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  1. Cold War Enhanced

    Unfortunately, this mod is not currently being developed any further. I'm sorry.
  2. Cold War Enhanced

    It us currently not usable by the player, but an AI Radio Operator unit will use it automatically (unless player is his group leader).
  3. Cold War Enhanced

    When launching the mod for the first time, there is a first launch intro that starts with a black screen. The intro should last for a minute or two, and then you should be able to access the menu.
  4. Cold War Enhanced

    Patch 0.91 released. Download from http://cwemod.wikidot.com/ This version should be at least somewhat compatible with both CWA 1.99 and OFP Resistance 1.96. On OFP 1.96, scripts for additional stances and 3D sight fixes don't work, so controlling the unit is more simplified and buggy than it is while using CWA. To install the mod on OFP 1.96, do not download the mod installer, but the zip archive for 0.9, and then the zip archive for patch to 0.91. Here's the change log:
  5. Cold War Enhanced

    Thank you! A lot of effort has been put into making this thing work. Some weapons are still missing their sounds, including R700 and all of the pistols. Each weapon needs a total of 35 different sounds, so it takes some work to put together the sounds for a weapon. Some original weapons and units are still to be changed or removed, and don't work properly with the mod. This is an unfortunate side-effect of making the 2D sights work only while holding the right mouse button down. The only way to use the zoom is to aim using arrow down and right shift (left shift+S doesn't work with the + and -), but that is very inconvenient to use. I'll change the reticle model to another one. Yes, it is the weapon sight of that MP5. I'll remove the MP5 and replace it with CAR-15 for now. It will be replaced by some other (silenced) weapon later on. Silenced weapons are not yet properly supported by CWE scripts. Haven't run into or heard of the game freezing with the mod before. Yes, the issue most likely is performance related, I think it is probably caused by the Dynamic Sound Engine (CWE_DSE.exe). I could rewrite it to work better on slower computers, but I don't have the time to do that in the near future. Operating system, number of CPU cores and, to some extent, available memory are factors to possible performance problems with the DSE. And yes, in case of a crash the files in the game folder are restored by launching CWE and then closing it. That is the correct way to do it. Changing the files and folders manually should not be done, as it may result in loss of data when launching CWE for the next time. Terrain quality isn't set to the high setting by editing the userConfig, but by using the setTerrainGrid command at the start of the mission. This way, different settings can be used for different islands. The terrain detail setting should be normal or lower in the userConfig, because loading a large map may crash the game on high terrain detail. Another reason for using the command instead of editing the userConfig, is to make it take effect also in multiplayer. High terrain detail is used, because the A.I. seems to work better in those conditions. After the user has been associated with the mod, video settings can be modified (except the value for terrain detail, which is island dependent). Optional models for units might be added at some point, the weapon models won't be changed, as it took a lot of work to make them all work with the 3D aiming system. Glad you like it! It is an alternate instrumental take of Jimi Hendrix's Bold as Love. ----------------------- --------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------------ --------------------------- I will be releasing an upgrade patch to version 0.91 later today or tomorrow. That will probably be the only update I'll have time to make for quite some time. Oh, and by the way, version 0.91 should be compatible with OFP Resistance 1.96. Some features won't work with it, and the controls are stripped down and buggier, but the mod can be launched and played.
  6. Cold War Enhanced

    Some sort of trailer for this Beta release has been added to the second post, and there is also a short gameplay video on CWE's youtube channel.
  7. Cold War Enhanced

    That's a good question. The main reason for using 1.99 is that some of the (too few) new commands are useful for the mod. They are faster (though not significantly) and more convenient to use than their 1.96-compatible alternatives. A 1.96 version of the mod could be, and possibly will be, made (when I'll have the time). Or more likely not a separate version, but one version that works for both.(Would be easier to maintain) GetWorld can be easily replaced by the similar Fwatch command. GetPosASL and setPosASL can be easily replaced by a simple function. AnimChanged event handler can be (only for player unit) replaced by the Fwatch getPlayerAnim command, but that gets problematic when new animations are added to the main config, or when an addon modifies the CfgMovesMC class. Perhaps I could use the ColdWarEnhanced.exe to map the animation names to their current numbers.
  8. Cold War Enhanced

