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  1. Emperias

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Hi everybody, In first, thank you for this great coop mission. I have a problem with the positions of fob's saved building when I restart the mission. When I restart the mission, many of objects I saved before shutdown my server are moved of few meters. I would like to know if this is a known issue. Thank you.
  2. thank you foxhound.
  3. No problem, we'll fixe the problem on the another download links.
  4. @Bloodshot_Pico the .bikey file is inside the mod archive which can be download on the first page or here but not in the armaholic version. We'll fixe that soon.
  5. hand signals isn't necessarily roleplay. You can use it for discretion in PvP, yes, but you can also use it between squads who aren't in the same radio channel, or for don't spam radio channel. You can use it if, like you said, you like realism and that all soldiers don't have a radio. I understand your point of view, but hand signals are not intended to be used all the time (which would be roleplay, it's true, but there are people who like it), but only occasionally to respond to particular situations where voice communication is not possible.
  6. No, THS is a client mod, you dont need to have THS on the server, but only players with THS mod will can see gestures. Furthermore, the THS has to be authorized on the server if it use mods signature.
  7. "stop" is an immediate stop on the spot. "hold" is for hold a place in defensive position. but you can give the meaning you want at the different gestures.
  8. X-Cam is incredible !! Awesome work guys! Thx for this...
  9. thank you Smookie for your answer. The use of even handler is something that I had thought, but I was looking for a cleaner way to do it. I will enough with this way.
  10. Hi, in first, thank you smookie for this thread. I would like to raise this issue. I work on a bolt action rifle project and I search an answer for this problem. thank you beforehand for your answer.
  11. Hi all, I observed the same problem. It poses a real problem for the precision of positioning objects for my missions. thank you in advance for your answers.