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  1. NVM I just figured out I could place a respawn module for each vehicle and place what ever code I want it to run within the respawn module expression area.
  2. I would like to take and add ["Open",true] call BIS_fnc_arsenal; And have it added to this vehicle respawn script used to add VAS to the vehicles each time they respawn. /************************************************************************** Add to vehicle's init in the editor null = [this] execVM "Scripts\MHQvehicleInit.sqf"; ***************************************************************************/ _spawnDelay = 5; // Time for respawn /////////////////////////// VEHICLE ACTIONS /////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Actions are public for jip's fnc_vehAction2 = { _this addAction ["<t color='#ff1111'>Virtual Ammobox</t>","VAS\open.sqf", nil, 1, false, true, "", "alive _this && {speed _this == 0}"]; publicVariable "fnc_vehAction2"; }; fnc_AddVehicleActions = { private ["_vehAction2","_vehicle"]; _vehicle = _this select 0; // calls the functions to add actions to the vehicle _vehAction2 = [_vehicle,"fnc_vehAction2",nil,true] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; }; /////////////////////////// EXECUTE SQF's ///////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////// THE REST OF IT //////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// if (!isServer) exitWith {}; // Load Initial vehicle variables _vehicle = _this select 0; _vehName = vehicleVarName _vehicle; _vehiclepos = getPos _vehicle; _vehicledir = getDir _vehicle; _classname = typeOf _vehicle; // _run keeps the loop going and keeps given name of vehicle from the editor _vehKilled = false; _run = true; // init addactions and external sqf's call {[_vehicle] call fnc_AddVehicleActions}; call {[_vehicle,_vehName] call fnc_ExecVehSQFs}; while {_run} do { sleep 1; // rest between alive checks if (!(alive _vehicle)) then {_vehKilled = true; sleep 1;}; if (_vehKilled) then { sleep _spawnDelay; deleteVehicle _vehicle; sleep 2; // set vehicle position and name _vehicle = _classname createVehicle _vehiclepos; _vehicle setPos _vehiclepos; _vehicle setDir _vehicledir; _vehicle SetVehicleVarName (format ["%1", _vehName]); publicVariable format ["%1", _vehName]; // Calls to add actions and execute other sqf's call {[_vehicle] call fnc_AddVehicleActions}; call {[_vehicle,_vehName] call fnc_ExecVehSQFs}; call {[_vehicle,_vehName] call fnc_ExecVehSQFs}; // Respawn and init done! _vehKilled = false; }; }; This is the other script that is used fnc_vehAction2 = { _this addAction ["<t color='#ff1111'>Virtual Ammobox</t>","VAS\open.sqf", nil, 1, false, true, "", "alive _this && {speed _this == 0}"]; publicVariable "fnc_vehAction2"; }; if (!isServer) exitWith {}; _vehicle = _this; _vehiclepos = getPos _vehicle; _vehicledir = getDir _vehicle; _classname = typeOf _vehicle; // Add vehicle actions _vehAction2 = [_vehicle,"fnc_vehAction2",nil,true] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; waitUntil{!alive _vehicle}; sleep 5; deleteVehicle _this; sleep 5; _vehicle = _classname createVehicle _vehiclepos; _vehicle setPos _vehiclepos; _vehicle setDir _vehicledir; _vehicle execVM "scripts\vehicleInit.sqf"; Any help would be nice.
  3. Ok so is there anyone that can put a script together for a medivac? The system in A2OA campaign '100 Days' is kind of like what I want except instead of corpman healing everybody he loads injured into chopper and returns them to base. Is there anybody that can make this work?
  4. Are you trying to spawn a laptop randomly? If not a laptop is placed using editor under "Empty/Objects (small)/ Laptop". Then you name the laptops whatever you are going to use for code.
  5. mech79


    I have been looking for the same thing with no luck. I know that it was available in Arma 2. What I am looking for is a system that when a player is shot he goes unconscious. A transport can then be called in for you to load the player into then RTB. Once at base the player can revive and use the same chopper to come back to the fight. Kind of like getting reinforcements during battle. I would also like the ability to add a medic that I can chose to heal players on the ground then get back in chopper and head back to base.
  6. Is there a way to set up a script or something to where respawn is disabled for players until they are within a trigger or something like that? What I would like to do is use a carry/drag/load script to place downed teammates into a chopper or vehicle and they can only respawn when taken back to a base or camp. Is this even possible?
  7. T800 I am trying to get Cobras script to work on MP. It is kind of the same thing but places a code on the Laptop for disarming a bomb. Problem I am having is when I play with friends if I find the code it may be 123456, my friend will find a code on another computer 098765 and if he uses mine or I use his bomb goes off. It is making a seperate random placement and code for each player instead of one for everyone. I have tried to add IfServer codes but never seems to work. Can you look at it and see if you could help. Here is the link- http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?173540-Defuse-the-Bomb&highlight=defuse+bomb
  8. That is basically what I would like to use but when the injured returned to base they would respawn and could then get a chopper ride back out.
  9. Thanks I will take a look. Its that or just leave respawn at base with helicopter available. Checked it out and all he has is a heli above a marker where you can respawn and jump into AO. I want to be able to bandage someone up then wait for evac load them on to evac and when they reach base they can respawn and fly back in.
  10. Darn I was hoping somebody would have thought this was a good Idea and took the challenge...lol.
  11. mech79

    Helicopter Positions

    Thank You worked perfectly.
  12. Does anybody have a script or wants to do a script that when a person is shot you have to bandage and give blood and morphine like AGM but then call in transport in order to take them back to base for a revive. This way it can be a little more realistic as the person that is shot would be medivaced out then reinforcements would come back in which would be the heal partner. Is anybody up to the challenge? I don't know enough about scripting to be able to do something like this.
  13. mech79

    Helicopter Positions

    It is just an empty Ghost Hawk that I placed two pilots down and was trying to seat them first is simply "p1 moveindriver this". Just cant figure out for copilot. Is there a simpler way to just remove gunners to empty those seats?