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  1. Would it be possible to have the Bamse cTab Fix v1.1 on steam workshop as well ? Thx for reply in advance.
  2. Still there,stable 1.64.138762. Pls fix BIS ? PLS.
  3. The mission saves objects every 5 minutes and by switching mission parameter you can load the saved state on mission start. https://github.com/Arcanum417/PersistentCurator Download: https://github.com/Arcanum417/PersistentCurator/releases/download/
  4. arcanum

    Persistent Zeus missions

    I would like to use zeus to create series of missions and to have "server state" saved and loaded next time to continue the campaign. Liberation mission has simillar featuer to just dont care about server restarts. All zeus editable objects will be saved in the .vars.arma3profile and loaded and placed when starting the mission next time. Is there something with simillar functionality ? I will most likely just shave the Liberation mission if not.
  5. arcanum

    Immersion Cigs

    It would be really nice to actually switch model for burned not lighted cig when I put it out.
  6. arcanum

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Hello, I would like to use my own squadnames and turn off custom squads. I can turn off custom squads, but some script is fighting my other script for renaming groups (setgrupoupid in a loop). Could somebody tell me what to change to turn off any group related stuff for players ? I would like to have unchangable group IDs or manage it with my own script. I use cTab so I would like to have my groups named appropriately. In config I turned off GREUH_allow_mapmarkers = false; but I can still see players as bluforce markers on map. How could I disable that ?
  7. arcanum

    Eden: Zeus mission does not work

    I have the same problem here, just imported fine working mission with 5 zeus virtual entities and mission either will not load on dedicated server or zeus will spawn as a bird.
  8. arcanum

    [WIP] Video Streaming Mod

    I so much regret this is dead. Somebody make this happen pls.
  9. Most recent version to this date, JIP still broken. Zeus mission and only non-JIP players will get initialized.
  10. arcanum

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I cannot press the "save" button when editing my unit. (tried to change clantag, but also other changes did not allowed me to press "save") Edit: Fixed
  11. Hello, I really like some functions of this addnon, but it feels kinda overstuffed with features, which is not bad, but I would like to have something more Mission maker only oriented. I like the features which have been added to zeus, I really like them a lot, is there any possibility, you cold strip addon of the player interaction (players will not really now there is an mcc) and leave the zeus functionality ? It would really be awesome. I really like the mission maker features, but some of this stuff interferes with mission making workflow (only ONE zeus, players haveing keybinded stuff, if you already have vanilla zeus you cannot use mcc preoprely, interfering with zeuse's TaskForceRadio interface in zeus entity) PS: I know majority of the things could be turned off, but there is still som stuff present, like support for only ONE zeus and players will always have binded shift+4 for IED touch off.
  12. Hello, I used this script for my GameMaster mission and there seemed to be no issues. Hovewer they resurfaced and whats better they are not consistent. Sometimes when some Zeus returns back from Remote or he reconnects, he will spawn as a brid. Here is a mission file and a modpack we are using on server, clients have aditionals like ST_HUD, TAW_Viewdistance.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/1rkjedmr6qhii2p/ZeusRemastered.Altis.pbo?dl=0 mods="'modssix/@cba_a3;modssix/@ares;modssix/@rhs_usf3;modssix/@rhs_afrf3;modssix/@rds;modssix/@rds_rhs_comp;modssix/@ace3;@aceServer;modssix/@leights_opfor;modssix/@allinarmaterrainpack;modssix/@caplants2;modssix/@acr_a3;modssix/@acr_a3_cup;modssix/@ascz_heads;modssix/@ctab;modssix/@asdg_jr;modssix/@mbg_killhouses_a3;modssix/@task_force_radio;modssix/@tryk;modssix/@hlcmods_core;modssix/@hlcmods_ak;modssix/@hlc_wp_mp5;modssix/@hlc_wp_saw;modssix/@hlcmods_m60e4;modssix/@sma;modssix/@rh_acc;modssix/@rh_m4_a3;modssix/@rh_pistol_a3;modssix/@tf47_launchers;modssix/@3cb_baf_weapons;modssix/@melb;modssix/@rds_civpack;modssix/@3cb_baf_equipment;modssix/@3cb_baf_units;modssix/@cariboufrontier;modssix/@3cb_baf_vehicles;modssix/@usaf'"
  13. arcanum

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Wrong signature for file D:\Games\a3addons\@usaf\addons\ldl_ac130.pbo Using the NEW .bisgin file. Files are those from PlayWithSix the .bisign replaced on server and client.
  14. arcanum

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I am happy to see this, unfortunately dropbox does not want to give up file Error (429) This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! Would you mind to reupload it somewhere else ? Thank you a lot keep a good job going.
  15. arcanum

    Zeus Modules break way too much.

    Regular issues with zeus: Can't spawn more units of certain faction after some time (seems like limit or something, we are just laughing "we killed to much of them" zeus wont let us kill moar' Dialogues must by confirmed two times (double click, set what you need, click ok, same thing appears without changed values) Objective modules will just break sometimes ("Recieving data...." in text fields and nothing happens; reconnect of zeus will sometimes help) Remote controll will just stop working randomly (typicly jumping out of zeus interface will help) Sombody encountered these ? How to prevent or fix these ?