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    New informations or announcement soon?

    Hi BI bods. where can we post early constructive feedback or add to issue logs for you on Reforger?
  2. I cannot find anything on here and its not listed as a 'Game' either. Is there a dedicated forum on here? thanks
  3. I agree with the originator to a degree and would like to offer some further examples. Firstly, I find using the Articulate mod a definite advantage, speeding up almost every aspect of AI control. I couldn't imagine having to endlessly press keys to order the teams around. That said, I think the two main areas which make managing teams frustrating is a) movement through terrain detail and b), re-arming/picking up. The movement when heading out across open field is fine, but try and get the team to move through a town on search and destroy and you'll find the boys spread out way too much or get stuck on some structure. There should be a 'STAY CLOSE/FAN OUT' toggle which works within each formation. Regrouping them with a 'SPRINT' option would be useful as I find myself having to wait endlessly for them to catch up sometimes. I've also noticed that if you park near another item (wall, car etc) your AI will dismount but not be able move thereafter. This is a consistent issue. Once a fire-fight has ended and the battlefield is littered with useful items, it becomes almost a lottery to 'Action' your team member to collect an item of choice; sometimes ending with your rifleman running off half a mile to get the launcher! Would it not be better to have a range to item against each on the drop down? I appreciate this may be difficult but the 're-arm at' or 'Inventory' option does not always provide your team with what they want. I find with the right set up, patient organisation and using Articulate, most squad members handle themselves well in a fire fight though.