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  1. So, I'll make this quick, I can't get the UH-1H's gunners to fire at given targets via script. I can get the right gunner to aim at my target (crew huey dotarget humvee) and i can get the left gunner to fire its weapon (heli fireAtTarget [humvee, "M240_veh_2"] Any advice? I need this for a mission where 2 hueys fly a prerecorded route and I want to gunners to light some shit up :D Greetings, Wearo
  2. weparo

    "Follow" waypoint

    There is nothing below loiter.... At least not for me :\
  3. You said it! :D I would usually have noticed/remembered, but the squad that was in the helo before wasn't AI controlled, so yeah But thanks again
  4. ALLRIGHT! Issue solved. :) :) :) Here is what happened : The soldiers that were in the helo before, didn't get unassigned. :j: I noticed that when the squad that was in the helo previously, entered another vehicle, the group (end_shift) would mount up properly. So, I issued {unassignVehicle _x} forEach units previous_group_of_heli; command to unassign them. Everything works fine now. No matter which method to assign end_shift to the heli you use. :) Thanks for all the efforts made and see you in the field, Weparo
  5. So, I changed this {_x assignAsCargo hummingbird_1; [_x] orderGetIn true;} forEach units end_shift; into this : { _x assignAsCargo hummingbird_1; [_x] orderGetIn true;} forEach units end_shift; And it worked. Once. I didn't touch a thing, previewed it again, and I had the same mistake. So, i ran the following code in the debug console (while previewing) { _x assignAsCargo hummingbird_1;} forEach units end_shift; That made number 5 enter the helo. I ran the comand again, and #4 entered, after #4 entered, i ran it again -> #3 entered. I had to repeat this untill all units were seated, 1-6. If it helps, I could record the whole proccess, and put it up on YT.
  6. weparo

    "Follow" waypoint

    Quick question, where do I find said waypoint? We're talking about the editor right?
  7. Oh, no :D You miss understand. The pilot and co pilot are already in the chopper. They just landed, to pick up the group (end_shift). But they won't get in as cargo?! Well, one, does, sometimes four. But never all six of them :( :confused: Allright, so, I did some troubleshooting -> using assignedVehicle I noticed that only the 6th member of the group (end_shift) has the hummingbird assigned. The rest doesn't. How can that be?
  8. Hey guys, I'm having a bit of an issue. The code below is in the "on act" field of a waypoint. {_x assignAsCargo hummingbird_1; [_x] orderGetIn true;} forEach units end_shift; where hummingbird_1 is my helo and end_shift is my group. Now, so far so good, right? Wrong. What happens is that only one (number 6 I believe) of the group (end_shift) mounts up and enters the helo. The rest just idle... Any explanations? The command is only issued when the heli has all 6 seats free, and the group (end_shift) has exactly 6 members. I'm really puzzled :confused: Any help is apreciated :) Weparo
  9. weparo

    Disable manual fire

    How about removing the ammo of the vehicle? Could that do the trick?
  10. I get 50 - 60 fps... in MP. Maybe your system is just shit? EDIT : So, what I wanted to say is : My i5-4670k and the GTX 770 get 50 to 70 fps, on ultra, in single player and multiplayer (EUTW servers, 50 players). Arma 3 is a very demanding game, maybe OP should upgrade his PC?
  11. try (player hasweapon "arifle_MX_ACO_F" OR player hasweapon "srifle_EBR_SOS_F")
  12. weparo

    flyInHeight - MSL

    well, the problem is that I want my heli to fly around in a circle, but because it is above extremly uneven terrain (mountain Kira, 040170) it just looks extremly stupid, and makes for a much more shaky environement. I've set it to fly in an altitude of 250, and the thing starts taking dives of +100m... ridiculus! Besides, altitude is always given in height above MSL, or another designated place. Weparo
  13. I find it very annoying that the altitudes are given 'above ground' instead of 'above MSL'. Any way to have something like flyInHeight for MSL? Weparo
  14. So, I eventually got it done myself :P For those who wonder : Markers. I used a trigger to move the final waypoint (LOAD) along a set of coordinates. The heli would follow the waypoint. To end the circle I used an event handler on a friendly unit on the ground to move the LOAD Waypoint to a thrown smoke grenade. The heli would then land there and allow troops to get in. if anyone cares, I don't mind explaining further or even uploading a sample mission. :) Weparo out PS: But if anyone else has done something similar, please let me know how you did it
  15. Is there a way to 'add' elemtents to the editor? Your way is probably the best, but shouldn't it be possible to create an entry under the 'empty' category?