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  1. kimukun


    Oh okey :D Going to dig down in the wiki and try things out. Again, great mod! :)
  2. kimukun


    Hey DerZade! Thanks for a freaking awesome mod. Your last update is a heaven-sent one with the button in Arsenal. However it appears not to work with Edens Arsenal, so I can't apply the premade Arsenal outfits on my player-units in Eden or am I doing it wrong?
  3. I downloaded this, but when I run the Setup-file it says that a new version is available :) So I was wondering if you had released a new version of this?
  4. kimukun

    Viper UAV

    Cool :D Why dont you put both your UGV and UAV in the same config?
  5. I'm looking into making different camouflage to the Kuma (Leopard 2) tank. But instead of having several different versions of it I've started to search for how to put different camouflage on one unit. For instance the vanilla trucks have different texture-versions that you can choose between or get randomed. Anyone knows how this is done?
  6. kimukun

    Pete's Texture Templates

    The only content thats encrypted right now is the Apex content. :)
  7. kimukun

    Pete's Texture Templates

    Hey Pete. Was wondering if you could make a template for the full ghillie-suit? :) Awesome templates!
  8. Hey. I'm currently working on a mod-pack with some swedes. As I'm working on the units I realized that ACE medical is sometimes used by communities. So I want to make a check-mod script that will check if ace_medical is turned on. If it's on it should equip the medic with a ace-specified backpack and if it's not on it should equip the medic with a a3-specified backpack. I have tried a if-else statement and I can't get it to work. Are there anyone here with knowledge on how to make this work?
  9. Cant you just make several factions with different icons? Not sure, but it should work. class cfgFactionClasses { class FAC1 { displayName = "Faction 1"; icon="\mod\data\icon\icon1.paa"; priority = 1; scope = 2; side = 1; }; class FAC2 { displayName = "Faction 2" icon = "\mod\data\icon\icon2.paa" priority = 1; scope = 2; side = 2; }; };
  10. kimukun

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Wow looks awesome!!! :D One question, do you plan to make the M4-version of the Carl Gustaf? It's the newer version, which is shorter and lighter than the M3.
  11. kimukun

    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

    My only question: is why a M113? It was never used by the swedish armed forces :P Sure they bought one for testing it out, but they saw that they had to modify it too much so they got the PBV 302 instead from Hägglunds.
  12. kimukun

    Zee - M107 - announcement

    Wow great news about the DSR-1!!!! :D I freaking love your work and can't wait until I can test them out in Arma.
  13. kimukun

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    What is not working? I can run regular Bornholm in Eden.
  14. kimukun

    Simple ParaDrop Script

    What do I put into the unit?