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  1. Hey everyone, After a few days of research, I can't find any PSD templates for the different backpacks of the game. Is there anyone kind enough to help me ? :cool: Thanks in advance
  2. Nope, i tried to add this in the init field of my unit : this addBackpack "sac_camo_ce_fr and it returns No entry 'bin\config/cfgPatches/cfgVehicles.units' I also changed my .cpp here it is : class CfgPatches { class Kreator_sac { units[] = {"sac_camo_ce_fr"}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1; rewuiredAddons[] = {}; }; class CfgVehicles { class B_Kitbag_cbr; class sac_camo_ce_fr: B_Kitbag_cbr { _generalMacro = "sac_camo_ce_fr"; picture = "\A3\Weapons_F\ammoboxes\bags\data\ui\icon_B_C_Kitbag_rgr"; model = "\A3\weapons_f\Ammoboxes\bags\Backpack_Fast"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\sac_armadeus\Data\sac_camo_ce_fr.paa"}; displayName = "Sac Moyen Camo CE FR"; scope = public; maximumLoad = 350; passThrough = 1; mass = 4; }; }; };
  3. Hi there, I've made a texture for the kitbag, everything seem good for me but, it's not showing in virtual arsenal any idea ? Thanx in advance :) Here's the config.cpp class CfgVehicles { class Bag_Base; class sac_camo_ce_fr: Bag_Base { _generalMacro = "sac_camo_ce_fr"; picture = "\A3\Weapons_F\ammoboxes\bags\data\ui\icon_B_C_Kitbag_rgr"; model = "\A3\weapons_f\Ammoboxes\bags\Backpack_Fast"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\sac_armadeus\Data\sac_camo_ce_fr.paa"}; displayName = "Sac Moyen Camo CE FR"; scope = 2; maximumLoad = 350; passThrough = 1; mass = 4; }; };
  4. Kreator


    Amazing work man :D Will it be inserable into arma 3 vanilla island ? I'm currently working on a multiplayer mod based on prison escape, this could be awesome :D
  5. Sorry for using the world "pnj", its NPC in english and pnj in frencch, but thanks a lot, I'll give it a try this morning, i'll keep you posted :) EDIT : Working like a charm, thanks a lot bro :D Too bad that you're that far i would offer you a beer xD
  6. Yup, i'll try your script tomorrow Iceman, but i've to give the finger to a pnj in order to validate the mission how can i script that ?
  7. Hi there, I'm looking for a script that will allow a specific faction (FIA in my case) to cut one of the finger of a dead body from another faction (it must be dead). I spend my afternoon looking and turning around but I can't find a clue, maybe someone can help me ? Cheers ;)
  8. Hi pals, We're proud to announce that today we've found a voice actor for our campaign ... Let's all give a warmth welcome to Almanzo, from Norway. Welcome aboard :)
  9. Hi devoted supporters, I’m writing to you just to keep you updated about the following of the campaign … Anthariel is working hard these days to provide you the best experience. Plot : After escaping with the naval way, he finally managed to get to Agia Marina. Freshly landed, he notices that a large amount of civilian people awaits him on the sea side … Good news or bad news, he’ll discover it soon … For the most hurried of you, there is some screens :) http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/34/1408377120-arma3-18-08-2014-11-53-06-51.png http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/34/1408377132-arma3-18-08-2014-17-47-50-85.png http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/34/1408377134-arma3-18-08-2014-17-48-35-857.png http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/34/1408377140-arma3-18-08-2014-17-49-25-603.png Big up #Kreator
  10. Thanks bro for the warm welcome, I'll do my best to make this campaign go further and to make it win the MANW contest :):p