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  1. Hi, I would like to have a fast solution for getting all the classnames out of the Cfg_Vehicles Something like give me all class names of all men which are from faction Civil or all Cars from faction XY. I dont have a clue how to do that.
  2. I am sry... of course you want to loop all Groups. This can be done like in the examples before but with allGroups instead of allUnits. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/allGroups
  3. forEach is your friend here. Try something like { ...code } forEach allUnits side EAST; I am not 100% sure if this works. If not you use this. { if ((side _x) == West) then { code }; } forEach allUnits;
  4. Thanks, I will try this. But how can I get helicopters under the command of the AI flying around if I dont let the AI spawn them? And maybe as asked before someone knows how to disable the radio messages from the air component commander?
  5. One more thing. I am placing a military placement module over the big airport in the northeast of Malden and directly after the mission starts, several Helicopter and sometimes other assets at the airport explodes. Can I prevent that somehow?
  6. Does anyone know how to disable the Radiomessages from the Air Component Commander?
  7. Yes, I checked it several times. After changing to the army faction of RHS everything worked fine.
  8. I have a problem with a faction from RHS. rhs_faction_usmc_d When I place a player (for example Grenadier) from that faction on the map and also a military AI Commander and a Military Placement module the AI is firing on me instantly after spawning. If I use rhs_faction_usarmy_d for the AI nobody is firing at me. Any suggestions?
  9. Works like a charm. Thanks a alot!!! :-)
  10. no, just put this inside the trigger. "hello" remoteExec ["hint", -2];} Whereever and whenever this code is executed it will send the hint command to all computers except the server. EDIT: The "-2" in the code example means the following. If you would like to execute something on the server you would write just "2" (without the minus). Because "2" is always the server! The Minus in Front of the 2 means that it will be executed everywhere except the the server.
  11. Yes, but the hint is somewhat easy to create. The following executes a hint on all computers except the server (where a hint is obviously not necessary :D ) "hello" remoteExec ["hint", -2]; The first steps are not easy but if you understand what is where and why executed it gets easier :-)
  12. Hm, you can use all script commands, write own functions and whatever in the sqf file you opened with the addAction command. So no worries about that. Normally you find in the upper section in the BI Biki some Icons and if you hover over these icons you find out if the command is global or local. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createVehicle directly under CreateVehicle you find two icons. The first tells you since when this command is available and the second tells you that the command is global and the effects are global. That means if you use the create vehicle command on any computer whether its the server or any player computer the vehicle you created is available on every computer. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction Here you find that the effects of that command is local but the arguments are not necessary local. Explanation: 1. You create an addAction with a simple hint for player p1. Player 1 use the addAction and get a hint saying something. Player 2 (and all other players even the server) is not seeing the hint. 2. You create an addAction with a createVehicle inside. Player 1 use the addAction and create the vehice which is also visible to Player 2 (and of course all other players including the server)
  13. Well, that is the IMHO the most complicated part of programming in Arma. What is executed where and when. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/remoteExec the following code is from https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction . Read that carefully and if you have further questions fire it up :-) if (isDedicated) then { _obj = "some_obj_class" createVehicle [1234, 1234, 0]; [_obj, ["Greetings!", {hint "Hello!"}]] remoteExec ["addAction", -2, _obj]; };
  14. commanderx

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Hi, I tried to use the Dynamic Simulation from BI but it didnt work. I put "this enableDynamicSimulation true;" in the init field but that doesnt do anything. Any hints on that matter? I tried with and without quotation marks.
  15. Hi, how can I change the distance from where I can hear the sound a unit is saying per say/say2D/say3D ? I tried unit say3D ["sound",x]; //x can be any number and nothing changes I also tried to change the db the sound is played in the description.ext but the sound gets more quiet but you can hear it still from 500m away. Any ideas how to change the distance from where I can hear the sound played via "say" command? I also googled this problem but found no solution. Thanks in advance Commander
  16. Since I play, edit and program Arma 3 I wasn´t able to use AI driving in a mission. It ends in exploding cars, in cars that are stuck in a wall, in cars with damaged tyres etc. etc. Even with VCom Driving I wan´t able to create a reliable driving AI. So, if it needs to be reliable drive yourself.
  17. Hi, have a trigger created with a script. Trigger activition is BluFor present and the trigger itself works fine. How do i know, who triggered the trigger? Didn´t find it in the Biki. Thank you very much Commander
  18. commanderx

    Who triggered the trigger?

    Thanks for the advice! Will try that. But after reading in KKs tutorials I better stick with waituntil or so :D
  19. Hi, can anyone tell me how to destroy a Demolition Charge which I created via a script? With an editor created DC and a variable name "boom" I can do boom setDamage 1; and the DC explodes. It doesnt work with a script created DC _boom = "DemoCharge_F" createVehicle position player; _boom setDamage 1; nothing happens. If I change the variables to global variablenames so boom instead of _boom still nothing happens. Any idea??
  20. Hi, I experience small lags on our dedicated Server even if I am alone and no AI present. The only thing I`m doing is some scripts with remoteExec (only if something happens and that´s seldom -> 1 action per 30 seconds maybe.) and every second is a variable published via publicVariable from the server. All other missions runs more than fine on this server with no lags. Is this publicVariable so bad? If yes what options do i have instead of this? I have a countdown and the server publishes how much time remains. Is it maybe a better idea to remoteExec a predefined function on each client?
  21. I will show some code when I´m back home. Well,it´s for a Search and Destroy like Mission and the countdown needs to be as accurate as it can be. But maybe it´s better to give a start signal from the server and then every client should count on itself.
  22. commanderx

    Eden Feature Requests

    - "Close All" button In the menus on the left and right is everything open instead of everything closed. For me the best thing would be if everything is closed from the start. I can imagine three ways to achieve that. First make a preference checkbox "Close all at start", a button "Close All" or just close all at the start.
  23. I repeat my problem because I think it was not a perfect timing directly before an ALiVE update :-) Also I do have an additional problem. 1. How can I achieve that an Russian Army controlled via OPCOM recapture an Area that has been captured by human BluFor units? How do I prevent that until I give the order via trigger or so? 2. Long loading of the missions on a dedicated Server. When I test an ALiVE Mission I test it most of the time in singleplayer and the loading times are fine. When I test it on a dedicated server I have to wait 5-8 Minutes until the mission eventually starts. Even if I start one of the standard missions which come with ALiVE it´s a dreaky long loading time. Different servers on different machines produce the same problem. Enormous long loading times. Best regards Kai
  24. Hi, I would do some kind of special operrations, where the players have to let explode a target building or capture a base etc. In the surrounding cities or military bases are KI placed with ALiVE modules which are set to defense. How can I achieve that the KI units in the surrounding cities/military bases switch to attack/recapture after the players triggered something? Best regards Kai
  25. Hm... it´s the way like it was before. You were able to customize units with a script in the init box but after respawn they got the standard gear from the unit. The only change right now is that you customize your unit with just a few clicks. I don´t know if the behaviour you (and probably most others as well) would like to have is just an ordinary button "Keep customized gear after respawn" and some lines of additional code or a big deal with lots of changes needed to accomplish.