    Glad to hear that you got it working. Thanks!
  9. Cold War Enhanced

    Thank you! Development will probably continue in the future, but I don't think I'll have much time to work on the mod until next summer. That's actually the reason why the mod was released in its current state. Scoped weapons are meant to be used with the 2D sights, but player also has to hold down the right mouse button. Making the 2D sights get activated while holding the RMB is possible to implement, but the end result would be buggy and might not work in every situation. Zooming the scopes further causes problems with the current aiming system. The unit does get fatigued from sprinting, but it takes more time to happen than in original OFP. There is also weapon sway in CWE, actually more than in original OFP (but a bit less than in mods like FDF), but it is not as apparent with the 3D sights as it is with the 2D sights. That could be done, but again, the end result would be buggy and unreliable. It hasn't been removed. Press caps lock to show/hide the action for checking the ammo and some other actions too. See the documentation on controls here: http://cwemod.wikidot.com/controls Resistance units are to be updated to newer, graphically better units at some point. Maybe at some point, but there are a lot of other things to be done and I haven't got the time. Thanks, suggestions are always welcome. ------------------------- --------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Not even an error report or anything? Strange. What operating system are you using? I haven't yet tested the exe on Windows 8 or 10. Try going to the folder "CWE\Data\", and see if there is a file called "errorReport.rpt". If there is such a file, please send it to me as a PM.
  10. Cold War Enhanced

    Thank you! Nice screenshots. I've been planning to do a DSAI-based solution to this problem, so that the player can, by pressing some button, ask the leader where he is and he'll shout out an answer. Yes. Download link for a bare zip archive has been added to the downloads page. Note that you still have to run the mod with the ColdWarEnhanced.exe.
  11. Fwatch Request List

    Yeah, that works fine when creating single missions. I was hoping to find a way for a mod to be able to recognize the weather, so some mod scripts could take the weather into account. Reading the sqm doesn't work if the mission is packed into a pbo-file or when it is not known if the mission is in the missions-folder or in the 'users\username\missions', right?
  12. Binmod Release Thread

    Here is the code that determines the player view of a unit or vehicle: class ViewPilot: ViewPilotBase { initAngleX=8; minAngleX=-50; maxAngleX=+55; initAngleY=0; minAngleY=-90; maxAngleY=+90; initFov=0.8; minFov=0.4; maxFov=1; }; Fov is the field of view. The smaller the fov the more "zoomed in" player's view is. When minFov and maxFov are equal to initFov, zooming in or out is not possible. Here is an example: class ViewPilot: ViewPilotBase { initAngleX=8; minAngleX=-50; maxAngleX=+55; initAngleY=0; minAngleY=-90; maxAngleY=+90; initFov=0.8; minFov=0.8; maxFov=0.8; };
  13. Binmod Release Thread

    Hi, and sorry for taking so long to answer, haven't visited this forum for a while. I'm not sure why the weapon sounds are not working for you. I don't remember there being any issues with them. Only reason I can come up with is that the mod folder is something else than "binmod", but that should cause more issues than missing sounds only. What do you specifically mean with the "zoom" feature? Player is able to zoom in just like before to be able to aim with the 3D-sights. I assume that you mean something else?
  14. Fwatch Request List

    Hello, Could you make a command that finds current values for rain, overcast and fog from the memory? Being able to determine these would be useful with dynamic weather scripts and effects depending on weather, etc. And thanks for your work on upgrading Fwatch. It has been of great help on scripting.
  15. Binmod Release Thread

    I said before that there would be no more updates to this mod, but here is a quick patch that should prevent the mod from crashing all the time. https://mega.co.nz/#!hIckRBpZ!bqSZrsBC4AZn9ZPPJrPXswkgXbSUlk0YAibEJpX-7eA Copy and replace it over the Binmod 0.99 mod folder. This patch also updates some of the animations with ones made for Cold War Enhanced.