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  1. The Rhino is of course based on the Rooikat 120 a 8x8 vehicle but after doing a some extreme off roading it now seems the Rhino is actually a 4x8 vehicle with only the front 4 wheels actually turning. This factor significantly effects the vehicles off road performance. The issue was first realized running a modded game but i have replicated the issue running a unmodded game with the Aid of the 3den editor. My Arma 3 is full up to date. Not sure if the is a specific area to pot this so i will just post it here
  2. don't stop. This mod was going to rock.
  3. andrewza

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    How is was you said any difrent to what I said, other than the snarky remarks and you acting like you on some high hores. That plate though small does cover a loto of vital organs. And yes being shot in the leg can kill. Being shot in the heart kills not can kill you dead. Body armour covers the chest the chest is the bigest target of a body and what most people aim for.legs, arms and head are small targets that move a lot and are not easy to hit. All so country to popular beilve rebels are not all retards. They know how to aim and understand builet drop. Yeah they may not be has well trained has a western solder but they not retatards. If you had read what I typed and the link I posted and compreneded it you would not have been complied to post this. Fact is body armour used by the army can stop 7.62mm nato rounds. Butit is a vest. I would like to see some weight pentiels. Could make going in to comboat with out a vest a valid opstion.
  4. What about couger/super puma for AAF and civlians. Good meduiem lift.
  5. NATO Chinook styl CSAT MI26 or MI17 AAF While they have the mohawk. What heavy lift does europe have.
  6. andrewza

    The decline of Italian performance in war

    I come south africa. Greece and spain remind of all the bad things about SA. Bad roads, poverty, and looks of people that have given up. In germany I was amazied by germany and the neatherlands. Now I am not saying the PIGS country are 3rd world dumps. But compared to the rest of western europe they behind.
  7. andrewza

    VR technology in armor and APC's?

    I was thinking for cars and afv that have rear cammras should display them when you revers. Kind of like some of these new fancy cars. I know the south african version of the AMV has cammras. So the marshal should have.
  8. andrewza

    The decline of Italian performance in war

    Since when does the amount of money waisted on your milltary make it powerfull? Ethyiopa is not poor today either. But it was not a milltary power in the 1930s. If italy is any thing like greece and spain then yes germany is more civliced. Not being from brasil, shouth koera, suadia arabia, ethyopya extra how can you talk about them. I mean itally at one point had crimlorders runing it and leader is a pedophile. ---------- Post added at 05:49 ---------- Previous post was at 04:57 ---------- Not really.
  9. andrewza

    VR technology in armor and APC's?

    Probaly not going to hapen. But putting rear faceing cammras and what not wwould be nice.
  10. andrewza

    Question about the T-100

    The sytem the russians use can only dedected lassers. So wire guided, IR guided or laser beam ridding extra will not be picked up.
  11. andrewza

    Weapon tests

    Zeues or MCC was used to take control of the AI unit
  12. andrewza

    The decline of Italian performance in war

    You are of course intited to your opinion. But does not mean it is right. Italy is curently a PIGS member. Or the 4 worst most back wards EU countries. Personaly. If you look at all the true civlastion and most civlised countries out there you see a strong milltary power. During the 1930s and WW2 italy all so wanted to be a milltary power. They just could not do it. I mean they struggeled vs ethyiopa even though they should have had a easy win there.
  13. andrewza

    The decline of Italian performance in war

    Italy never had the wepaons, traning or right leader to become a power full milltary force. Of course a lot of there solders where very brave. Some of there AT guners maned them till death even though there guns where useless. Then there where itlian frogmen being more feared than itlian battel ships. A lot of things are lost in history. Like the fall of france and polland in WW2. People think they just fell like that. Both put up a strong fight. Germanies victory in france was not a sure thing.
  14. andrewza

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    Only all of the wepaons are opticaly guided or IR guided. Not to menstion passive dedcstion sytems are all ready becoming aviabel. SA test one that can pick up a cessna 120km away. These sytems do not give of a indecastion they on like normal radar and do not care what stealth shap and matrial you made of. This is current tech that will be common by 2035. In short stealth is dead. Not to menstion weather radars can pick up stealth objects. How do you think the F117 was shot down. No nato and AAF need proper attack choppers. AAF can get tigers or rooivalk type thing. NATO can get some mean tilt roter gunship or one of the proto typs that is out there. I am for a V22 for Nato with a gunship verstion. Csat needs a light chopper like the pawnee and hellcat and a big lifter.
  15. andrewza

    Question about the T-100

    That is SAPHEI or semi armour piercing high explosive incendiary.