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  1. So, I'll make this quick, I can't get the UH-1H's gunners to fire at given targets via script. I can get the right gunner to aim at my target (crew huey dotarget humvee) and i can get the left gunner to fire its weapon (heli fireAtTarget [humvee, "M240_veh_2"] Any advice? I need this for a mission where 2 hueys fly a prerecorded route and I want to gunners to light some shit up :D Greetings, Wearo
  2. weparo

    "Follow" waypoint

    There is nothing below loiter.... At least not for me :\
  3. You said it! :D I would usually have noticed/remembered, but the squad that was in the helo before wasn't AI controlled, so yeah But thanks again
  4. Hey guys, I'm having a bit of an issue. The code below is in the "on act" field of a waypoint. {_x assignAsCargo hummingbird_1; [_x] orderGetIn true;} forEach units end_shift; where hummingbird_1 is my helo and end_shift is my group. Now, so far so good, right? Wrong. What happens is that only one (number 6 I believe) of the group (end_shift) mounts up and enters the helo. The rest just idle... Any explanations? The command is only issued when the heli has all 6 seats free, and the group (end_shift) has exactly 6 members. I'm really puzzled :confused: Any help is apreciated :) Weparo
  5. ALLRIGHT! Issue solved. :) :) :) Here is what happened : The soldiers that were in the helo before, didn't get unassigned. :j: I noticed that when the squad that was in the helo previously, entered another vehicle, the group (end_shift) would mount up properly. So, I issued {unassignVehicle _x} forEach units previous_group_of_heli; command to unassign them. Everything works fine now. No matter which method to assign end_shift to the heli you use. :) Thanks for all the efforts made and see you in the field, Weparo
  6. So, I changed this {_x assignAsCargo hummingbird_1; [_x] orderGetIn true;} forEach units end_shift; into this : { _x assignAsCargo hummingbird_1; [_x] orderGetIn true;} forEach units end_shift; And it worked. Once. I didn't touch a thing, previewed it again, and I had the same mistake. So, i ran the following code in the debug console (while previewing) { _x assignAsCargo hummingbird_1;} forEach units end_shift; That made number 5 enter the helo. I ran the comand again, and #4 entered, after #4 entered, i ran it again -> #3 entered. I had to repeat this untill all units were seated, 1-6. If it helps, I could record the whole proccess, and put it up on YT.
  7. weparo

    "Follow" waypoint

    Quick question, where do I find said waypoint? We're talking about the editor right?
  8. Oh, no :D You miss understand. The pilot and co pilot are already in the chopper. They just landed, to pick up the group (end_shift). But they won't get in as cargo?! Well, one, does, sometimes four. But never all six of them :( :confused: Allright, so, I did some troubleshooting -> using assignedVehicle I noticed that only the 6th member of the group (end_shift) has the hummingbird assigned. The rest doesn't. How can that be?
  9. weparo

    Disable manual fire

    How about removing the ammo of the vehicle? Could that do the trick?
  10. I get 50 - 60 fps... in MP. Maybe your system is just shit? EDIT : So, what I wanted to say is : My i5-4670k and the GTX 770 get 50 to 70 fps, on ultra, in single player and multiplayer (EUTW servers, 50 players). Arma 3 is a very demanding game, maybe OP should upgrade his PC?
  11. try (player hasweapon "arifle_MX_ACO_F" OR player hasweapon "srifle_EBR_SOS_F")
  12. I find it very annoying that the altitudes are given 'above ground' instead of 'above MSL'. Any way to have something like flyInHeight for MSL? Weparo
  13. weparo

