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  1. thoosequa

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    If I try to do that it gives me an error: "Addon 'rhusuf_c_heavyweapons' requires addon 'rhs_main'" And when I drag over rhs_main I get more error messages of the same nature. Rinse and repeat until the game just flatout crashes when launching
  2. thoosequa

    Bikeys and Bisigns tutorial

    You can create bikeys and bisigns for every mod using ArmA 3 Tools and about 4-5 clicks. I don't see a need for a tutorial as the ArmA 3 tools are pretty much self explanatory.
  3. Well I'd assume for one because people like to fanboy over something, even though TFAR and ACRE obviously have different scopes. And secondly, because unfortunately Nouber has still no public ACRE release we can talk about, so people get bored and distracted.
  4. Think my post got lost, any chance you could look into this geraldbolso?
  5. Great that you took it upon you to work on the Arma 2 helicopters, a little issue I have though: So far I've only flown the Apache and the Blackhawk, and they both fly very 'light'. I can understand that the Apache is a powerful machine with a strong engine but you can literally fly upside down for several seconds without bumping into issues (feels a lot like ArmA 3 Alpha flight engine for the Ka60). But like I said the Apache is IRL a pretty strong machine and I'd expect it to pull similar things off, if the pilot is experienced, however the Blackhawk can pretty much do the same things as the Apache. There is no inertia or weight in that bird, it surely is great for arcade-ish flying, but there is no real feeling and challenge to it. Compare it with Aplion's original A2 port and the how the Ghosthawk handles in ArmA 3 vanilla. Hope you can re-think the flight model and tweak it a bit, keep up the good work!
  6. Would be great if your title would be more self explanatory. As for your question: Look into the Arsenal and see how it's done there (which command is used, I cant remember the exact one), and just put it in the units INIT or call it via sqf.
  7. I did that, it's really weird.
  8. I copy/pasted the config fix for the sliding issue into my hafm .pbo, but when signing it with my own private bikey (which we use in the group I play in) the server keeps kicking people for not having this specific bisign, even though its clearly in there. anyone else having similar issues?
  9. thoosequa

    Additional Units A3

    I understand what you are saying, but there is no need for the dependency on the M4 Pack and CSE, as your units should be able to pick up the weapons regarding of dependency as it is a compabitlity question. Please consider releasing an update that removes the dependency, as it will benefit more groups.
  10. thoosequa

    Additional Units A3

    Good mod, looks nice, but the dependency on CSE as well as the Weapon Pack doesn't make sense nor is it helpful
  11. +1 on silencers don't produce any sound at all.
  12. Since mortars from ACE were mentioned: Will CSE aim to improve the Mortar/ Artillery system that is currently provided by ArmA 3? I know you guys have a few things planned on multiple branches but I don't recall hearing or seeing you working on an advanced indirect fire system.
  13. OT: It is realistic though. If you have a wall behind you the stream that comes with the backblst would be deflected.
  14. thoosequa

    MAP FSF Dariyah Released

    Any chance you would release this mod without dependency of ArmA 3 MP, so you include the files you need for the buildings in the addon?
  15. thoosequa

    International MaxxPro - Deja Vu?

    Great to hear you are marking such fast progress