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  1. @opusfmspol That is normal. The _this special private variable should not be used in unit init fields because it is undefined. The proper variable to use is this which contains the unit the init is assigned to. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVehicleInit You can always use regular private variables if you want though. That is the same as it has always been. Test in the current 1.63 patch and you will see the same behavior.
  2. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/32889-release-anti-duping-by-f507dmt-working/
  3. For anyone reading the last few posts, it turns out you can not leave the server config list blank. At the top of the reason.py file you must have your config added on this line: SERVERS = ["Config.cfg"] The comment at the top of the file was misleading. Thanks nuxil for figuring it out! ;)
  4. Command is 2. Check the wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/description.ext#disableChannels Hello nuxil, thanks for keeping up this awesome program. I am having an issue with the ScriptBan plugin. I'm using the newest version of Bec and ScriptBan from: http://ibattle.org/downloads/ The log shows ScriptBan plugin started successfully, but when I get kicked for restrictions that I have set rules for it does not ban me. Here is my reason.py: *snip* - resolved on next page I tried with different times of 0, 1440, 99999999999999 and -1. I also made sure to save in encoding UTF-8 and my folder structure is: Bec\Plugins\__init__.py Bec\Plugins\ScriptBan\__init__.py I intentionally get myself kicked for MPEventHandler #0, but it just doesn't ban me at all. Not sure why. I've tried everything I can think of. Thanks
  5. If you wanted to log all createVehicle your createvehicle.txt should be this: //new 1 "" One thing that should be added in the OP is that double quotes " still need to be escaped with a \ when used within exceptions. This is confusing because in most regex flavors " is not considered a metacharacter and $able did not list it. I see lots of admins not escaping them and having broken filters as a result. Dwarden was kind enough to clarify this for me on skype. :)
  6. Ok thanks. I just test IP banned myself and bans.txt is functioning the same as before no changes needed. :)
  7. Do we also need to use \ to escape periods in IP addresses in bans.txt?