    flyInHeight - MSL

    well, the problem is that I want my heli to fly around in a circle, but because it is above extremly uneven terrain (mountain Kira, 040170) it just looks extremly stupid, and makes for a much more shaky environement. I've set it to fly in an altitude of 250, and the thing starts taking dives of +100m... ridiculus! Besides, altitude is always given in height above MSL, or another designated place. Weparo
  14. So, hi there, quickish question : What I want to do : An AI controlled heli reaches an area, and then moves in a pattern (circle) around said area/point. Then upon throwing a smoke grenade, thrown by a friendly unit, the heli is supposed to come out of it's waiting pattern, and pick the crew up. (the he flies the away, duuuh ;) ) What i know how to do : Basically everything, exept the waiting patter. Well, I know how to do it, with waypoints for instance, but how not how to move it out of the circle. How would you guys do it? Weparo
  15. So, I eventually got it done myself :P For those who wonder : Markers. I used a trigger to move the final waypoint (LOAD) along a set of coordinates. The heli would follow the waypoint. To end the circle I used an event handler on a friendly unit on the ground to move the LOAD Waypoint to a thrown smoke grenade. The heli would then land there and allow troops to get in. if anyone cares, I don't mind explaining further or even uploading a sample mission. :) Weparo out PS: But if anyone else has done something similar, please let me know how you did it
  16. Is there a way to 'add' elemtents to the editor? Your way is probably the best, but shouldn't it be possible to create an entry under the 'empty' category?
  17. Glad you got it working then! :) I suppose you could have made my version work with setWaypointPosition too
  18. Well, obviously you could also import Stratis into the alits map.... and have both in one map :P That would somewhat go beyond making a mission... would be cool as an addon though :)
  19. @OP: Question - Why don't you do it with waypoints only? Load troops in the truck via moveInCargo and use a TRANSPORT UNLOAD waypoint syncronized to a GET OUT waypoint and then a GET IN and LOAD waypoint (also syncronized). Here, I've made you a pic to clarify http://imgur.com/KOt4Qg5
  20. agreed. It could also be done with a trigger, but it's nicer to have it done with a waypoint activation.
  21. You could try doing it with the GET IN, UNLOAD CARGO, LOAD CARGO and GET OUT Waypoints, or just use { unassignVehicle _x ; _x assignAsCargo heli; [_x] orderGetIn true; } foreach units red; Hope that helps, Weparo
  22. My bad! Scripts called with execVM need to be executed in an init like this : _null = execVM "flashlight.sqf"; I know that this method works because I used it a couple days back in my mission :) Please let me know if you run into any other trouble, Weparo
  23. OK, I've looked at this. Now, what I saw was that you put { _x unassignItem "NVGoggles"; _x removeItem "NVGoggles"; _x RemovePrimaryWeaponItem "acc_pointer_IR"; _x addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_flashlight"; _x enableGunLights "forceon"; } foreach units group this; in the init of one soldier. Now, units group this; will execute the code for every member of the group. However the soldier wasn't grouped (a group isn't the same as a side), so it didn't work. Here is what you need to do if you want only CSAT to have flashlights (and no NVGs). Create a file called "flashlight.sqf" in your misssion folder. (just like a text file, but name it flashlight.sqf instead of flashlight.txt) In that file you put this code here : while (true) do { { if (side _x == east) then { _x unassignItem "NVGoggles_OPFOR"; _x removeItem "NVGoggles_OPFOR"; _x removeItemFromPrimaryWeapon "acc_pointer_IR"; _x addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_flashlight"; _x enableGunLights "forceon"; } } ForEach allUnits; sleep 5; } This little script checks if a soldier is CSAT (east), and if he is, it will remove his NVGs, the IR pointer and add the flashlight. The script is in a 5sec loop, that means that it will re execute itself every 5 seconds. If any new soldiers spawn, it will also affect these because it is repeatedly executed. To execute the above code, put in the init of an object : execVM "flashlight.sqf"; If you also want NATO soldiers to use flashlights, let me know :)
  24. Allow me a dumb question, where is the difference between the two rocket types?
  25. Problem is that they'll 'swich' out of that safe behaviour when engaged, and then turning off the flashlight. Using _x enableGunLights "forceon"; will force them to keep the lights on which makes for easier and (imho) cooler looking enemies.