decrease the border between reality and virtual worlds. I'm using Arma 3 for this and looking to create a fluid and dynamic crowd of civilians that act as tourists. But I don't want them to just walk around with a random patrol script. They also need to perform animations from time to time. But I'm not proficient enough to figure out how to do it with triggers and such so I'm looking here for help. I would place multiple (10 to 15) trigger zones of 1 by 1 on a certain part of the map where I'll be taking the photo and then whenever an AI walks into that zone it needs to do a certain animation. So to summarize what the AI has to: Walk around Walk into a trigger zone Stop and do an animation Walk some more. Ideally I would like to have the animations that could happen on the trigger zone randomized so that for me it's a way of not knowing what is suppose to happen (part of the project) when AI walks into a certain zone. So if that's possible I would like that as well but I doubt it is.. Is there somebody who can help me with this or tell me what to do exactly? many thanks, much wow
  9. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Oh thank you so much for this!
  10. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I got the EDEN pack. Along with 3Den Enhanced. It's a shame yea. Only thing I'm REALLY missing is a pack with female bodies and kids. That would make it perfect! *EDIT* oh.. and a simple but effective civilian script.
  11. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Thanks for the help so far! Helped me on my way. FOr everybody else looking at this.. I'm looking for a couple of other things to finalize it. I need to be able to recreate a touristic place with multiple civilians so I need diversity too! Looking for more civilian clothing pf the modern era. Tshirts, pants, shoes, pants, everything.. Same goes for things like backpacks etc etc Also real life car packs that have amazing quality to detail. Same goes with all the other visual mods though..
  12. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hi, I'm looking for a couple of mods that could help me with an art project (yes really!) I've been experimenting with ingame photography and making a very thin line between reality and virtual and as I've made some progress over the past weeks I've decided to get AI involved in this. But it needs to be random, as if the AI would live their own lives and do whatever they need to do. So what kind of mods am I looking for: AI units that resemble civilians AI behavior script/mod that make them move on their own (get in cars, drive off, go into a building, talk to each other any other mod that recreates a living world City props. things like chairs, beach towels, parasols, bikes etc etc. Small stuff that civilians use. If someone can help me or point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. And for people who are interested, these are some of the images I want to aim for.
  13. As a landscape photographer in my daily practice I'm actually working on a serious project that is trying to make the line between Virtual and Reality very thin. Trying to create a false sense of reality within the Arma 3 engine and maps making landscape "photos" of 'remnants of war' as you might want to call it. Hopefully making my viewers question the shots and start wondering if it's real or not. Also linking it to how much the gaming world is very much an "escape" from the real world and such. Really looking for some quality feedback and ideas on where to go next, I'm planning on taking shots on all the vanilla and CUP maps as well as a couple others. If you have any suggestions or idea's please let me know!
  14. Awesome, this could really improve the mission I've been working on. Great work!
  15. So right now there isn't a way to do this?